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November 30, 2005

Observed: Eight Words That Rocked My World

Since it's that time of the year, and I loathe shopping in the real world, I'm spending more than my usual amount of time shopping online. Last week I was on Henry's Website in the middle of purchasing some camera gear when I stumbled across a touch of pure e-commerce genius. Right below the section of the shopping cart where I could enter my credit card information was a simple but powerful eight-word sentence that rocked my world. Next to an optional checkbox was written...

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November 29, 2005

Do Not Call Legislation Passes In Canada

The "CMA":http://www.the-cma.org sent notice to members last night announcing that the National Do-not-call service was now law: bq.. Legislation that mandates the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to set up a national do-not-call service has been passed by both Houses of Parliament and has received royal assent from the Governor General. This is a major victory for the Canadian Marketing Association, which has since 2001 been a strong proponent of a national DNC service that applies to anyone who uses the telephone to market goods and services. CMA successfully lobbied for an exemption in the legislation for calls to existing customers. Equally important, the legislation includes the CMA definition for "existing business relationship". Among other exemptions, the legislation also allows for calls made by or on behalf of a "registered charity" as per the federal Income Tax Act definition. The CRTC is expected to soon initiate the consultation process necessary for formulating more detailed regulations. This process will allow CMA to address some outstanding concerns with the CRTC, including a clear exemption for business-to-business calls. Based on CRTC estimates, we expect the national do-not-call service to be in operation in the summer or fall of 2007. p. "This Globe & Mail article":http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20051129.wxbills29/BNStory/National/ about the final flurry of legislation before the government fell ends with a very funny bit on the DNC:

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US DMA Requires E-mail Authentication

In October the US Direct Marketing Association ("DMA":http://www.the-dma.org) made "an announcement":http://www.the-dma.org/cgi/dispannouncements?article=373 that makes it mandatory for their members to use "e-mail authentication":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_Authentication for marketing email. As with the Canadian Marketing Association ("CMA":http://www.the-cma.org), the DMA counts the major marketers and brands as members so this announcement is a big deal.

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Priceline and Standard Life Win .ca Domain Disputes

Catching up on my inbox I see Sunday's "webnames.ca":http://www.webnames.ca/ newsletter pointed out that Priceline and Standard Life both won domain disputes recently for priceline.ca and standard-life.ca respectively. * "Priceline Ruling":http://www.cira.ca/en/dpr-decisions/00045-priceline.ca.pdf (PDF) * "Standard Life Ruling":http://www.cira.ca/en/dpr-decisions/00046-standard-life.ca.pdf (PDF) Seems like times are getting tough for Canadian domain squatters.

November 28, 2005

CMA Award Winners

At Friday night's "CMA Awards":http://www.the-cma.org/awards/welcome.html a "host of companies":http://www.the-cma.org/awards/winners2005.html earned bragging rights for the next 12 months. On the interactive side, the following awards were presented:

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Torcamp Rocks In TO

A few torcamp attendees This weekend saw the first of what will likely be more "unevents" for the Internet community in Toronto. "Torcamp":http://barcamp.org/index.cgi?TorCamp "instigated":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/10/28/5-questions-for-david-crow-instigator-torcamp by "David Crow":http://www.davidcrow.ca started Friday evening at the Social Bar and continued on for a full day at the offices of "Teehan+Lax":http://www.teehanlax.com who were nice enough to host the free-form eye-opener. The "Torcamp Wiki":http://barcamp.org/index.cgi?TorCamp is being updated with information on Torcamp and possible future events. You can see the "Flickr Torcamp Tags":http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/torcamp/ to get a small sense of what it was like but you really had to be there to understand the openness, sharing, and general energy present in the room(s). Two of the more thorough write-ups are by:

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November 25, 2005

Podcasting Stats Show Big Growth

emarketerpodcastingchart.gif The latest projections about podcasting were "released by eMarketer":http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?1003688 on November 18, 2005. The data is based on a study run by "Bridge Ratings":http://www.bridgeratings.com/ who project that the podcast audience would reach a critical mass of 62.8 million users by 2010. The study also indicated that approximately 20% of users that had downloaded a podcast do so on a weekly basis, downloading an average of 6 podcasts per week and spend four hours a month listening to podcasts. Are you listening to podcasts? Have you hit your limit on being able to "keep up" with your subscriptions yet?

Google Testing Click-To-Call Ads

_This article is by Guest Contributor Marc Poirer._ Google is finally testing the "pay-per-call" advertising model in their search results. The pay-per-call advertising model has been in the cards for a few years already, with several companies attempting to make a business out of it, but when Google decides to go forward with something like this, we all need to pay attention.

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November 24, 2005

Will Canada Shop Online This Season?

This week I read about "a report":http://www.caast.com/release/default.asp?aID=145 conducted by "Forrester Research":http://www.forrester.com for "CAAST":http://www.caast.com (Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft). If you are selling online in Canada this is a scary report. It indicates that Canadians are wary of shopping online. *A full 40% of Canadians surveyed said they will not shop online this holiday season.* Why will these Canadians not shop online?

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Hey AIMS, Get Your Own Content

Funny, I was just about to write a little "welcome to the blogosphere" post to tell "AIMS":http://www.aimscanada.com/ we're happy to see them "blogging":http://www.aimscanada.com/resources/imex/, but now I'm not so sure. Turns out AIMS -stole- _inadvertently posted (and has since taken down)_ - word for word - "this post":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/11/22/search-is-the-number-two-internet-activity by Marc Poirier that ran earlier this week on One Degree. Here's Marc's post:

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November 23, 2005

Great Rich Media Showcases?

I'll be speaking to "my class":http://www.the-cma.org/certificates/emarketing.cfm about Online Advertising tonight and we'll be touching on Rich Media ad formats. I was going to show them my standard examples but I thought I'd ask for a little input from you folks. Do you have any sites or vendor showcases that do a good job of showing the possibilities of rich media ads? I'm thinking specifically of IAB standard rich media stuff - not cool Flash sites and the like. What do you point people to when they want to see great rich media ads?

Seven Words You Can't Say In E-mail

My guess is there are a _lot_ more than "seven words":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_dirty_words that will get your e-mail newsletter sent to the penalty box and one of them has to be "porn".

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Learned: Site Search Best Practices

We all know that anything to do with search is hot these days. And now the smart companies are starting to take a closer look at the search engines on their own sites. Whether you call this "site search" or "internal search" or 'who-knows-what' search, I predict this area is going to see a lot of excitement and evolution in the next few years. I recently completed a fascinating site search consulting project for a large media company. Since they publish a number of magazines, they have a vast content archive and a vested interest in making it as easy as possible for Website visitors to be able to get to their content as efficiently as possible. My company was hired to help the media company understand how to improve their site search. During the course of the project, my colleagues and I developed an unofficial list of what we started to refer to as "Site Search Best Practices." These best practices are independent of any one particular site search system (i.e., the technology solution) and will be of benefit to any company, large or small, that is implementing site search. So, without much further ado, here are some of our Site Search Best Practices:

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November 22, 2005

Are You Going To Torcamp?

"Torcamp":http://barcamp.org/index.cgi?TorCamp is this weekend in Toronto. "I'm":http://www.onedegree.ca/contributors/ken_schafer going, "David Crow":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/10/28/5-questions-for-david-crow-instigator-torcamp is instigating, "Jon Lax":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/10/06/five-questions-for-jon-lax-teehan-lax is hosting, and "all these folks say they're coming.":http://barcamp.org/index.cgi?TorCampAttendees How about you?

Search Is The Number Two Internet Activity

_This article is by Guest Contributor Marc Poirer._ According to "PEW's recent survey of Internet usage":http://www.pewinternet.org/pdfs/PIP_SearchData_1105.pdf (links to PDF), search is now the second most popular Internet activity, edging towards email as the primary Internet application. Search usage jumped dramatically from 30% of American Internet users in June 2004 to 41% in September of 2005.

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Porn, the Best Practices Industry

Over the weekend I read the Toronto Star page two headline "iPod Portal For Pocket Porn":http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&call_pageid=971358637177&c=Article&cid=1132354213816 _(reg req'd)_ "iPod" and "porn" in the same sentence? I should have expected it but never really thought people would use their iPod Video to (as the article puts it) listen to "the Barenaked Ladies" and watch "Bare Naked Ladies". While Apple hypes the fact it took only 20 days to register one million paid video downloads it only took one website featuring pin-up girls a single week to do the same! Is the porn industry a picture of Best Practices?

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Wish: Reverse Sort for Blog Reading

Have you ever come across a blog late (past its publish date) and had to scroll way down and then back-track to catch the thread of what was going on? It leads to a lot of scrolling up and down and happens to me often when I come across a blog while searching. And it just happened again while I was checking out the new Marketing Mag blog. Turns out they're trying a 'campaign in progress' doco approach via blog. Very annoying to read scrolling backwards. I very much want a reverse sort button like email. Blogs record entry dates, seems shouldn't be too much to ask... See you tomorrow morning at the Drake.

November 21, 2005

Internet Ads Hit All-time High

More good news for web publishers and further proof that Internet advertising is taking the marketing world by storm comes from the US IAB today: bq. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) today announced that Internet advertising revenues totaled *a record $3.1 billion for the third quarter of 2005*, making this the highest quarter reported and the first time that quarterly revenues surpassed $3 billion. The 2005 third-quarter revenues represent a *33.9 percent increase over 2004* third-quarter total of $2.3 billion and a 4.7percent increase over the 2005 second-quarter total of $2.9 billion. Based on historical data, the annual revenue run rate for 2005 could exceed $12 billion, well above last year’s record total of $9.6 billion. "IAB Press Release":http://www.iab.net/news/pr_2005_11_21.asp "PaidContent.org":http://www.paidcontent.org/pc/arch/2005_11_21.shtml#052491 coverage

5 Questions For Don Lange, SVP - Cornerstone

Don Lange _Don Lange is the Senior Vice President and a partner in the "Cornerstone Group of Companies":http://www.cstonecanada.com. He was one of Cornerstone's first employees and has seen the company grow from a 6 person operation to almost 300 full and part time staff over 8 business units. From the beginning, Don's role has been to develop new businesses for Cornerstone based on providing existing clients with new direct response media opportunities. Don has started 4 of Cornerstone's businesses as well as conceptualizing and developing Universe Canada(tm), the largest and most comprehensive consumer database in the country._ *One Degree: Cornerstone has a long and successful history of helping enable direct marketing in Canada. How is classic direct mail been impacted by the Internet?* It's an interesting question. On the one hand if someone were to invent direct mail today it would be revolutionary. And, direct mail is still a very strong channel in this country. On the other hand, the rising costs of production and postage coupled with smaller mailing lists has resulted in direct marketers looking for solutions to complement direct mail campaigns. For the most part, direct mailers are embracing the Internet as a channel that meets their requirements of measurability. Some categories have been faster to move. For example we have seen a reduction in business to business mailings steadily over the last 5 years. Most of these companies have invested in online media. *One Degree: My gut says that smart direct marketers are making the move to search engine marketing - it fits their way of thinking perfectly. I hear that Cornerstone is about to get very active in search marketing - can you tell us a bit more about your plans?*

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Why Are You Searching For "Live 8 Marketing" and "Yaris"?

We finally got around to tagging One Degree for "Measure Map":http://www.measuremap.com/ this weekend. For those of you not in the loop, Measure Map is a new blog analytics tool from the wonderful folks at "Adaptive Path":http://www.adaptivepath.com/. The stats feel very relevant, the interface is pretty and generally intuitive, but the functionality is still only half there (given that we're part of the alpha test I'm assuming there is lots more to come). Measure Map shows that the recent tide of search visitors coming to One Degree after searching GYM (Google Yahoo MSN) for information on Yaris and Live 8 continues unabated. Here are our top ten search terms this weekend: # yaris.ca # uncle yaris # live 8 marketing # The Marketing of Live 8 # marketing of live 8 # onedegree # e learning jobs toronto # toronto porn # clever headlines # flash shopping cart So, searchers - you got here because you searched on Live 8 Marketing or Yaris or something like that - what were you looking for? Idle curiosity? School project? Something in the news? Something on TV? I don't get why all of the sudden we have hundreds of people visiting the site to find out about the marketing of "a music event that happened months ago":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/06/28/live-8-a-marketing-opportunity (or "a new car from Toyota":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/09/27/toyotas-quirky-uncle-yaris for that matter). Why are you here? (Oh and while we don't have any "Toronto Porn" we do have "Toronto's Porn Alley":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/08/06/liberty-village-renamed-torontos-porn-alley for your viewing pleasure.)

November 18, 2005

Two New (Very Good) Email Marketing Reports

Marketing Sherpa and EmailLabs both released email marketing reports yesterday chock full of good info for marketers looking to improve their results. The Marketing Sherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2006, according to the executive summary, reveals campaign segmentation efforts are achieving dramatically higher results than those with no segmentation at all, and that even if your list is as small as 5000 names, it can be well worth the effort.

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Bell and Canada Post Win Typo Domain Disputes

"Webnames.ca":http://www.webnames.ca pointed out in their e-mail newsletter that CIRA has posted decisions on two "typo domain":http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/04/21/how-to-add-spellcheck-to-your-domain-names disputes. "Bell Canada won":http://www.cira.ca/en/dpr-decisions/00038-belll.ca.pdf (PDF) a dispute over belll.ca and "Canada Post won":http://www.cira.ca/en/dpr-decisions/00042-canadapost.ca.pdf (PDF) a dispute over candapost.ca.

November 17, 2005

5 Questions for Ken King, Enablr

Ken King _Ken King is a serial entrepreneur on his way to becoming an angel investor, with current interests in five businesses and several others in negotiation. His core business is "King Marketing, Advertising & Communications Inc.":http://www.kingmarketing.ca, which provides creative and consulting services to its clients. Since completing an MBA at Queen's University, Ken has expanded his consulting practice to include coaching entrepreneurs on business planning, strategy and operations._ *One Degree: What is Enablr?* "Enablr":http://www.enablr.com is simply a front-end for real human beings who are going to "transcribe your podcast":www.enablr.com/transcribr/ or "print out and mail your letter":http://www.enablr.com/stenographr/. We just make it easy by eliminating a lot of the messy stuff that you would normally do to connect with those human beings. In a larger sense it's an experiment in listening to people, identifying a need and then doing something about it - quickstyle. *One Degree: It took you 19 days to go from a concept to being a fully-functioning business with real revenue. It took One Degree six weeks to do the same - I feel like a dinosaur! What does this rapid level of innovation mean for traditional businesses?*

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Under The Hood At Driving.ca

driving.ca home page excerpt _This article is by Guest Contributor Jon Lax._ It's no secret that newspapers have had a hard time lately. The financial engine of the newspaper business has for many years been classifieds. Something like $7 billion in classified revenues has just disappeared since 1997 (US stats) and it's not coming back. People just aren't looking for cars, jobs or general merchandise in the newspaper like they used to. Sites like "eBay":http://www.ebay.ca, "craigslist":http://www.craigslist.com, "Autotrader":http://www.autotrader.ca, "Monster":http://www.monster.ca provide a better and cheaper product. "CanWest":http://www.canwest.com/ is launching a series of sites to put innovative classifieds products online. We were asked to participate in the redesign/relaunch of the auto classifieds product called "driving.ca":http://www.driving.ca.

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November 16, 2005

One-Click Envy

Okay, I know I've been really grumpy about my 'net experiences lately, but this morning was very different. I've been a registered user at globeandmail.com for a while, and that was fine. Not too exciting, and in fact if they'd wanted to send me email I would have been fine with that, but they didn't bother me. Then, feeling like a belated convert, after a long time sighing every time I saw one of those darn "Insiders only" keys next to an article that looked interesting, I finally signed up.

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