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February 27, 2009

Slumdog Marketer - Feb. 27, 2009 Week in Review

New Contributors This Week

We have two new contributors this week:  Nicky Senyard who shared her take on the differences between markets and communities and Adina Zaiontz who debuts by curating this week's WIR post.  Welcome to both of you!

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This week's WIR curator is Adina Zaiontz. Marketing is Adina's guilty, geeky passion. She once spent an entire summer backpacking through Europe while surreptitiously photographing British and Italian transit ads.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

“Prepare for the day when you’re no longer cool”
In this economy, we all face the harsh prospect of being laid off and having to start over, just when our career may be peaking or prosperously humming along.

As we watch the more frugal Oscars last weekend, it’s interesting to see who’s still hot and whose star has fallen. The mainstays - Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, and Al Pacino all have one thing in common to explain their career longevity. Throughout their ups and downs, they weren’t afraid to re-define themselves as actors; even when that sometimes meant taking a step down into a so-called unseemly role or movie genre.

Here’s where Rod Morgenstern comes in. Rod is a once-famous 60’s and 70’s Rock and Roll drummer and survivor of the stardom roller-coaster. In this post, Harry Joiner, an executive recruiter shares an interview with Rod, as well as some insightful tips on how you can weather the storms in your career.

The Audi-aucity of Hope!
In the “life is not fair” file, let’s investigate how Bigshot Marketing Blogger, Guy Kawasaki somehow managed to snag a $126,000 Audi Quattro to review in his blog.
In all seriousness, this is a great example of a high end auto brand, using cheapo viral word-of-mouth to promote their new sportscar model. To those of you unfamiliar with Kawasaki, he is a dot com industry mainstay, former Apple Executive (back when they were building Macintosh’s) and a renown speaker and blogger. 

Audi made a smart move in recognizing that Kawasaki himself (late 40’s, family man, high income) as well as his blog readers fit the profile of their target market. The result – the kind of online positive and authentic PR no online media spend could match. See Kawasaki’s rave post, complete with photos of his kids and friends ogling the vehicle. Audi has created an engaged brand ambassador spreadin’ the Audi love, all essentially free. (Guy only got to keep the wheels for a week.) 

Can Kindle Make Cash for Book Publishers?
With Jeff Bezos schlepping the Amazon Kindle on the Daily Show this week, it’s clear this gadget may be on its way to being the next iPhone. While it is still in its early adoption stage, Seth Godin rolls ahead of the curve with some sharp strategies and business models for publishers and authors to leverage Kindle to boost their sales, promote authors, and find reader niches. This may just transform the bookselling business as we know it.

From Canadian Marketing Blogs

Interesting Bookmarks from the Backchannel

  • If you’re like me, and collect entrepreneurial ideas the way Oprah hoards diet books, you’ll love Springwise. It’s an enewsletter and website with a weekly fix of cool new business ideas from around the world.
  • If you’ve ever had to manage a project that involves 3-10 people editing a spreadsheet, you know this task often turns into a nightmare of dozens of file versions, shared-drive access, and the inevitable excel newbie who can be counted on delete all the customers data. Well stop sweating into your spreadheets. Editgrid is here. This great new tool lets groups sharing and editing spreadsheets online. No more multiple versions emailed as attachments for everyone to make changes. You may actually start to love Excel again.

Releases, Announcements and News

This Week's Video Meme

Australian Ad Masquerading as Viral Draws Angry Response:  In a blatant attempt to copy the success of Canadian born bridal wig-out viral video, Australian fashion brand Witchery planted a fake online video featuring a girl claiming to give her boy-crush back his funky jacket (a la Cinderella’s lost slipper). The response was a resounding media backlash. Unlike Capital C’s authentic looking creation which got almost half a million YouTube views, the Aussie production with stalker-girl’s perfect hair, room and lighting screams “agency made”.

February 24, 2009

Mar 29 – Apr 1 - eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit – Toronto

Five Tips for Fast and Easy DIY Headlines

The following is a sponsored post by Commune / The Content Optimization Company™.

February 23, 2009

Markets vs. Communities: Building Trust with Online Consumers

Experts As social media has becomes more of a mainstream marketing channel, a lot of brands (and even some agencies) struggle with finding some sort of best-practices for social media marketing. Aside from the odd corporate blogging manifesto, brands are often left to figure social media out for themselves. By considering the difference between markets and communities, however, brands can begin to develop an understanding of how to approach their customers in a social media setting.

Markets vs. Communities

When it comes to using social media to engage existing and potential customers, something that you need to remember is that those customers represent your target market and a separate, standalone community. If you want to engage them on both levels, then, you need to understand that communities are about interaction.

Whereas you target a market, you participate in a community. Consequently, there are different rules of conduct.

In a community, business is not the first order of business. Relationships come before sales. Engaging communities is a great way to boost sales, but you actually have to become a respected and trusted member before you can tap into that potential.

Community Engagement

There are two general ways you can participate in existing communities and start building trust with their members: direct engagement and indirect engagement.

Direct community engagement is more of a longtail strategy because it entails building up your brand's membership within a separate community. Often, you will need a kind of brand ambassador who identifies the online communities that your target market belongs to, and then reaches out to them by sharing their insight about products and services that are related to the community's underlying interests.

Indirect community engagement can yield results more quickly, but requires that you rely on other independent third-parties to broker your brand's relationship with a community. It entails building relationships with the influencers or community leaders -- people who already have a reputation within the community for being trustworthty. By offering these influencers a heads-up or "sneak peaks" into your products or promotions, you can often get your message out quickly.

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Survey - Measuring Success in Today's Market

The eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit series (our lead sponsor this month) is conducting a survey to understand how businesses are measuring success in today's economy.

They will be unveiling the results to attendees but will also give us the content to share here.  It would be great if you could take 5 minutes to share your thoughts about how your business is measuring success and take the eMetrics survey.

February 20, 2009

Yes We CANada - February 20, 2009 Week in Review

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Upcoming Events:


Job Openings

This week's WIR curator is Leona Hobbs. She tumbles at tumbleona.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

Quick Bits

This Week's Video Meme

February 19, 2009

Interview with Alex Langshur, President of PublicInsite

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with Alex Langshur of PublicInsite.com. Alex shares his thoughts on metrics for government and not for profit organizations - what differs from a typical ecommerce conversion path and how user goals differ between these sites.

Alex will be speaking the upcoming eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Toronto on March 29 - April 1, 2009.

10 Steps for Growing Your List of Loyal Subscribers: Part Two

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February 18, 2009

Di Gallo of cineplex.com on Respect for Your Community

I had the opportunity to sit down with Di Gallo of the cineplex.com and the mycineplex community last fall at nextMEDIA's Monetizing Digital Media's conference.  She is responsible for the marketing of cineplex.com.  We discussed respect for your online community and knowing whether or not social media marketing is the right thing to do.

How Dell Gained 30,000+ Followers in a Flash

@DellOutlet You might call Dell a Twitter rock star. The PC maker is attracting thousands of followers every week to its 28 Twitter accounts.

Collectively, Dell’s various Twitter accounts – including @Direct2Dell, @DellTechCenter, @DellSmBizOffers and @DellOutlet – boast about 50,000 followers.

Sure, that may be a drop in the Web 2.0 bucket when you look at the sheer millions surfing the Internet. But in the grand scheme of things, few tweeters have more followers than Dell.

Is Dell a Twitter Superstar?
According to Twitterholic, an analytics service that scans the Twitter public timeline for new twits to tweet, President Barack Obama is the Twitter king with more than 250,000 followers. Of course, he’s President Barack Obama.

Other Twitter superstars include Britney Spears, CNN, the New York Times, Lance Armstrong and Shaquille O’Neal. You’d expect celebrities and news outlets to have a large entourage of followers, though. What you might not expect is for a PC maker to draw so many loyal fans.

As it turns out, Whole Foods, Starbucks, JetBlue, Apple and Dell are among the product and service icons on Twitter. Admittedly, Twitter rankings are hardly an exact science, but one thing is certain: Dell is watching its list of followers grow by the hour.

On Tuesday, for example, @DellOutlet had nearly 19,000 followers. That’s an impressive number, considering it only launched in June 2007. Today, @DellOutlet has nearly 27,000 followers. Richard Binhammer, widely known as the face of Dell’s social media efforts, has more than 5,000 followers of his own.

Dell’s celebrity status on Twitter begs the question: How did a PC maker attract so many followers so quickly? And why does this following keep growing exponentially? In a word: engagement.

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February 17, 2009

Mar 12 - DIGIDAY: SOCIAL - New York, NY

Why Writing Your Headline First Is the Smartest Thing You Can Do

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February 16, 2009

10 Predictions for the Online Marketing World In 2009

IStock_CrystalBall_XSmall We are now one month and a bit into 2009.  There was tons of speculation prior to the beginning of the year as to how the online marketing world will fare this year, and what would happen.  Now that we're a few weeks into the current year, here are 10 “fearless” predictions for the interactive marketing space in 2009.

1) Online Advertising Prices Will Drop
This amounts to a simple case of supply and demand.  In our current recessionary time, there will be a sharp drop-off in advertising.  This will increase the availability of online inventory.  As a result, CPM rates will start to decrease as publishers and networks have to offer increasingly better deals in order to entice clients to their networks.   As well, there will be more CPA and CPC deals that will be offered as incentives in order for networks to prove that their sites can produce the results that clients are looking for.  Networks will certainly try and expand internationally in order to bridge the revenue gap, but will struggle initially to learn the monetization methods that have worked well in other markets.

2) Increased Importance of Analytics
In tight economic times, marketers are going to be even more preoccupied than usual with tracking where their money is going.  As such, customers are going to demand more hard in-depth data in order to justify their expenditures.  As such, analytics software will play more of a prevalent role in providing added value for clients.  Smart publishers will leverage this not only to show what is being done, but will use it to engage in more targeted advertising.  Google has already caught on to this trend by marrying its Adsense and Analytics software.  This enables it to know which key words/placements drive them to the site, and ultimately convert best for them (and prove to be more profitable).

3) Search Marketing Will Become Even More Prominent
In tough times, marketers will focus on those marketing initiatives that are more secure and strategic.  Search has the twofold advantage of not only enabling the advertiser to pay only on  a per click basis, but also allows the marketer to focus on  those with a direct interest in products or services related to their business.   The prominence of search marketing will increase not only because it targets search engine queries, but also because of the increased emphasis on targeted contextual based advertising as networks try and capitalize on ads that target visitors interests based on their prior online patterns

4) Increased Importance of SEO and Blended/Universal Search
As marketing costs become even more tightly controlled, the importance of organic search will intensify.  Advertisers will spend even more effort in order to get ranked higher on natural search engine results.  Blended search results produces rankings generated from news, press releases, blogs, videos, local and book search engines, among other sources.  Video forums and social communities are among the most effective ways of keeping content visible inside search engine result pages.  Therefore, in order to keep traffic coming to your site, a company’s online presence must be spread out among numerous sources.

5) Increased Emphasis on Specialized Social Media Sites
Brand advertising, as it traditionally has been done, employs a unilateral system of communication to your consumer.  The idea is to reach as many people as possible, once, across the board, with your message.  However, traditional advertising is expensive, not only because of the cost of creating an ad that works in multiple media formats, but also because there is no ongoing communication with your consumers.  This means that there is an inherent problem of not getting an ongoing response to your marketing efforts beyond traditional measurements of brand association and sales.  The advantages of targeted social media and specific community/interest based sites ( ex; Divapreneur,FuzzB)  is that it not only allows one to target those users with interests related to  your product /service but also enables you to receive instant and recurrent feedback about your brand.

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Nadia Nascimento, Product Strategist for memelabs, on the importance of risk

At the nextMEDIA Monetizing Digital Media Conference, I interviewed memelabs Product Strategist Nadia Nascimento. Nadia offered her thoughts on the importance of risk-taking and the role of fear in business.

February 13, 2009

Meltdowns, Monitizaton and Monks. The week in review: Friday the 13th edition, February 2009

New Contributors This Week

We have two new contributors this week:  Chris McGrath who brought us the Penn State intranet case study and Brad Grier who debuts by curating this week's WIR post.  Welcome to both of you!

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This week's WIR curator is Brad Grier. He blogs at blog.bradgrier.com and tweets up a storm as @bgrier.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

  • Excel Data Mining: Measuring Customer Support Costs --a somewhat technical article about using Excel to calculate and measure the cost of providing customer support. Another way of thinking of it, is how much is it worth it to you to engage that customer to keep them, vs finding a new one. Excel is your friend.
  • Planning a website redesign? Great, but what about the meat and potatoes...the content? It's great if it 'looks purty', but if there's nothing for Google to crawl other than old content from a previous version, you may be doing more harm than good.
  • Twitter Tips: one of the best Twitter resources on the planet. Frequency: Daily or more. I discovered this site this week and have thoroughly enjoyed the sage content.
  • If you're still uncertain if Twitter is right for your organization's marketing activities, maybe it's time to Hedge Your Bets. Neville Hobson thinks so in this interesting item that includes an amazing number of references.
  • Great site: Marketing Charts. Scary Numbers: Failing Economy Shutters 525 Magazines in 2008

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Interesting Bookmarks from the Backchannel

Releases, Announcements and News

Other Tidbits

February 12, 2009

Best Enterprise 2.0 Launch Ever? Penn State’s ThoughtFarmer Roll-out

Penn State Logo [Editor's note - we don't often post company-written case studies on One Degree, because most of the ones we get are vague, self-congratulatory and don't provide useful insights. But this case study from ThoughtFarmer, an intranet software development company in Nelson Vancouver, BC, rocked our socks.]

There seems to be two ways that social software enters an organization: bottom-up, or top-down.

Bottom-up might mean employees using Google Docs to share files, Twitter to communicate status and PBWiki to collaborate on documents. It starts small and spreads in an organic, patch-work fashion.

If you’re managing the introduction of enterprise social software at your organization, bottom-up doesn’t work. Bottom-up can’t be managed. And bottom-up happens at its own speed, which doesn’t work when you have deadlines.

So you’ve got to go with top-down. A planned roll-out. An orchestrated launch. And I have never, ever come across an enterprise social software launch as fast, well-orchestrated and effective as the one Penn State Outreach did last week.

Purchase order to 1500-user launch in 7 weeks — including Christmas break

While I was in the front room finalizing contracts with Penn State Purchasing, Bevin Hernandez, the intranet project manager, was already in the back room working on the launch timeline.

Our.outreach timeline

Planning the intranet launch

They set a hard launch date of January 29th, just 7 weeks away, with a Christmas break in between. This would be a very public launch — they asked all 1500 staff to keep the day free for something very big and very mysterious.

Outreach postcard

Outreach postcard - back

Mysterious postcard asking people to block out the intranet launch date on their calendars.

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Join an Elite Group - One Degree Contributors!

Join us! Over the holidays I asked around about how we could get more people engaged and contributing to One Degree.  The response that I heard time and time again was "make it less intimidating" and "make it easier".  Well, I'm still working on toning down my intimidation factor, but we now have a few new ways that we think will make it easier for readers to evolve to contributors!

Week in Review Curator
Do you harbour secret librarian tendencies - squirreling away great links?  Does your delicious list rival the National Library?  Are you a propagator of the latest and greatest internet memes?  Well, you're probably the perfect guest curator for a Week in Review post.  Earlier this year we started having guest curators who provide their own take on what was interesting, important and note-worthy in the digital marketing and social media space. Want to curate?

Twitter Editor
We know we are not using Twitter to its fullest potential right now. Do you have some ideas? Do you think in 140 characters? Do you multi-task like a mo-fo?  And can you work on a team?  I'm thinking it might be fun to have a few Twitter editors, stationed across the country.

Gossip Columnist
OK, maybe not so much a gossip columnist - but someone who is interested in the people who make digital marketing and social media in Canada tick. What jobs are they hopping? Who just won what clients? And who's hanging with who at PodCamp? Should have a cross-country focus (but hey, if you can get the dirt in Toronto, surely you can get the dirt in Halifax too).

By the Numbers Columnist
Are you obsessed with data? Would you like to be one of the first to get the latest numbers on Canadian activities online? I've got a couple of research houses that are willing to share some data with us on a regular basis, but I need someone with a vision for developing the relationships and presenting the info.

If you're interested in any of the above - or just want to write a piece for us - we'd love to hear from you. You can email me at kate [at] onedegree [dot] ca.

Photo credit: CharlieGentle (flickr)

Missy Suicide from Suicide Girls on Community Building

I had the opportunity to sit down with Missy Suicide of the popular Suicide Girls community last fall at nextMEDIA's Monetizing Digital Media's conference.  With over a million unique users and a site that was profitable from day one, Missy has some great things to say about community and how Suicide Girls has changed her life. (Editor's note: and she is super-charming to boot)

February 11, 2009

10 Steps for Growing Your List of Loyal Subscribers: Part One

The following is a sponsored post by ThinData. The Email Authority.

February 10, 2009

Mar 31 – Apr 1 - SMX Search Analytics - Toronto

How a 74-Year-Old Book (That Doesn't Mention the Internet) Can Teach You to Write Killer Web Headlines Quickly and Easily

The following is a sponsored post by Commune / The Content Optimization Company™.

February 09, 2009

Ten Must-Have iPhone Apps for Marketers

Iphone-thumb Now that I've owned (and loved) my iPhone for nearly a year, I thought it would be helpful to share my personal recommendations on iPhone apps (programs) that a marketer would find useful.

These are apps that I use on a daily or weekly basis, and in most cases these are free. As with anything Mac-related, opinions will vary, but these are the iPhone apps that I think no self-respecting marketer should be without. You can download them from the App Store or via iTunes.

Scribble - Ever found yourself in a meeting looking around the room to see if there's a whiteboard you can write on, only to discover you are out of luck? Scribble is a straightforward doodling application that I use as a mini whiteboard when I need to quickly illustrate a concept. Unlike a real whiteboard, however, my diagrams or drawings can be easily emailed to myself or others within moments.

AirSharing - This very cool app turns your iPhone into a wireless file server, allowing you to drag and drop documents between your iPhone and other computers without the hassle of connecting any cables. I use it to store backups of PowerPoint presentations for talks I am giving, and because AirSharing includes a built-in document reader, I can review and rehearse my presentations right on my iPhone.

DomainScout - Want to quickly check if a domain name is available to register? Or curious to know who the current owner is? DomainScout is a fast and easy tool that allows you to quickly conduct a WHOIS search. You can even customize it to search for your favourite TLDs, so if you only care about .com, .net and .ca domains, DomainScout can be configured to check up to three TLDs of your choice by default.

iTalk - If you're like me, you get ideas for things at all hours of the day and night. But what do you do when you don't have pen and paper handy? iTalk is a wonderfully simple voice recorder that allows you to quickly capture your thoughts, or record an entire presentation, on your iPhone. A very handy little app that turns your iPhone into a digital voice recorder, without the expense of the real thing.

Urbanspoon - Need to find a nearby restaurant or café to meet up with someone for a biz meeting? Urbanspoon is a wickedly handy tool that helps you locate whatever kind of eating establishment you are looking for. For example, if you've just landed in a strange city and need to find an affordable Vegan restaurant that's open for lunch near a client's office, just consult Urbanspoon. In seconds you will have restaurant hours, phone number, and a map of how to get there.

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February 06, 2009

Random Things, Rants and Relationships: February 2, 2009 Week in Review

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This week's WIR curator is Monica Hamburg. Monica struts her social media stuff at her blog, Me Like the Interweb.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

Rupert Neate's perspective is that "Facebook is a Business Not a Charity" and he describes the logistics of just what the company is doing with users' data. And Nick O'Neil of AllFacebook tells us just how to make use of the privacy settings on Facebook.

No more of 25 Random Things meme. Please no more... I love you, but if any of these 25 things are important enough for me to know, you can tell me in person, 'kay. (I spend enough time online already, as we'll discuss momentarily.) Claire Suddath amusingly lists 25 facts she wishes people hadn't told her about themselves.

Lemon Zest introduced me to Evernote by professing: "Evernote is my new boyfriend". Since my guy feels (understandably) that I spend too much time online, I am cautious of falling for web utilities, however useful they might prove to be. Of course, I have installed it and will be trying it out asap.

What's up with the celebrities on Twitter? Moreover, how much of it is honest and how much is staged and/or exists to create buzz? And does the "hoax" element denigrate the purported honesty and transparency of social media? Or is it just fun? How much of it is (or will become) propaganda - so asks Mashable with "Has Hollywood Learned How to Game Social Media?" Discuss. Additionally, many fictional characters (especially from TV shows) are appearing on Twitter and other social networks... Fun? Lame? Time-sucking? Only you can decide.*

Seen on the Marketing Blogs

Heard on Twitter

The Twitter meme #nerdpickuplines is sooo wonderfully funny - and nerdy.

Interesting Bookmarks from the Backchannel

Other Tidbits

I think this "Babby" cartoon completely sums up Yahoo Answers - and is sheer brilliance. (Warning: it's deranged - and addictive.) (Hat tip: @mindofchester's post)

I'm running the "Decor Hell Photo Contest" and I would love you to enter your hideous household horror (nightmare chair, fugly furniture, lame lamp or cat-chewed couch) to win prizes. Of course, you don't have any such horrors in your home, right? Oh, say, what's that over your mantle... Bom, Bom: Decor Hell! (Disclaimer: the cool mortgage broker/contest sponsor is my boyfriend).

I'm also researching how Artists Use Social Media. I've had a great response and am very excited - and would love even more answers. So, if you're an artist who makes connections, promotes etc. through social media, please fill out the survey (or pass the word on to a cool, empowered artist you know).

(Note: posting the request re: above questionnaire on HARO was great - I think I got over 60 responses to my request! Now, while I certainly received some amazingly off-topic emails and answers (some hilariously so) - most have really amazing and very informative. I'd definitely recommend posting a request to HARO if you need sources.)

Speaking of Social Media and Art, some great artistic projects are making use of Crowdsourcing including: Wikipedia Loves Art, a scavenger hunt and free content photography contest coordinated by several museums and the awesome Disposable Memory Project where cameras have been left in several places around the world, inviting finders to take a picture and pass the camera on. (Sort of like an artsy Akoha!)

*Lastly, feel free to let me know your thoughts about Characters in Social Media (Do you use a character online to build buzz for a creative project (e.g. indie film, art installation piece, whatever) or to engage your audience with a project ? Also interested if you've noticed characters like that on Twitter (e.g. Television characters tweeting etc.) Facebook, Blogs and more.

This Week's Video Meme

Mashable tracks the Christian Bale sh*tstorm that hit social media outlets this week: Perhaps the biggest “social media going mainstream” event since a plane landed in the Hudson River, the Bale incident has sparked an endless number of Tweets (it’s been the #1 or #2 trending topic since the story hit), blog posts, and parodies.

Make sure you check out the article for incredible trending graphs on this incident.  Lesson for all of us involved in PR and social media!

Related: Best. Song. Ever: BaleOut - (Warning: NSFW - unless you work at a very progressive company or at home) Laced with profanities, DJ RevoLucian entertaining (and very danceable!) remix of Christian Bale's rant is getting some good mileage on YouTube with over 1 million views so far.

N2S on Market Forces


February 05, 2009

Interview with Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with Jim Sterne of Target Marketing. Jim shares his thoughts on cross-channel measurement and the evolving sophistication of measurement tools.

Jim will be keynoting the upcoming eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Toronto on March 29 - April 1, 2009.

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