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April 30, 2005

Filtered: Links for April 30, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 30, 2005 * "Buzz Machine - There are no free searches":http://www.buzzmachine.com/archives/2005_04_28.html#009550 * "Doc Searls - What Blogs Are vs. What They Are Not":http://www.searls.com/doc/2005lesblogs/source/slide01.html (Slideshow) * "Michael Geist - E-commerce and the Law":http://www.michaelgeist.ca/home.php#397

Filtered: Links for April 29, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 29, 2005 * "The Economist - The online ad attack":http://www.economist.com/agenda/displayStory.cfm?story_id=3908700 * "eWeek - Yahoo to Test Search-Based Banner Ads":http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1790369,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594 * "Jupiter Research - Atlas Institute to restate their findings about cookie deletion":http://weblogs.jupiterresearch.com/analysts/peterson/archives/007970.html * "PC4Media - Online Advertising Basic Definitions & Some Proselytizing":http://worcester.typepad.com/pc4media/2005/04/online_advertis.html * "ClickZ News - Yahoo! News Gets Facelift for Users, Advertisers":http://www.clickz.com/news/article.php/3501421

April 29, 2005

Clipped: ClickZ for April 29, 2005

Here are today's "ClickZ":http://www.clickz.com articles: * "The End of the Experiment":http://www.clickz.com/experts/brand/buzz/article.php/3501406 (Pamela Parker) * "Targeting: The Creative Downside":http://www.clickz.com/experts/ad/rich_media/article.php/3501221 (Dorian Sweet) * "How to Improve A/B Testing":http://www.clickz.com/experts/crm/traffic/article.php/3500811 (Bryan Eisenberg) * "Five Best Practices for PPC Search":http://www.clickz.com/experts/search/strat/article.php/3500871 (Kevin Lee)

Firefox Turns Fifty (Million)

50 Million Downloads - It's Time To Celebrate Congratulations to "Mozilla":http://www.mozilla.org/ and "Spread Firefox":http://www.spreadfirefox.com on "50,000,000 downloads":http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=node/view/14616.

Spyware, Downloads & The Law

This week we learned that Elliot Spitzer, New York State's Attorney General, has gone after Intermix, a publicly traded company (AMEX:MIX)--- Yahoo! story Spitzer Sues Intermix Over 'Spyware'--- for bundling spyware and other nasties with their free downloads of smileys and screensavers. Yesterday I visited Download.com and was greeted with a "run once" message that said "DOWNLOAD.COM: NO ADWARE. NO EXCEPTIONS". Spyware is not just used by seedy, under-the-radar operations involved in spam and phishing. It is unfortuante that many companies, even publicly traded organizations like Intermix, are using tactics like spyware in their business model. Let's see what Spitzer's fast-paced attack on various industries like mutual funds and insurance will do to the war on spyware. Is there a fine line between spyware and the cookies, web beacons, web tracking and other tools used to measure, analyze and optimize online marketing? Meantime, I believe it is imperative that everyone add a good spyware detection and removal application to their arsenal, sitting right beside their virus protection and anti-spam tools.

Filtered: Links for April 28, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 28, 2005 * "Canoe - Sears Canada streamlines online shopping with Amazon":http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/TechNews/Internet/2005/04/27/1015632.html * "GlobeTehnology - Sears drafts Amazon.com to beef up e-sales":http://www.globetechnology.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050428.gtsears28/BNStory/Technology/ * "ClickZ News - Google Turns Attention to RSS":http://www.clickz.com/news/article.php/3501066 * "ClickZ News - Google's CPM Ads Meet Lukewarm Reception":http://www.clickz.com/news/article.php/3500856 * "B2B Online - The deliverability dilemma":http://www.btobonline.com/article.cms?articleId=24115 * "B2B Online - Question: Which is more effective, a blog or an e-newsletter?":http://www.btobonline.com/article.cms?articleId=24081 * "Wired - Ads That Know What You Want":http://www.wired.com/news/ebiz/0,1272,67365,00.html * "SerachEngineWatch - Worthless Shady Criminals: A Defense Of SEO":http://searchenginewatch.com/searchday/article.php/3501146 * "Micropersuasion - Wikipedia's Impact on PR (Part I)":http://www.micropersuasion.com/2005/04/wikipedias_impa.html * "Marketing Vox - Email Marketing Doing Better Than Expected":http://www.marketingvox.com/archives/2005/04/28/email_marketing_doing_better_than_expected/index.php * "Searchblog - Yahoo Launches MyWeb Beta":http://battellemedia.com/archives/001469.php

April 28, 2005

IAB Releases 2004 Online Ad Revenue Report - Final Number - US$9.6 Billion

The "IAB":http://www.iab.net (in the US) just released their final year-end report on online advertising revenue and it makes for some great reading. I strongly suggest you "download the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report":http://www.iab.net/resources/adrevenue/pdf/IAB_PwC_2004full.pdf (PDF) and dig in.

1 In 5 Marketing Messages Don't Get To The Inbox

_This is a guest contribution by Amanda Maltby._ Are you certain that your e-mail messages are reaching their intended targets? Have you spoken with your ISP about their filtering practices? Do you have a sinking feeling that no matter how many layers of consent you receive from your customers to send them e-mail, they still won’t get your messages? If you answered no, no and not sure then you’re not alone. As spam continues to clog in-boxes concern related to the deliverability of legitimate e-mail messages rises and the average marketer is caught in the middle. Good e-mail marketers are already using practices based on permission being obtained prior to an e-mail being sent and an opt-out opportunity being offered in every e-mail message. They do this or risk being labelled a spammer. But even when these practices are followed e-mail often doesn’t reach its intended recipient.

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AIMS Email Marketing Event Review

Given I was host and panel moderator of last week's "AIMS":http://www.aimscanada.com event on Email Marketing, this isn't an unbiased review. However the event did confirm for me that there are still a lot of companies and individuals new to the space and needing some encouragement. Which you can find here on onedegree.ca, including the recent post from Stefan Eyram and some how-to's to come from myself as well. The event included two speakers from an agency [InBox Marketing Inc.] and a vendor [ThinData], followed by an email marketer's panel. Here are some of the tips that were shared.

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Clipped: ClickZ for April 28, 2005

Here are today's "ClickZ":http://www.clickz.com articles: * "Search, Ads by Phone":http://www.clickz.com/experts/media/media_buy/article.php/3500551 (Tessa Wegert) * "WII-FM: The No-Cost Media":http://www.clickz.com/experts/crm/actionable_analysis/article.php/3500641 (Heidi Cohen)

April 27, 2005

Filtered: Links for April 27, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 27, 2005 * "GlobeTechnology - How much should newspapers give away?":http://www.globetechnology.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050426.gtrnews26/BNStory/Technology/ * "ClickZ - Deliverability #1 E-Mail Marketing Headache":http://www.clickz.com/stats/sectors/email/article.php/3500066 * "UIE - Folksonomies: A User-Driven Approach to Organizing Content":http://www.uie.com/articles/folksonomies/ * "CMO Magazine - Key Trends in the Internet and Emerging Consumer Technologies":http://www.cmomagazine.com/analyst/042505_jupiter.html * "ClickZ News - Firefox Market Share Gains Continue":http://www.clickz.com/stats/sectors/traffic_patterns/article.php/3500691

7 Tips For Getting Your Marketing E-mail Opened

There are many reasons to use email in your marketing mix and many marketers do. A recent edition of "DoubleClick’s Consumer Email Study":http://www3.doubleclick.com/market/2004/10/dc/email.htm?c=0410_smr&id_lead=newsletter&id_source=newsletter_0410 confirms that email marketing done well is effective and desired by consumers. A full 2 out of every 5 people surveyed said they wanted email to replace direct mail. Over half of these people would prefer email to replace telemarketing. In addition, just under half would like email to replace person-to-person sales calls. The main reason for these feelings is likely the fact that email puts the power into the hands – or inboxes – of the individual. They can chose to read and respond if, and when, they prefer. They can also easily save information that is relevant and interesting, while being able to quickly filter out what they feel is a waste of their time. With this power in the hands of your customers and prospects, how do you ensure your marketing email is received, read and responded to? Read on for some valuable tips.

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AdAge.com - VISA Veers Heavily Toward Online Marketing

Ad:Tech San Francisco just wrapped up and AdAge caught up with Visa USA's vice president of online advertising and emerging media platforms, Jon Raj. And although TV is still the advertising mainstay, online is getting more and more attention - and budget - at VISA USA. VISA Veers Heavily Toward Online Marketing (subscription required)

Clipped: ClickZ for April 27, 2005

Here are today's "ClickZ":http://www.clickz.com articles: * "Have We Gone Too Far With Viral Marketing?":http://www.clickz.com/experts/brand/emkt_strat/article.php/3500241(David Cohen) * "The Behavioral Network Effect":http://www.clickz.com/experts/media/behavioral_marketing/article.php/3500396 (Andy Chen) * "When Corporate Politics and SEO Collide":http://www.clickz.com/experts/search/opt/article.php/3500231 (P.J. Fusco)

April 26, 2005

Recommended: 12 Questions You Must Ask Before Doing SEO

Thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Website? Before you go to the trouble and expense, here are 12 questions you must ask of yourself and any SEO vendor you are considering engaging to do the work:

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Clipped: Click! Weekly for April 26, 2005

Here are this week's "Direct Marketing News Click! Weekly":http://www.dmn.ca/Click/clickweekly.htm articles: * "Online sales continue to grow in Canada--Statistics Canada":http://www.dmn.ca/Click/articles/vol30/click30a.htm * "10-year retrospective suggests online ad industry has reached tipping point":http://www.dmn.ca/Click/articles/vol30/click30f.htm * "Web Marketing Association to name best advertising website of 2005":http://www.dmn.ca/Click/articles/vol30/click30i.htm * "Toronto's newest hockey team launches official web site":http://www.dmn.ca/Click/articles/vol30/click30b.htm * "Pay per click advertising provider now offers premium listings, logos and marketing ROI tools":http://www.dmn.ca/Click/articles/vol30/click30e.htm

Clipped: ClickZ for April 26, 2005

Here are today's "ClickZ":http://www.clickz.com articles: * "An Early Peek Into the Vlogosphere":http://www.clickz.com/experts/brand/cmo/article.php/3500146 (Mark Kingdon) * "Evolve Into a Data-Driven Organization, Part 1":http://www.clickz.com/experts/crm/analyze_data/article.php/3500141 (Jason Burby) * "Fast and Fearless: Brands' Blogging Future":http://www.clickz.com/experts/brand/brand/article.php/3499886 (Martin Lindstrom) * "Random Musings on 10 Years of Online Advertising":http://www.clickz.com/experts/media/agency_strat/article.php/3499776 (Hollis Thomases)

Filtered: Links for April 26, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 26, 2005 * "Lockergnome - Google AdSense Ads in RSS Feeds":http://channels.lockergnome.com/rss/archives//20050426_google_adsense_ads_in_rss_feeds.phtml * "LonghornBlogs - AdSense in RSS - Explained":http://www.longhornblogs.com/robert/archive/2005/04/26/13905.aspx * "37 Signals - Some notes on the building of CodeZoo":http://37signals.com/svn/archives2/some_notes_on_the_building_of_codezoo.php * "CampaignMonitor - Using forms in HTML emails":http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/archives/2005/04/using_forms_in.html * "Adverblog - Rich Media: At the Tipping Point":http://www.adverblog.com/archives/001372.htm * "Napsterization - Panels are Dead":http://napsterization.org/stories/archives/000434.html * "News.com - Microsoft discloses some IE 7 plans":http://news.com.com/Microsoft+discloses+some+IE+7+plans/2100-1032_3-5683842.html * "SiliconBeat - Online advertising is on fire. Next: Adteractive":http://www.siliconbeat.com/entries/2005/04/25/online_advertising_is_on_fire_next_adteractive.html * "Andrew Goodman - Google Adopts CPM for Content, Allows More Control Over Placement":http://www.traffick.com/2005/04/google-adopts-cpm-for-content-allows.asp * "Forrester Research - Google Enters The Display Advertising Arena":http://www.forrester.com/Research/Document/0,7211,36874,00.html * "Forrester Research - Google Site Targeting at AD:TECH":http://blogs.forrester.com/charleneli/2005/04/google_site_tar.html * "SearchEngineWatch - Google Trademarks: TrustRank & The Neighborhood Wide Web":http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/050425-131316

Clipped: ClickZ for April 25, 2005

Here are today's "ClickZ":http://www.clickz.com articles: * "Identifying SEO Experts, Part 1: Beginners":http://www.clickz.com/experts/search/results/article.php/3499701 (Shari Thurow) * "Integrating E-Mail Marketing and Web Analytics":http://www.clickz.com/experts/brand/capital/article.php/3499681 (David Daniels) * "Building an Opt-In E-Mail List":http://www.clickz.com/experts/em_mkt/em_mkt/article.php/3499691 (Jeanne Jennings) * "The Video Revolution: Coming Soon to a PC Near You":http://www.clickz.com/experts/ad/ad_tech/article.php/3499826 (Jeremy Lockhorn)

Google Announces Adsense Changes To Publishers

Here is the announcement Google just sent to Adsense publishers explaining the new formats:

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April 25, 2005

How To: Track Offline and Online Leads With Unique URLs

I recently watched an episode of “The Apprentice” and thoroughly enjoyed watching the two teams develop a launch brochure for GM’s new 2006 Pontiac Solstice, a nice looking sporty roadster. Anyway, after the show was done I channel surfed a while and came across a commercial (short infomercial) about a home-based business. The message was not what attracted me to the commercial. It was the fact that the URL flashed on the screen - www(dot)15earn(dot)com - was definitely some sort of tracking page to allow the marketer to track visits generated by this specific commercial. After getting to the 15earn(dot)com page I also tried 14earn(dot)com and other variations and found them leading to the “same” web page but using different tracking cookies for each. Online marketers have had an advantage over those working only in the offline world. When using email or websites as your marketing channels you are able to easily and cost-effectively access detailed metrics and data, including real-time numbers.

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Filtered: Links for April 25, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 25, 2005 * "DoubleClick - DoubleClick Inc. Announces Agreement To Be Acquired By Hellman & Friedman LLC":http://www.doubleclick.com/us/about_doubleclick/press_releases/default.asp?p=508 * "NYT - Equity Firm Is Set to Buy DoubleClick":http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/25/business/25double.html?partner=rssuserland&emc=rss * "Globe & Mail - DoubleClick Bought For $1 Billion":http://www.globetechnology.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050425.wclick0425/BNStory/Technology/?page=rss&id=RTGAM.20050425.wclick0425 * "NYT - Google to Sell Ads Not Related to Searches":http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/25/technology/25google.html?partner=rssuserland&emc=rss * "News.com - Google readies banner offerings":http://news.com.com/Google+readies+banner+offerings/2100-1024_3-5682599.html * "SearchEngineWatch - New Google AdWords Site Targeting Allows Advertisers To Pick & Choose":http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/050425-000001 * "Search Engine Lowdown - Google Tests Cost-Per-Impression Pricing and Targeting for AdWords":http://www.searchenginelowdown.com/2005/04/google-tests-cost-per-impression.html * "ClickZ News - Google Targets Ads by Site, Sells by CPM":http://www.clickz.com/news/article.php/3500021 * "Forrester - Marketers rejoice! Google offers site targeting for AdSense":http://blogs.forrester.com/charleneli/2005/04/marketers_rejoi.html * "MediaWeek - Yahoo! Now One of Media's Big Boys":http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000893681 * "Rick Segal - Meetup.com = Shut Up":http://ricksegal.typepad.com/pmv/2005/04/meetupcom_shut_.html ("via":http://www.siliconbeat.com/entries/2005/04/23/meetup_and_footinmouth_disease.html) * "Mind Hacks - Does email really reduce IQ?":http://www.mindhacks.com/blog/2005/04/does_email_really_re.html (no proof to date)

April 24, 2005

A Whole New Internet

Do you feel the buzz in the air? For a while I thought it was just me, but more and more I'm seeing people getting _very_ excited about what's happening online these days. There are so many really amazing things happening right now that it feels to me very much like it did ten years ago when I was floored by some new site pretty much every time I booted up. "Some":http://www.battellemedia.com/ are calling this "Web 2.0":http://www.web2con.com/ while others are saying we're on "Web 3.0":http://dangillmor.typepad.com/dan_gillmor_on_grassroots/2005/04/web_20_try_30.html. I've lost count on what iteration we're on but (if you can't tell), I’m really pumped about what is ahead.

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April 23, 2005

New to Blogs? Start Here.

busweekcover.gif Over the last four years blogs have become a central part of my online existence (and hence my existence). This makes it hard to remember that the majority of Net users (let alone the general population) has any idea what a blog is. Apologies if I've been presumptuous. The important thing is that you _do_ need to know what blogs are all about because they are absolutely changing the foundations of how we work and play right beneath our feet. If you want to get up-to-speed on blogs and their impact on culture and business, I'd suggest you hit the newsstands and pick up the "May 2nd edition":http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/toc/05_18/B3931magazine.htm of "Business Week":http://www.businessweek.com/index.html. The magazine has a great articles that explain what blogging is plus sidebars with tips, a case study, etc. It's particularly interesting that the main article is written "blog-style" (or at least a close approximation of same).

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April 22, 2005

Filtered: Links for April 22, 2005

Here are your pre-filtered online marketing links for April 22, 2005 * "A VC - The Truth About Online Canibalization":http://avc.blogs.com/a_vc/2005/04/the_truth_about.html * "Business Week - Blogs Will Change Your Business":http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/05_18/b3931001_mz001.htm * "Seth Godin - Nouns And Verbs":http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2005/04/nouns_and_verbs.html * "Editor & Publisher - The Article Page: New Kingpin of Online News?":http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/columns/stopthepresses_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000893246 * "Dan Gillmor - Web 2.0? Try 3.0":http://dangillmor.typepad.com/dan_gillmor_on_grassroots/2005/04/web_20_try_30.html

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