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August 15, 2008

Divas, Downtime and Dear Jane: August 11, 2008 Week in Review

Searches Arriving On One Degree This Week
Who needs Google Trends when you can look at our analytics and see what's popular - or not so much popular as ... kinda weird.  Searches that led people to One Degree this week:

  • scotiabank podcasts (what do you need to know about podcasts?)
  • "holiday email marketing" (speaking of which - have you started planning your holiday campaigns yet?!)
  • burton cummings
  • eatons mail order farmhouses
  • "what is it called when you are afraid of crowds" (Ask Monica Hamburg)

New Contributors This Week

  • CT Moore actually contributed his first article to One Degree just before our summer hiatus.  So we're taking this opportunity to say "Welcome!" with his latest piece (first in a four part series) on affiliate marketing. CT works for a Montreal-based retail affiliate network, and we're looking forward to him providing the inside scoop on affiliates and this rising marketing program.
  • Want to contribute?  Get the deets !

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

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New to the Blogroll This Week

Releases, Announcements and News

Other Tidbits

  • One Degree is a proud sponsor of PodCamp Montreal !  If you're in Quebec, Ontario or New England, make plans to attend September 20 and 21, 2008!
  • Also about us .. OneDegree.ca was named to Spotlight Ideas Top 20 "Bread and Butter Blogs" of Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR. Aside from the Top 20, they group other top blogs in other categories like customer experience, account planning and social media.  In these categories are several other great Canadian blogs: Get Elastic for ecommerce, ProPR for PR, IdeasOnIdeas for Design and Twist Image for online marketing.
  • Finally, One Degree email was offline for about 48 hours earlier this week; backlogged email has been coming in slowly. If you sent us something and haven't heard back, a resend is appreciated!

This Friday's Timewasting Activity

  • Last night on Twitter there was a flutter of tweets about Face Your Manga - a website where you can create a mangaesque avatar for your various social media profiles.  Tired of that self-portrait of you at Starbucks?  Try this for a change.


Thank you for the Community Divas mention! Our next episode is scheduled for August 24th. I hope your readers will add their comments & give feedback on the blog or email us at communitydivas@gmail.com


Congratulations on One Degree making the Spotlight Ideas Top 20. How modest of you to omit My Name is Kate from the digital marketing category. Congratulations to the other Canadian blogs as well.

Week in Review is a great column. Please keep it up.

Oh yes, and before I forget, thanks for mentioning Community Divas. Without sounding repetitive, I want to echo Connie's invitation to members of the One Degree community.


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