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February 28, 2005

Ta-da Theater

tadalisttheater.png I love "Ta-Da List":, an online "to do" list that "37 Signals": created to promote their equally wonderful "Basecamp": online project management app.

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Flash Shopping Cart Boosts Conversion Rates

Forrester Research just released a new study on how Flash shopping carts increase conversion rates over traditional HTML carts. You can "pay Forrester US$345 for the report":,7211,36424,00.html or you can thank "Pixelbox": for doing the same thing.

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URLs As Marketing Tools

I was just looking at "":, the latest incarnation of "GuruNet": and I was impressed by their intelligent use of URLs.

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February 22, 2005

Ajax Is The Future Of Web Applications

One of the key "trends we're watching in 2005": is the rise of Rich Internet Applications. I think that Jesse James Garrett's recent article "Ajax: A New Approach To Web Applications": will really help build the momentum behind the movement. Particularly because he's introduced a new buzzword to describe things like "Gmail": and "Flickr": He says these applications are built on "Ajax" (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML).

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What We're Watching In 2005

Here are a few of the top trends I'll be watching closely in 2005: # "Web First" Marketing Strategies # Rich Internet Applications # Desktop Apps # Firefox # RSS Hits Mainstream

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Compare and Contrast SEM and SEO

Kevin Lee has a very nice overview of the difference between SEO and SEM in his ClickZ article "Compare and Contrast: SEM and SEO":

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Canada Post Launches Fetch

Canada Post is recently launched Fetch. The "site is now live": There was a brief Globetechnology article back on January 25th about the fact that Fetch is being piloted in Calgary (which is somewhat unusual). (The article is no longer on the site) This quote from the article does a good job of explaining the service at a very high level: bq. The Fetch service allows a user to set up an account with Canada Post, and input personal contact information in confidence. When users see an advertisement from a company participating in Fetch, they request that information be sent to that on-line account, either by entering a text message on a cellphone, or through an interactive voice system. bq. Advertisers would pay only when a consumer requests one of their offers, and individuals would pay nothing for the service.

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February 21, 2005

CNMA Nomination Deadline Approaches

cnmalogo.png The "Canadian New Media Awards (CNMA)": nominations deadline is less than a week away now. So if you are thinking about nominating (yourself or someone else) now is the time. *Update:* The deadline has been extended to 5:00pm March 14th, 2005.

New President's Choice Newsletter Arrives

presidentschoicebluemenu.png The new President's Choice newsletter just hit my inbox. I'm seeing more of these "all image" newsletter's these days. Clearly these folks need to see their messages in Gmail ("e-mail me" if you need an invite). The gist of the newsletter by the way is that PC has a new product line (the "Blue Menu": I wonder if they are intentionally breaking the "blue is not a food colour": taboo or if this is unintentional. (And yes thank you, I do know that the packaging is blue, not the food, but still.)

GlaxoSmithKline Behind

"Marketing Daily": (sub req'd) points out that "": is a GlaxoSmithKline web site. The article states: bq. The initiative, with creative by Ogilvy Healthworld in Toronto, in includes print and television ads that focus on the tag line: “Genital herpes–don’t give your new relationship a gift from the past.” Print ads, to appear in national consumer magazines, show a bottle of perfume–a typical romantic gift–with the words “Genital Herpes” on the label, along with the campaign tag line. The TV spot follows the same creative concept. It shows people passing on a bottle of perfume, as if it were being passed from one relationship to the next.

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Subway Offline to Online Promotion

Subway To  Dough Promotion Subway is running a limited access promotion at "Way To Dough": The promotion is doubly limited because only stores in Atlantic Canada, Alberta, Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario and Saskatchewan are participating and you need a game card from a participating store to enter.

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Canadian Marketers Who Blog

Recently I asked the "AIMS": Discussion List what blogs by Canadian online marketers they read. Here's the list they came up with in the order they arrived in my inbox:

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Marketer of the Year with No Online Strategy?

timhortons.png Marketing Magazine "recently named": Tim Hortons as their 2004 Marketer of the Year. Admittedly, Timmy's has done a great job with their offline branding and the company is a success. But their "web site": is pedestrian and for a company that outsells McDonalds in Canada ($2.5 billion to $2.28 billion) I would suggest slightly embarrassing. And I don't think they have #ever# done any serious online marketing ("correct me" if I'm wrong).

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February 17, 2005

Links For February 17, 2005

Hot online marketing links for Thursday February 17, 2005 follow the jump.

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February 16, 2005

Hello World!

Yes, *"Hello World!"* The very first post to a new blog is always tough, so, rather than ponder endlessly on the definitive first post, we'll just go with this. Kind of like Woody Allen suggesting to Diane Keaton in Annie Hall that they kiss early on their first date to avoid later awkwardness.

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