April 12, 2015

5 Ways Twitter Can Find You “The Job of Your Life"

You may have used twitter to get connected with your college mates. You may have spent hours on it, tweeting about your daily, notorious activities. Or, you might also have capitalized on its millions of tweets to get dissertation help and survive such a daunting task.

Regardless, what will you do now when you’ve completed your graduation? Would you still tweet about your notorious college life? Or, would you close it down to dedicate yourself finding a better employment? I’d suggest otherwise!

You may not know it yet, but Twitter can be used for job search as well. If it is used wisely, it can be a pretty powerful tool in your arsenal to get you “the job of your life”. So, believe it or not, Twitter has much more to offer to you than meets the eye!

It is, although, true that many have lost their job due to a single, thoughtless tweet. However, there are also many who have found impressive jobs that they could ever wish for. How did they do it? It isn’t a rocket science, but only a couple of considerations that can get you the job you desire.

 Make a List of Potential Twitter Feeds

Adding potential employers’ Twitter feeds to your Twitter List is a great way of staying up-to-date with current job openings. A Twitter List allows you to separately follow only those users who are added to your list, and not the ones you follow usually. This lets you keep your tweets sorted so you don’t get mixed feeds on your profile. You may even finds country-related Twitter feeds for jobs. For instance, you may subscribe to IT Jobs Melbourne if you live in Australia or IT Jobs Canada if you live in Canada.

Write a Catchy, Professional and Searchable Bio

Do you know what an elevator pitch is? It’s a concise yet persuasive marketing pitch. When you build a personal brand, this marketing pitch is what gets the first attention. Use this pitch as your professional Twitter bio to grab the attention of potential employers the instant the gaze at your profile. Secondly, you also need to optimize the bio so it is visible on search engines as well. To do that you need to use relevant hashtags. For instance, if you’re looking for a job in Brand Develop, you may need to use #branddeveloper hashtag to enhance the visibility of the bio.

Links to Your Digital Resume or a Portfolio Is a Must

Having a digital resume or an online portfolio isn’t an option, but a necessity. An online resume not only helps you create a professional presence in the digital world, but also a gateway to connect with many prospective employers and industry leaders. Same holds true for digital Portfolios. Thus, it is necessary that create resumes on networks like LinkedIn, Visual CV, etc. You may create portfolios on sites like Behance, Dribble, etc.

Capitalize On Twitter Hashtags (#)

As said earlier, Hashtags are a great way to bring potential visitors to your profile who are looking for employees with a certain skills set. Plus, it can also be used for monitoring and joining conversations happening in your industry/field. For instance, if you’re looking for a code (programming) teaching job, you may monitor the hashtag, #codingforkids, to stay connected with the current discussions. Also, hop in the conversation and contribute your expertise to the community.

Track and Join Industry Leaders

Industry leaders or influencers’ Twitter feeds are a goldmine for both job searchers and professionals alike. Not only do they have tons of experience to guide you through their insightful tweets, but they also have a gazillion of resources for you to make the most from. You can either find Twitter influencers on Google or sites like Twellow, etc. Topsy is another great tool you can use to find Influencers in your industry. Just search industry-relevant-queries on Topsy and click Influential Only, Viola!

Getting recruiters’ attention is easy now, but since everyone is doing, you need to be creative in how YOU do it. So, start brainstorming and start creating engaging Tweets, to grab the roaming eyes of those potential employers and influence their hearts!


Ashley Sanford leads the team of content developers at Peak Dissertation. Apart from content development, she’s also a passionate blogger with a core interest in leadership program and consultation.

April 04, 2015

Five Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

By Amy Klimek

The purpose of this article is to investigate five of the most common interview questions so that you can prepare to effectively answer them in your next interview. While the terminology or the nature of the question may be a bit different depending on the circumstances (or the particular job's details and responsibilities), you can generally expect to be asked some variation of these five questions:

1. Where do you see yourself in ___ years?

The most dangerous aspect of this question is the ambiguity with which it is asked. This question is so open ended that you can be tempted to answer about anything from your personal life to your professional progress. It's extremely important to be prepared for this question so that you do not find yourself rambling without a particular direction. While you can't prepare for the length of time given, have some general, flexible ideas in place so that you can show you are an individual with a plan and action steps to achieving that plan.

If the question is under two years, provide an example of a professional skill you hope to improve upon (preferably one you plan to be tasked with in this position). If it is two-to-five years, address your desire to take on additional responsibilities past the ones currently listed for this job. Anything over five years you should answer carefully. Don't disclose too lofty of expectations but also don't short-change yourself, either.

2. Why did you decide to apply for _____ position?

Also asked as, "Why do you want to work at our company?" This question is your opportunity to show you've done your research on the company, the position, and the ways in which you are trained to succeed. While providing a few statements that show your familiarity with the company's history, sprinkle in a few previous responsibilities or tasks you have had that seem to be a logical preparation for the current position you're applying for.

3. What is one of your greatest weaknesses?

What may appear to be a trap question is, often times, a very insightful question which says a lot about you as a potential employee. Avoid the cliché, overplayed strategy of listing a weakness such as "too hard working" or "over committed to my job" as employers have heard this far too many times. Use this as an opportunity to prove that you have a high level of self-awareness and can be insightful enough to recognize areas you would like to improve. No one wants to hire someone who thinks they're already perfect and the better a supervisor knows their subordinates strengths and weaknesses, the better they can provide opportunities for success while avoiding opportunities for failure.

It is important, however, to make sure the "weakness" you choose to disclose is professionally viable. Weaknesses such as always being late, lack of attention to detail, and rudeness are hard to play off as professional shortcomings that can be tempered with others for success. Aim for weaknesses such as having trouble being micromanaged where the trait you struggle with is also a trait which should be avoided by others. Few employers will identify themselves with these negative traits which makes the idea of it being an issue, in their eyes, less likely.

4. Why are you looking to leave your current job?

This one can be tricky. You may be looking to leave because you hate your boss or you're tired of being underpaid/under-appreciated, but providing these as reasons you're looking for something new could potentially backfire. Your potential new employer may wonder why you have such a bad relationship with your current boss or if you find yourself to be more valuable to your current company than you already are.

Aim for more positive rationales such as looking to take on new and additional responsibilities. Professional growth should be admired and shows that you have a plan and want to take on the necessary work to achieve it. Other reasons such as changes in your home life (a spouse losing their job, kids heading to college, etc.), while accurate, can also have the potential of backfiring. Make your search for a new position a positive exploration, not the result of unfortunate circumstances.

5. What is one of your greatest accomplishments?

Much like Question #1, the ambiguity here can tempt you to reach into your personal life to respond, but resist doing so. Provide a professional example where you overcame adversity and, especially if your position will involve supervising others, be sure to explain how you involved others in reaching this common achievement. Highlighting your ability to be a quality coworker who is goal-driven and can use appropriate resources to get results paints you as a great hire.


Amy Klimek is an experienced HR recruiter and VP of Human Resources for ZipRecruiter, a company that simplifies the hiring process for small to medium size businesses. Prior to that Amy has held similar roles at Rent.com, eBay and US Interactive.

For Amy, corporate culture isn't about dogs and free lunches, it's about empowering employees and creating an enriching environment for people to excel.


March 14, 2015

Famous Writers' Insults

All through history, many of the most famous writers were brutally knocked out  - and often by their renowned collegues. Many of the best-known works of writing, from Conrad's novels to Whitman's poems, have been forced to bear some genuinely insulting characteristics. - See more at:

Famous writers' insults


All through history, many of the most famous writers were brutally knocked out  - and often by their renowned collegues. Many of the best-known works of writing, from Conrad's novels to Whitman's poems, have been forced to bear some genuinely insulting characteristics. - See more at: http://www.aussiewriter.com/blog/famous-writers-insults/#sthash.P09D2KC2.dpuf
All through history, many of the most famous writers were brutally knocked out  - and often by their renowned collegues. Many of the best-known works of writing, from Conrad's novels to Whitman's poems, have been forced to bear some genuinely insulting characteristics. - See more at: http://www.aussiewriter.com/blog/famous-writers-insults/#sthash.P09D2KC2.dpuf
All through history, many of the most famous writers were brutally knocked out  - and often by their renowned collegues. Many of the best-known works of writing, from Conrad's novels to Whitman's poems, have been forced to bear some genuinely insulting characteristics. - See more at: http://www.aussiewriter.com/blog/famous-writers-insults/#sthash.P09D2KC2.dpuf
All through history, many of the most famous writers were brutally knocked out  - and often by their renowned collegues. Many of the best-known works of writing, from Conrad's novels to Whitman's poems, have been forced to bear some genuinely insulting characteristics. - See more at: http://www.aussiewriter.com/blog/famous-writers-insults/#sthash.P09D2KC2.dpuf

March 10, 2015

Different Writing Techniques of Famous Writers (Infographic)

To become a prolific writer, it is important to have effective techniques. What is the best way to improve on your skill as well as your writing techniques? There are so many things that one can learn from famous writers. From the simple details that you would often overlook to the most important and crucial aspects of any written work, one can never go wrong in learning from the experts. It all starts by having your own journal where you can write down any your daily thoughts. Depending on your schedule and preference, you can set your word quotas. Renowned writers like Stephen King and Arthur Doyle each have 2,000 and 3,000 word quota. Apart from having your own journal, you have to keep on reading and reading. Make reading a habit as you can also learn and gain ideas and new perspectives from other writers. Then, you can have your own personal time for writing.



Writing techniques

February 25, 2015

In the news ... February 25, 2015

Bell Takes Aim At DSL Reports Readers That Criticized Company

You might recall that back in 2013, some DSLReports.com regulars, including University of Manitoba graduate student Ben Klass ( bklass See Profile), filed a complaint against Bell in Canada. Basically, they were annoyed by the fact that Bell's $5 a month Bell Mobile TV service -- which provides 10 hours of live or recorded TV show access each month -- didn't count against user usage caps, while competing services unfairly did.

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Prime Time Ottawa -- How to Survive in Time of Change

At a time when content production and distribution face disruption from technology, changing consumption patterns and evolving regulatory policy, the industry is being forced to steer a new course. Prime Time in Ottawa 2015 brings together some of the most forward-looking players in today’s industry, to share their insights on how to thrive in this time of change.

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Funding from Canadian government essential to spur innovation

The problem with experiments is very simple, says University of Toronto Professor Dan Breznitz.

They often fail.

Which presents a dilemma for those who want to foster innovation: In a world of limited resources, who should be placing the bets on potential winners? And when winners win big, to whom should the spoils go?

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February 21, 2015

In the news ... February 21, 2015

Video | Oscars 2015: Canadian talent celebrated ahead of Academy Awards

The Oscars are still three days away, but the party has already started for Canadians nominated at this year's Academy Awards.

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The Importance Of Social Validation In Online Marketing

Online marketing comprises many factors, strategies, and tactics, but all of them share a common end goal: to get more people to buy your products or services. To get there, you have to step past the competition, increase the traffic to your site, and build better relationships with your customers. The onset of social media has given brands a new means of achieving all three at the same time, at once improving the reputation of their brand and gaining more visibility and traction.

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How Will Online Marketing Change In 2015?

Online Marketing Predictions to prepare for:

Search engines are constantly changing, but we have a feeling things are really going to get shaken up in 2015, at least as far as Internet marketing goes. The game is getting tougher, and the search engines are getting smarter, so we are confident that the marketing landscape will show some significant changes for 2015. What exactly will change? Here are some of our predictions for 2015’s marketing world.

February 13, 2015

In the news ... February 13, 2015

SUPER BOWL Sets Digital Record in Canada

TORONTO, Feb. 13, 2015 /CNW/ - SendtoNews recorded an impressive 4.7 million video views during the SUPER BOWL XLIX weekend through its News Partnership Network TM proving that digital viewership now rivals television as the medium to watch. The demand for highlights, player interviews and other content from the most watched Super Bowl in U.S. history resulted in a new record for digital impressions in Canada. Video views totaled 15.7 million during the entire Jan.26 to Feb. 8 Super Bowl extravaganza, with the Monday after Super Bowl attracting the largest audience, with 1.7 million views on that day alone.

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Closing of Sun News

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Feb. 13, 2015) - After attempting to establish Sun News as a viable news channel in the Canadian broadcasting landscape and encountering a series of barriers to carriage, Sun Media Corporation regrets to announce today that it is closing the station. At the time of this release, Sun News Network is already off the air.

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Film and TV Producers Turn into Digital Storypreneurs

A new online course that looks at changing business realites in film and television, and the emerging strategies for success in an online media marketplace, has been developed in Canada, and is being marketed around the world.

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February 07, 2015

In the news ... February 7, 2015

GAME OF THRONES Season Kicks Off on HBO Canada, On-Air, Online, and On Social

After hitting the wall running last week with IMAX screenings across Canada, buzz for the upcoming fifth season of GAME OF THRONES kicks into high gear this weekend with an all new, behind-the-scenes special, 

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shomi™ invites you to come out and play with new slate of family-friendly TV shows from DHX and Corus

TORONTO, Feb. 5, 2015 /CNW/ - While we aren't able to go outside and enjoy Miss Spider's Sunny Patch, this winter doesn't have to be all Blue's Clues.  shomi has everything families need to warm up together this season with new kids content from DHX Media and Corus Entertainment.

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 Tracking the rise of mobile advertising’s dominance in Canada

The 2014 Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) report, the only study of its kind, documents consumers’ ever-shifting media consumption across various digital platforms and devices, chronicling how new and evolving technologies impact the digital habits of Canadian consumers.

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January 31, 2015

Everything we really need to know about social media ... We learned in kindergarten

By Janine Francolini

We live in a culture virtually enveloped by digital media, 24/7. For adults and children alike, social media has become central to our very identities -- both in how we interact with our close friends and family, and in the many ways we present ourselves to, and engage with, our broader worlds. As I prepare to speak on February 5th in New York City at The Meeting House's symposium, "Just a Click Away!: How Social Media Influences our Children's Social Development," I have been acutely aware of my own behavior as someone for whom social media has become essential to both my professional and personal lives.

 Just this morning, I was in a 5 a.m. taxi headed to the airport, and realized how cold and rude my behavior may have seemed to my cab driver, who kept talking to me as my eyes stayed glued to my phone checking early morning emails and posts. He was right there in the front seat, and I'm not proud to say that I was too wrapped up in a different conversation to respond gracefully. I think most of us have some version of that kind of digital distraction that doesn't reflect who we truly aspire to be.

 When it comes to our kids, the worries are multiplied. Just the other night, I heard a story from my friend of three boys who were seniors at a local school. They were expelled from school over an unfortunate sexting incident, the latest case of a growing national phenomenon. We are concerned, rightly, about our children's privacy, online bullying and about a digital trail of youthful indiscretion that can follow our children in ways they may not consider -- concerns we never had to worry about when we were their age. It is overwhelming to us all as our policies and educational systems struggle to keep up with the speed of our ever-changing digital world.

 The good news? We can find some encouragement and comfort by going back to the pre-digital basics and keeping it simple with common sense from the heart. Because almost everything we need to know about helping our kids navigate and use social media productively and happily we all learned ourselves in kindergarten. Here's what I mean about some old-fashioned rules we can apply to the new digital road:

 1. Walk Before You Run: Go slow when introducing social media to your children. Just as you carefully selected your child's first library of books, take the time to put together a resource list of tools and sites that are an appropriate fit for them developmentally.

 2. Listen First, Talk Next: We can use social media to learn about and listen to dialogues our children are having. This is the most important lesson of the#IWillListen campaign. Having a trusting, open relationship with our children is a key element in building a foundation for navigating through these tricky issues. As parents we have to be present to hear what our children are expressing about their lives, online and off.

 3. Play Nice in the Sandbox: It seems like such a simple idea, to play nice with others. But too often we know social media is associated with meanness. It doesn't have to be that way. It's possible to have social media with soul -- using this remarkable digital technology to make meaningful connections, recognize and champion others, acknowledge the feelings we and others may have and draw families and friends closer together even when we are geographically distant. Social media can do that, but only when we act with integrity and presence.

 4. Look Both Ways Before Crossing (and hold my hand!): Each time your child enters into a new social media platform, it's critical to take the time to make sure you and they understand the dynamics and implications. So, just like crossing the street for the first time, parents need to stay close.

 5. Take a Nap, and Get Your Rest!: Sometimes we need to take a break from it all. When we disconnect our connections are so much more meaningful. We adults have learned later in life that there's too much of a good thing when it comes to social media. Taking time to unplug is essential.

 6. Color Outside the Lines: As in other areas of life and learning we want to teach our children not to be afraid to be their own person, online and off. Just because their friends are on social media, it doesn't mean they have to be. Kids need our support in whatever choices are authentic and comfortable for them. I am probably the only mother on the planet who wishes that her adolescent son would get a cell phone and use a little bit of social media.

 7. Tell the Truth!: Being aware and honest about your own use of, and feelings about, social media is key to having meaningful conversations and connections with your children. Opening up authentically about your own questions and concerns can lead to productive dialogues with kids of any age. Honesty is the first step towards awareness and awareness can lead to healthy choices and change.

 8. Perhaps Most Importantly, Practice What You Preach!: Long before kids have spoken their first words, they are watching and observing us. That's why it's critical for parents to model healthy social media use, for both work and personal communications. If you are feeling, or are observing, smartphone and social media addictions in your self or your children, put yourselves on a social media diet and say no. This is one frontier where kids and parents are truly exploring together how to find the right balance. A few unplugged hours outside together as a family can work wonders in many ways!

In the end, social media is an extension of what we already know, say and feel about ourselves. And the basic rules of good behavior still apply. The immediacy, pace, and multiplier effect is new, and that can be both scary and empowering for us all. It's up to us to decide if we can infuse these tools with the values that make us truly human -- at every stage of our lives.



Janine Francolini is the Founder of the Flawless Foundation and serves on the board of the Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the USC Gould School of Law and is a member of the Dorothea Dix Think Tank, advancing their mission to decriminalize mental illness. She serves on many advisory boards in both the non-profit and corporate sector. Janine earned a Masters' degree from Columbia University and had a 15-year career in education. 

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