5 Essential SEO Tips Every Single Page Websites Should Implement

UntitledWebsite and the seo are the either sides of a same coin. Both are impossible without each other. The more number of websites on web has raised the use of seo too. As you might know that the work of search engine optimization i.e. the seo is to achieve high page rankings for the websites they are working for. There are different types of websites and depending upon its type the respective methods are implemented by the seo companies to increase its page rank. Also depending upon the size of website the different seo tools are used. Generally the big or vast websites give great results when seo is applied for them. But nowadays there are many websites only with a single page and that’s it. You might be thinking that how is it possible to perform seo on a single page website?

According to Good Monster, a mobile responsive website has never been more important and finding an agency that provides the right services is vital. With advanced seo tools and features it is possible to do it. With these advancements you can apply all rules and algorithms to these short websites. What you need to do is just follow these 5 very important tips and if done correctly then great results will surely be visible. They are listed as below.

  1. Not only good but the selection of best keywords.
  2.  Structuring and sectioning the single page.
  3. Use of Google analytics for tracking.
  4. Awesome and fresh content.
  5. Building links for website.

These above tips prove to be a great help if followed correctly. Here is a brief description of each step so that you can understand it correctly.

1.    Not only good but the selection of best keywords :

Keywords for a website are like keys for treasure. A wrong selection of keywords will not only be of no use but also sometimes even getting you with negative or bad rankings. So when it comes to keyword selection and especially for a one page website one must be very active and very keen during the selection process. If selected correctly then it will be of great use.

2.     Structuring and sectioning the single page:

When it comes to visibility of a site or anything, at that time if things are in a structured or ordered manner then it looks good to see it. Same issue is with the websites. When the user arrives on your single page website, if the content is sectioned properly then the user is impressed with the view of website. Similarly the structuring or paginating of the website is very important. If this is done correctly then whenever the keyword is searched for it will directly navigate the user to your site.

3.     Use of Google analytics for tracking :

Web provides you with different web analytics. One of them is Google analytics. This is used for monitoring or viewing the results and performances and shows you up to what level your seo efforts have worked.

4.     Awesome and fresh content:

When it comes to a website of a single page then everything needs to be the best. Content is like backbone to any website and thus it needs to be the best and fresh an perfect. Content must be very informative and very easy in understanding. Also you must regularly refresh the content on the website.

 5.    Building links for website:

Last but not the least in fact the most important. To get high page rankings you must get links to you page. The more back links or any other links the more traffic to your site and thus higher page rankings.

Thus these steps help you to achieve best seo results for a single page website. 

June 18, 2015

The Holy Grail of Content Marketing – and When to Recommend It

by Tanya Hall

With much of the business world abuzz about content marketing, smart marketers are taking stock of opportunities for their clients to use the power of story to convey a message and build stronger brands. Conspicuously absent from most content strategies, however, is the granddaddy of all content marketing: writing a book. 

The benefits of launching a book are many: increased visibility and credibility, tighter messaging, an angle around which to build a publicity campaign, a tool to acquire new business, and more. But writing a book is a daunting task for most, and a long process to boot. On top of that, many would-be authors doubt whether their ideas are book-worthy. So as a trusted advisor, when should you include writing a book in the recommendations you provide to your client? Here are four key elements to look for:

1. Commitment. Writing a book requires an obvious level of time and thought commitment, but if the author wants to see any degree of commercial success, it also requires a commitment to promote and hustle sales. It takes months, sometimes years, to write a book. Once it’s complete, you’re looking at another 6-9 months for a national distribution rollout. (Digital publishing options obviously can shorten that timeframe but limit availability.) Having your support as a marketing and brand advisor not only during the writing process but also during the book launch stage will make the journey much more manageable for the author. 

Your client should be in a long-term mindset for the book project to succeed, and it’s a great way for you to stay engaged around very deliberate content and marketing plans to create lasting value. 

2. Differentiated Approach. If your client has a highly differentiated approach to business in general, customer service, health and wellness, product development, or whatever he or she specializes in, the book writing process will go much more smoothly because the value proposition is already clear and there is likely a lot of supporting material. The book launch itself will also be more successful since readers and the media are drawn to fresh ideas, in turn bringing attention and awareness back to your overall brand.

3. Flexibility. Flexibility applies in a few different ways. First, writing a book is ideally a collaborative process, so the author should be open and coachable in terms of feedback and changes to make the final product as marketable as it can be. Second, it sometimes turns out that a book is not the right format for the author’s content. Some ideas originally intended for book form are really more appropriate for magazine articles, short ebooks, or even blog posts. A carefully executed piece at any one of these shorter lengths is just as effective, and probably more shareable, than a full-length book so there’s no shame in keeping it succinct! Finally, a book-length manuscript typically contains pieces of content that can stand alone for promotional purposes (think excerpts, tweets, blog posts, etc).  The flexible author will be receptive to these uses and even proactive about identifying them in the manuscript in the interest of getting the most impact from the work of writing. 

4. Willingness to Engage. I’ve been on the front lines of the publishing business for over a decade and in the broader media business for almost twice that. When authors learn this and hear of our company’s dozens of New York Times bestsellers, they ask me for the secret behind successful launches. While the bibliophile in me would love to say that a well-written book ultimately finds an audience, it’s just not true in a climate of oversupply and under-demand (this is especially pronounced with books, but really applies to all media). Generally, the most successful books are those that are attached to an author who is committed to engaging his or her audience, building a community, and serving those people from a place of purpose. A book is a social product, and there’s no overstating the need for ongoing participation by the author. That engagement is imperative to growing the reader relationships that drive word of mouth, positive reviews, strong brand connections, and retail book sales. 

If an author isn’t ready for that level of commitment, that doesn’t mean that he or she shouldn’t hunker down and write a book (or something shorter). Today’s print-on-demand digital publishing options make it possible for books of all lengths to be published and available online in a fast and relatively inexpensive model. The multiple benefits of creating long-form content remain, and the pressure and risk around a traditional retail book launch are removed. That said, a digital-only distribution model greatly limits brick and mortar distribution (and discovery), so the author’s team would be wise to consult an expert to weigh the pros & cons of digital publishing versus a traditional or hybrid publishing model to determine the best approach for their project and goals.

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart, but neither is the process of building a brand and growing an audience. With the right author and support team in place, a book can serve as a foundational piece for the messaging, marketing, and publicity efforts needed to build awareness, value, and influence for your client.  
Tanya Hall is the CEO of Greenleaf Book Group, a publisher and distributor with a specialty in developing non-fiction bestsellers and brands. Learn more at www.greenleafbookgroup.com and connect with Tanya on Twitter at @tanyahall.

June 08, 2015

From Traditional Marketing to Contemporary Advertising - The Usage of Social Media

SocmedIf you are a brand promoter and looking for a platform which suits your needs in terms of idea propagation, then there is no better forum other than the social media to do so. For some, this might be a completely absurd approach as most of the people use social media for their personal preferences and entertainment; there is a hidden use of it too. Some of the brand promoters and businessmen use social media to enhance their credibility and augment their fan base. There is no better way to increase and boost up your business because of countless reasons which will be discussed below. It is known as the new course and trajectory for development as it is a place where you meet buyers as well as your clients. You can without any second thoughts work on your business relationships and advance your interpersonal relationships as you cannot tend to ignore social media in the current era. Even the clients themselves prefer to look for those companies who are registered and have a presence on the social media. So without any further ado, get yourself acquainted with the rules of the Internet and make your life convenient by using social media as a source of marketing and advertisement. But before you do that, make sure you are familiarized and acquainted with the rudimentary elements which, if not addressed, can act as an obstacle in your way. Know your audience and target them wisely, be astute in choosing the right stage for the projection of your brand as it can easily make or break your game. Look for positive developments and talk to your clients regarding every miscommunication or negativities flowing around.

Wider reach, but focus 

Without any doubt, social media is probably the largest internet facility which has an infinite and an unlimited reach. You can communicate with people who are not even close to you, but before you do, make sure the entire game is about focus. It is essential that you specialize rather than be the jack of all trades. This way there are more chances of developing a stronger base.

Contributors; it is all about listening 

Consistency might be the key to success, but not in the case of social media marketing! Talk less and listen more, know and interact with your audience and join discussions with them to gain their trust. This way you can better understand your readers and it can give you a positive heads up for the next time.

Positive promotion comes with patience 

Technology is quick, but patience is still the key to success! Make sure to remain committed and determined as success will never be achieved overnight. Wait for the results as it can take a bit longer.

Credibility comes with quality. 

Your content will reflect your perceptions and philosophies. Therefore, quality is preferred over quantity. It is better to have an audience who admires and acknowledges your content rather than the number of people who have read your content and marketing principles.


Author’s bio 

Melody Wilson received her education from a respectable institute. She is an enthusiast and is passionate about reading and learning. Currently, she is involved with Assignment writing service UK and is contributing with her valuable knowledge and skills she has received. Apart from that she is seen writing informative blogs and online articles regarding Internet marketing and social media. For more details follow here at Facebook-Twitter-Gplus.

June 02, 2015

In the news ... June 4, 2015

Rebuilding Canada’s Globe and Mail

TORONTO—“I’ve been in the business for 50 years, and I’ve seen more change in the last three than in any other time. And the biggest difference is data.”

That’s what Phillip Crawley, C.E.O. of The Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading national paper, told me when I caught up with him in Toronto, where I recently addressed the annual National Conference of newspaper publishers.

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Who should lead digital strategy?

LONDON/NEW YORK: The great majority of B2B marketers believe they are best placed to lead their businesses' digital agenda, a view that is not widely shared beyond their own department.

Digital agency Omobono surveyed 331 professionals in the UK and US – 31% of whom worked at companies with a turnover of more than £1bn – from marketing, sales, customer service HR and internal communications across 12 markets. 

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Meet the woman behind Hillary Clinton's Twitter account

Katie Dowd is the campaign’s digital director, in charge of putting the swagger in Clinton’s Twitter–not to mention Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and all the rest.

With many of the power players from Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run are sitting this one out, the big question is: Who’s in?

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May 27, 2015

8 Tips for Staying Healthy at a Stressful Workplace

You must be an employee who works his level best to get the job done –and done well—to contribute to workplace productivity. Sometimes, however, you become victim to the terrible “S” that takes over people’s lives every now and then and even disrupts the workplace:  stress.

Days are lost, productivity is reduced, illnesses are born, and work is hated because of this terrible foe. Stress must be combated to ensure that productivity levels are high and satisfaction with the job is at max.

Here’s how employees can combat this foe and make sure they maintain “peace of mind” at the workplace.

  1. 1) Don’t Skimp on Breakfast: Did you know that the midday slump could be combated with the help of a healthy breakfast? According to The International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, when people eat high-fiber, low carb breakfasts they are energetic throughout the day compared to people who eat high-fat breakfasts. Don’t skimp on a healthy breakfast if you want to feel more energized and less over-worked.

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May 21, 2015

In the news ... May 21, 2015

How Does The Google Twitter Partnership Affect Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

The newly announced partnership between Google and Twitter will see social media marketing come of age as Google will now include real time Tweets in their search results pages. The partnership will replicate the real time placement of tweets on Bing searches that already takes place – the major difference being that Google is the world’s top search engine.

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Defining And Devising A Digital Marketing Strategy For Businesses

With the dramatic increase in the use of, and reliance on, internet search engines, mobile devices and social media networks, it would seem that anyone with a product or service to sell would have a digital marketing strategy. But while some surveys show the majority, more than 80%, of companies think digital transformation is a competitive opportunity, less than one-fourth of Chief Marketing Officers believe their company will be known as a digital business in five years.

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Digital disruption threatens to change IT to its core

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A great deal of lip service has been paid this year to digital transformation and its impact on the CIO role, but no less critical is the topic of digital disruption.

Digital disruption is so important that it was the lead topic at yesterday's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, which saw over 700 top IT leaders and corporate executives gather to tackle the most important topics keeping them up at night. Indeed, a third (32 percent) of CIOs surveyed by the Sloan School said their organizations are now at risk from digital disruption.

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May 14, 2015

In the news ... May 14, 2015

Digital Transformation has Evolved into a Must-have Strategy for Enterprises, Verticals seen Embracing Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) Platforms – Notes Frost & Sullivan

Increasing high speed broadband penetration and social media along with digitization is driving many growth opportunities in the Indian market. An empowered and connected environment can increase efficiency and boost business profitability for enterprises. With the promise of such benefits, digital transformation is slowly becoming the top agenda for most organizations. 

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 Creating your digital playbook

Late last year I attended a breakout session with a group of executives at an MIT leadership event. The group was discussing the challenges involved in becoming a digital business, and specifically the role of IT leaders in enabling that objective.

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Canadians now have shorter attention span than goldfish thanks to portable devices: Microsoft study

People now have shorter attention spans than goldfish — and our always-on portable devices may be to blame, a new study suggests.

The study from Microsoft Corp. draws on surveys of more than 2,000 Canadians who played games online in order to determine the impact that pocket-sized devices and the increased availability of digital media and information are having on everyday life. Researchers also used electroencephalograms (EEGs) to monitor 112 people.

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May 05, 2015

4 Questions Experts Can Answer Without Thinking

by Scott James, Greenleaf Book Group

This spring, I spent a lot of time at happy hours during SXSW Interactive, and while the venues changed, many things stayed the same: Smart people wearing clunky lanyards, sipping free drinks and talking about the future. The energy was electric, and everyone was there to learn, meet interesting people, and grow.

I got to talk to a lot of established experts as well as a lot of people building a platform and reputation around their expertise. In many ways, my SXSW conversations weren’t all that different from the conversations I have everyday with authors about brand strategy around their books.

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May 02, 2015

79% of startups at Collision conference may be using a “risky” domain name according to Name Ninja.

(ED. One thing I have learned over the many years I have been in this industry, just like the old E. F Hutton ad ... when Bill Sweetman talks ... I listen. Simply, he has never steered me wrong.)

Startups without the optimal domain name face an uphill marketing battle. Choosing a hard-to-spell name that fails the “Radio Test” is the number one problem, followed by not having the exact match

Seventy-nine percent of the startups participating in the Collision startup conference in Las Vegas on May 5-6, 2015 may not be using the optimal domain name to market their business, according to domain name consulting firm Name Ninja.

More than two-thirds (68%) of the startup domains failed the Radio Test, meaning the names are not spelled the way they sound. Other startup domain problems include not having the exact match .com domain or having a .com domain that appends other words to the startup name.

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April 27, 2015

In the news ... April 27, 2015

Yellow Pages Opens Second Office Location in Montreal Dedicated to Digital Media and Technology

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - April 27, 2015) -

Note to editors: Two images are included with this press release on Marketwired's website.

Yellow Pages (TSX:Y), a leading provider of digital media and marketing solutions for small businesses, announced today the opening of a second office location in Montreal, in addition to the company's existing national headquarters location on Nun's Island.

 The Nova Scotia film tax credit – a numbers game

Ameya Charnalia - The Globe and Mail

Amid a fierce debate over the government of Nova Scotia’s decision to cut a popular film and television tax credit, a key justification for the decision is being called into question.

 Canada Media Fund chides Diana Whalen for tax credit cut 'misinformation'

By Katy Parsons, CBC News

The president of the Canada Media Fund has written to Nova Scotia's finance minister to "correct some misinformation" being used to justify a cut to the Nova Scotia film industry tax credit.

In the provincial budget presented earlier this month, Diana Whalen revealed the plan to reduce the film tax credit by about 75 percent of its current value, starting in July.

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