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November 09, 2008

Win a Free Pass to nextMEDIA - Monetizing Digital Media!

Nextmedia_monetizing_digital_conten UPDATE: We've confirmed our winner!  Congrats to Julie Wilson of SeenReading.com.  Thanks to all of you who entered and to nextMEDIA for the pass!

Looking to monetize your digital media? We thought so.

One Degree, in partnership with nextMEDIA, is giving away a pass to the nextMEDIA - Monetizing Digital Media conference! The conference takes place November 18-19, 2008 at CiRCA in Toronto.

Here's how to enter:

  1. Go to the Speakers page or the Schedule page on the nextMEDIA site.
  2. Find the speaker/session that you're most excited about.
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling us what speaker/session you're most interested in and why.
  4. Enter before noon (PST) on Thursday, November 13 and you could win!

The pass includes access to both days of the nextMEDIA - Monetizing Digital Media conference and an invite to the Canadian New Media Awards.

The winner will be selected through a random draw and announced here on One Degree first thing Friday morning.

And now for the fine bold print:

  • The pass is non-transferable - all this bounty goes to one person only.
  • The pass does not include travel or accommodation.
  • Please enter only if you're actually able to use the pass!


Eli Singer - Disruptive innovation, sounds sexy but what do clients and fans get from it really?

Diana Gallo, Interactive + Social Media Manager - - Cineplex Entertainment

She seems like a good female role model for those in digital media, and her panel seems to be among the more interesting looking ones in my mind.

I hate to say it, but even though this event is about media and distribution, I'm more interested in content and the only one with content from the speaker list is Molson's, so for that reason, I can't wait to hear from Pamela Ouellette.

With such an appealing call to action "do it" had to get back to this message.

Call me a trend whore but Lori Schwartz's What's Next for 2009 could be interesting.

These are all topics I have touched on in previous blog posts, I'd be interested to hear other perspectives.

Jordan Hoffner - How To Make Money In Online Video - This is such a conundrum I'd love to hear what the guy from YouTube has to say about this.

Expanding Branded Entertainment Online with Alexandra Levy - to me online branded entertainment is the holy grail for online content creators. But it's a chicken and egg scenario - if you build it will they come? I have a whole book full of branded infotainment ideas so this is another I'd really like to sit in on.

And finally - Rock ‘n Roll In the Social Media Revolution - what a great panel and it's moderated by Eli Singer who I last heard moderate a panel at ICE 07.

All the speakers look interesting, but I would greatly like to hear Alexandra Levy (Director, Branded Entertainment, Google) speak. In today's world, with the push for being green, being local, being "true to the people" it's getting harder and harder for large name brands to hold the attention of the younger generation. A company like Google has been seen to excel in this area while growing at a phenomenal rate. Google now provides more than just the search engine service that brought them into the mainstream light and yet is not viewed as a company that has "sold out" to commercialism. they've managed to maintain an image of not having "sold out" and yet their main source of revenues is through advertisement.

I think hearing from the Branded Entertainment initiative from Google will be very interesting and enable everyone to learn the art of providing advertising solutions to clients without looking like a sell-out.

I would love to hear Susan Bonds, Chief Executive Officer of 42 Entertainment. The work they did on ilovebees was fantastic. Anyone into gaming & marketing/advertising could learn a thing from this pieces of work. It transcends platforms and demographics. The opportunity to hear her speak and learn more in two days then I could in a month is a chance I couldn’t pass up. I hope I win.

I'm looking forward to hearing Lori Schwartz, as I'm hearing so many opinions about what's next, it's great to get different perspectives.
Although no one really knows what will be the next leading platform or media of choice, one thing I think we can all agree on is the consumer is dictating the next methods of consumption. Would love to hear her opinion on the trends and who is driving them.


Mobile Persuasion: How to Market Using the Mobile

Fingers and toes crossed.

Very interested to hear what Jordan Hoffner, Director - Content Partnerships - YouTube, has to say about monetizing video content since I see this as critical area of focus for Canadian Media companies in 2009

I'm most interested in the 'Mobile Application Showcase', because we're looking for a way to provide geographically relevant information about restaurants, where a customer is, on mobile devices. Also, we would love to find a way to incorporate a 'Teaser Search' to upsell a membership to our site.

Rock ‘n Roll In the Social Media Revolution is where I'm focused. I have a theory that things are finally and fully out of control just as any interesting conversation should be. I love an intersting conversation. Now I'm talking to millions and they're all talking back.
I'm wondering if anybody else gets it.

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