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April 29, 2009

Updated Canadian Mobile SMS Stats

For those who haven’t heard yet, the volume of SMS messages sent in 2008 broke 20 billion. This is up from just north of 10 billion in 2007, which is up from about 4.3 billion in 2006 and about 2.1 billion in 2005.

We are already on pace in 2009 to again double volume to 40 billion SMS messages.

While the heavy users are messaging over 145 messages per month each, the number of uniques has grown to over 50% from 41% in 2008.

Uniques are growing at about 2% a month and recently 600,000 people sent their first text message!

For the first time ever, the number of messages sent through shortcode marketing programs is available. It looks like over 1 billion messages were sent to a shortcode in Canada in 2008. This is in addition to the 20 billion peer to peer messages sent.

Does anybody still think Mobile SMS is not a mass medium in Canada?

Health Council of Canada uses Social Media to Promote e-only Report on Team Health Care

Health Council of Canada - Health Care Teams Report Today, the Health Council of Canada released a report on collaborative health care teams (pdf) and how they are a better health care choice for Canadians with chronic conditions rather than only receiving care from a family doctor.  The press release has the overview of the report and some success facts about team-based care.

Now, this is absolutely interesting in and of itself, but in talking with Gursharn Kandola, who is responsible for eCommunciations and Social Media for HCC, I discovered that they are releasing the report as an e-report only in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly.  And they are using social media channels to get the word out.

I, of course, (heart) this.

The Health Council of Canada (fyi ... Funded by the Government of Canada, the Council reports to the Canadian public and operates as a non-profit agency) are currently using a number of social media channels:

Yay, HCC!

And, if you're a Canadian, don't forget to download the report on team-based health care.  In particular, I love the provincial success stories they include - health-care teams may look different across the country, but they are all achieving great results for their patients!

April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tweetfest - April 28, 2009

  • Are you a Blogger user? Just found the best Blogger template site EVER: cli.gs/aDArNu (many cool WP designs converted). (LH) #
  • Great article: Can MySpace make a comeback? - bit.ly/4gLH7 (via @mashable) (LH) #
  • Scott Kirsner has set up Power Tools wiki listing tools for promoting & earning money from your creative work cli.gs/vGA3Hd (LH) #
  • How do you decide who you follow (or unfollow)? Feel guilty if you unfollow?! Read - cli.gs/N2hE6P (@SquiggleMum @LizHover) (LH) #
  • Ever wondered what a dashboard for the World's key stats would look like? www.worldometers.info (via @firebox @mynameiskate) (kt) #
  • Ah. Billy Bob and journalism: cli.gs/3SES2Z (LH) (RT via @nsicanada) #
  • Who will cash in on Canada's love of online video? cli.gs/E5V81U (LH) (via @nsicanada) #
  • Check out Qubb - a new web-based solution for updating your status across your favorite networks: cli.gs/eDSPmU (LH) #
  • Hitwise to measure internet use in Canada to help marketers better understand market: cli.gs/DnRnzq (LH) #
  • Optimistic Ad Campaigns Could Still Pay Off for Coke, Pepsi - Advertising Age - News ow.ly/4ft3 (CF) #
  • Twitter for Journalists | The Multitasker ow.ly/4fti (CF) #

May 11 - Convergence 09 - Vancouver

Apr 29 - Web Analytics Wednesday - Toronto

April 27, 2009

Don Tapscott on the Net Generation in Canada (Part 1 of 3 Part Interview)

I had the opportunity to sit down with the smart and savvy 'net prognosticator, Don Tapscott, to discuss some of the tenets in his recently published book, Grown Up Digital - a discussion of how the Net Generation (the current wave of youth aged 12-30) is impacting institutions globally.

In part 1 of our interview, Don shares some insights with marketers on how to reach the elusive Net Generation (Tip 1: don't promote to them, collaborate with them!)

This is Your Brain Online

Fried Egg It’s no secret that the web has changed the way we read. We quickly scan, then link to something else, consuming information at break-neck speed.

This has some people worried. According to an intriguing article I recently read from The Atlantic "Is Google making us stupid?", our new reading behaviour is rewiring our brains, just as hand writing, clocks, assembly lines and other innovations have throughout history.

The author, Nicholas Carr, laments our declining ability to read long tracts, grasp ambiguity and think deeply.  Lighten up, Nicholas.  Before you rush to judgment, let’s wait for the scientific evidence. In the meantime, let’s consider how this growing reading behaviour may be enriching our minds.

Snack vs feast
Nicholas cites a study of the online reading habits of researchers who snacked on many tidbits of internet information rather than finishing the long feast of research papers. Yes, they were not plumbing the depths of the articles. But, assuming they expended an equivalent amount of energy online snacking and thinking, most were still nourishing their minds, just in a different way.

Of course it’s up to the individual, perhaps with a prod from a teacher, boss or coach, to decide whether to connect those snacks through critical thinking. It’s also up to us to decide how we slice, splice and spice the snacks with knowledge we consume from books, television, personal conversations and other sources.

Exercise the brain
Like muscles, brains strengthen through exercise. The more the reader thinks about what she is reading, the more her brain will develop. Like exercise, more difficult or faster thinking should produce more growth. What’s more, cross-training with different kinds of mental activities, from solving soduko puzzles to playing the violin, should help create a better balanced brain.

So let’s not to be too quick to dismiss scanning and linking as part of a healthy brain workout.

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April 24, 2009

Mistakes, Mayhem and Music - April 24, 2009 Week in Review

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Lots of great events going on!

This week's WIR curator is Monica Hamburg. Monica struts her social media stuff at her social media blog, Me Like the Interweb.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

Penelope Trunk's "8 Reasons Why You Won't Make Money from Your Blog" was my favorite post of the week, primarily because I have a brilliant friend who consistently asks me, “So are you making money yet from your blog?” When I try to explain something like, "Well, not directly, I use the blog as a marketing tool" he looks at me as though I had announced I was giving up all my worldly possessions and deciding to run a lemonade stand. 

Getting sued - it's not just for real life anymore! Taser sues Second Life over claims it sells "unauthorized virtual versions of its electric stun guns".

David Eaves offers a solid (and amusing) take-down of the Fraser Institute's climate change video in "The Fraser Institute - a case study in how not to engage young people"

If you haven't seen the video - hold on tight:

Watching this was like a flashback blizzard: I was indeed reminded of the terrible PSAs of my youth - and even more by numerous things I've auditioned for that were meant to have “urban dialogue” spoken by a street-wise "African-american/Latino" character, but were clearly written by a very uncool, out-of-touch middle-aged white man. (This kind of thing.)

And, while the Fraser Institute manages to be profoundly awful in production value and narration text as well as insulting to its target audience, it also get bonus suckage points for continuing a pretty painful trend of making people who spend time online appear unjustifiably inarticulate. (I immediately thought of this Courier subtitle when I saw the video.) Further, AAMOF / CWOT?!... The fact that the narrator had to speak the text message abbreviations as complete words, proves they either don’t trust the "yoots" to figure out what the terms are - or they are so obscure that no one really uses them. My vote is for the latter.

Interesting Bookmarks from the Backchannel

Seen on the Marketing-esque Blogs

Ari Herzog's Mashable post, "6 Twitter Search Services Compared", looks at various services that allow you to search for twitter mentions. (Psst: using Twitter Search means a whole bunch of missed tweets.)

The Daily SEO blog discusses "10 Twitter Tools to Effectivey Manage Your Followers (Spoiler alert: scroll to the bottom for one that takes care of everything - except doing your laundry.)

The Buzz Bin addresses how "Reputation Management Means Embracing Your Errors"  (Learning from mistakes, again? What do you want from me, universe?)

The Econsultancy blog, with "The power of social media for customer service" looks at how "Naked Wines" dealt effectively on Facebook with an unhappy customer (I wish she had been unhappy about the company name - that would have just made my week.)

Heard on Twitter

"#OK #I #will #start #writing #with #hashtags #and #see #what #happens. #oprah #ashton #cnn #porn #lol #joke @wiseleo #how'm #I #doing?" - singlegirlie

That reminds me: @Oprah joined twitter.  Did 'ya hear? (This is another interesting example of a celebrity with a huge following who is technically following almost no one.) 

Other Tidbits

I'm doing some social media work for Vancouver Digital Week, and so can't resist mentioning that May 11-14, 2009 Vancouver Digital Weeks hosts a number of  very cool events such as Convergence 2009 and The Vancouver International Partnering Forum.   

The series also includes New Media BC's 2009 PopVox Awards which honours the best of BC's Digital Media Industry! The awards are presently in the nomination and voting phase. If you know of a great project, please take a moment to submit it - or nominate a peer (or yourself!).  And feel free to vote for your favourite project!

This Week's Video Meme
AdRants claims that this video by Kyle Andrews contains "Every YouTube Clip Ever Now in One Music Video".  'Kay, I'll bite.

(H/T @nalei)

April 23, 2009

June 5-7 - nextMEDIA - Banff

Social Media for Charities - Third Tuesday Calgary Recap

Third Tuesday Calgary Many thanks to Duncan Kinney for the excellent ThirdTuesday recap!

Oprah, Ashton Kutcher and CNN have nothing to do with this post.

Third Tuesday Calgary was home to two charities who explained how they use Twitter and other social media platforms to promote their causes.

Calgary Reads is an early literacy initiative that targets grade two readers and their families in the Calgary area. Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids provides nutritious lunches to 1300 plus kids in Calgary schools and programs every day.

Doug Lacombe and Andrew McIntyre volunteered to run the social media campaign for Calgary Reads. Their biggest objective was to push people to their annual book sale. The sale is how Calgary Reads raises most of its money.

The book sale runs May 1-3 and they started their campaign in mid-March. They sat down beforehand and created objectives:

  • Push people to the book sale
  • Leave Calgary Reads with a social media publishing platform.

They’re using Flickr, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, a Wordpress blog and Pitchengine. From their own estimate it took them 2-3 hours to set up each platform.

Then they established success metrics like;

  • Number of Facebook fans
  • Unique visitors to blog
  • Media mentions
  • Book sale revenue
  • Retweets
  • Adoption of social media by Calgary Reads staff

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N2S on Degrees of Commitment


April 20, 2009

Molson's Community Blog Engages Customers and Employees

Just saw this video about Molson and their "Molson in the Community" blog over on Ragan's PR Daily.  One of the leaders in Canada's social media space, Molson has been blogging their extensive activities in the community for almost two years now.  There are also a number of active Twitterers from the Molson blogging team.

April 17, 2009

By the Book – April 17, 2009 Week in Review

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Conference season continues!  And new jobs continue to be posted!

This week's WIR curator is Eden Spodek. Eden has her fingers in several social media pies, but is perhaps best known for blogging at Bargainista.ca.

Seen around the blogosphere:

Amazon removes books with sexually explicit content (including many classics plus gay, lesbian and bisexual themes) from their rankings and bestseller lists, thus burying them in search and causing outrage on Twitter (and the blogosphere). According to Ivor Tossell in today’s Globe and Mail, as many as 57,310 books were affected. Was it a calculated decision or a technical glitch? Hugh McGuire offers an excellent synopsis on The Book Oven blog. Advertising Age offers six tips on How to Weather a Twitterstorm.

Cluetrain Plus 10
In March, Keith McArthur announced cluetrain plus 10: 95 bloggers. 95 theses one day in april to commemorate the tenth anniversary of The Cluetrain Manifesto. The project needs 95 bloggers from around the world to write about one of the Cluetrain’s 95 theses on April 28.

Christopher Locke, one of the Cluetrain authors and One Degree’s own Kate Trgovac have signed up and you can too! This week Keith launched the Cluetrain Plus 10 wiki. Sign up and participate by choosing one of the theses. More details can also be found on the wiki.

Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone

Mitch Joel introduces the cover design of his upcoming book via Twitter. Stay tuned.

This Week’s Video Meme:

The Whuffie Factor
Canadian ex-pat Tara Hunt visits Toronto and hosts a Whuffie Tweetup on the heels of the launch of her book (available April 21), The Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business. Not sure what Whuffie means? No problem, Tara explains it in this video.

The Whuffie Factor from missrogue on Vimeo.

April 14, 2009

June 8 - 10 - Search Engine Strategies - Toronto

Tuesday Tweetfest - April 14, 2009

  • That whining sound you hear is the death wheeze of newspapers: cli.gs/g0ghjq (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • FriendFeed is in danger of becoming the coolest app no one uses: cli.gs/6ParST (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada launch 'The Great Canadian Moo' ad campaign using social moodia cli.gs/s0rqNg (via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • Social networking site traffic grows (for some) | The Multitasker ow.ly/2hHs (CF) #
  • Latest findings about online ads. How we love the lowly rectangle. Celebrate 300 x 250: cli.gs/jPWWQv (LH) #
  • See - we still have a future! Online Advertising Pushes Through - eMarketer ow.ly/2m3P (CF) #
  • National Post links print to mobile cli.gs/Vtd55B (LH) #
  • Media insiders say Internet hurts media insiders, according to insidery survey cli.gs/hv9mYj (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • The Death of Consumer Segmentation? - Advertising Age - CMO Strategy ow.ly/2PAH (CF) #
  • Spending in a Downturn Pays Off, Studies Suggest - DealBook Blog - NYTimes.com ow.ly/2POp (CF) #

The Value of a Chicken - Alternative Gifts with Gayle Goossen of Barefoot Creative - 5 Question Interview

Gayle Goossen is a partner and Creative Director of Barefoot Creative Inc., a global, full-service fund-raising and communication agency. The agency helps many national non-profit organizations develop effective holiday giving programs that both reflect unique product lines and increase overall revenue. We chatted with Gayle to talk about the concept of "alternative gifts" and her upcoming presentation at the CMA National Convention.

OD: What is an "alternative gift" or "symbolic gift"?

“Alternative” or “symbolic” gift is a charitable gift towards a specific item – chickens and goats being quite popular – that a donor purchases as a gift. The recipient receives a card or small gift as a “symbol” of that gift.

World Vision Canada

OD: Who is pioneering symbolic gifting in the Canadian non-profit space?

The initial foray into symbolic gifts was through giving a memorial gift in the name of a loved one. From that, the idea of giving a gift/donation in the name of someone became an easy transition – especially for the “hard to buy” names on your list.

World Wildlife Fund is one of the most well known symbolic gift programs. The plush toy that a recipient receives has become a collector’s item for many gift givers. It’s especially popular to give to children, as WWF has a great educational program to support it.

World Vision has really staked their territory in the symbolic gift space over the past 10 years. Many Canadians have received a gift of a chicken or a goat! Nature Conservancy Canada has offered symbolic gifts of land for over 15 years, but it has not been on the public’s radar screen, as it is only offered to loyal donors.

Our research shows that the strongest early adopters are international development organizations, but social service and health oriented foundations are beginning to show up. The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health Foundation in Toronto launched a program with great success in 2009.

OD: How do you see companies like Tom's Shoes  - if you buy a pair of shoes, they give the same pair of shoes to a child in need) fitting into the alternative gift landscape?

Tom’s Shoes, Red and other like programs are corporate giving programs. They are hinged to a specific corporation, sometimes even to a product. The caveat is that the charitable organization needs to have a corporate partner. Or, in the case of Tom’s Shoes, the corporation is the charity as well.

I hope we continue to see this kind of creative corporate investment – it’s a great brand advantage.

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April 09, 2009

Corporate Blogging and Sled Talk with Chris Reid of Yamaha - 5 Question Interview

Yamaha Sled Talk was one of the first corporate blogs in Canada. Started 2 years ago by Chris Reid, National Manager, Product Planning and Research, Yamaha Motor Canada and their agency, Social Media Group, Yamaha Sled Talk has grown into an active community of snowmobile enthusiasts receiving approximately 1400 visits and 10-20 comments each week.  We chatted with Chris about Yamaha Sled Talk's success and his upcoming presentation at the CMA National Convention.

OD: What has been the biggest surprise with Yamaha Sled Talk over the last 2 years?

I think it's important to understand the concerns we faced when proposing a corporate blog, mostly with regards to risk management associated with the nature of our business.

For some, I think the simple fact that we have not been overwhelmed by customer relations issues and are still on line with Sled Talk has come as a rather large surprise.

For me personally, it has been the genuine enthusiasm and support shown for what we are doing by our customer subscribers.

Yamaha sled talk

OD: How do you measure success of the blog?  How do you communicate that success up and down the line?

I rely on analytics to generate the metrics which are highlighted in our mid-term planning and presentations. Just as importantly, I monitor our comments closely, responding to many, sending links to our marketing people to the appropriate content with my own interpretations.

Our Google ranking has shown continuous strength with our SEO results providing a good measurable as well.

I also monitor targeted user group forums and reference any links where Sled Talk is being cited within the conversation. I seldom speak to the success of Sled Talk outside of our management team with the selfish notion of not attracting our competitors into a similar arena. (So far... so good! ;-) )

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April 08, 2009

IAB Releases 2008 Online Ad Revenue Report - Final Number - US$23.4 Billion

Early last week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau in the US released their final internet advertising revenue numbers for 2008. It seems that despite a difficult U.S. economy, interactive advertising’s continued growth, albeit at a slower pace, confirms marketers' increased recognition of the medium’s value in reaching consumers online where they are spending more and more of their time.

  • Full-year 2008 revenues totaled a record $23.4 billion, exceeding 2007’s performance, itself the former record of $21.2 billion, by $2.2 billion or 10.6%. By comparison, a variety of sources indicate weakness in overall advertising spending. The Nielsen Company, for example, reported that U.S. advertising for the full year 2008 was down 2.6% compared to the full year 2007.
  • Fourth-quarter revenues of $6.1 billion mark the first time the interactive advertising industry achieved, and surpassed, $6 billion in a single quarter. The figures represent a $154 million or 2.6% increase from 2007’s fourth quarter, which had revenues of $5.9 billion.
  • This is the fifth consecutive year of record results.

Search remains the main driver of revenue growth according to the report, showing a 19.8% increase over 2007. Digital video, though still a small overall contributor, more than doubled its revenue with an increase to $734 million from $324 million in 2007, demonstrating how both marketers and consumers are embracing this dynamic platform.


You can watch the presentation to the media by the IAB and PriceWaterhouseCoopers which goes into greater detail around the numbers in the report.  Or, you can download and read the report for yourself.

Now, in the report you'll find current and historical charted data - but only to the turn of the century.  Here at OneDegree, thanks to Ken Schafer, you can see historical data charted since the IAB first started tracking - back to 1996.  Look at that trend line! You can click through for really big graph.

The Internet is now the third largest ad-supported medium, marking its increasing significance to marketers and consumers.

May 11 - Convergence 09 - Vancouver

April 07, 2009

Tuesday Tweetfest

As I've mentioned before, Liz and Corby are sharing links and tidbits like nobody's business over on the @onedegree account.  Now I know that some of you are still not drinking the Twitter kool-aid - and I'm OK with that.  But I still don't want you to miss out.  So, on Tuesdays, we'll do a little Tweetfest of the best stuff from the last week being shared over there.

  • YouTube to separate professional and amateur content: cli.gs/GG1h6E (via @lizhover & @nsicanada) #
  • Wikipedia kills Encarta for Microsoft: cli.gs/PGLV55 (LH) #
  • Why I am (or not) following you on Twitter (from Ari Herzog) cli.gs/BaqJQu (LH) via @lizhover #
  • e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics >> Twitter is NOT a Strategy ow.ly/1MNd (CF) #
  • RT @FreshPeel Why Tweeting Has Become Organic's Main Job-Posting Strategy tr.im/i4d0 #
  • Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink | Media | The Guardian ow.ly/1Q2l (CF) #
  • Online Auto Ad Impressions Decline 43%; Gas Guzzlers Pushed ow.ly/1QLe (CF) #
  • Faltering economy boosting Netbooks | Crave - CNET ow.ly/1RrR (CF) #
  • MySpace and Citysearch partner for MySpace Local: cli.gs/RRPGGu (via @lizhhover) (LH) #
  • B.L. Ochman's blog: Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Not Tweet ow.ly/1SVU (CF) #
  • Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees: study - bit.ly/R6EaO (via @mashable) (LH) #
  • GREAT RESOURCE - Guide to Twitter - The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter | Webdesigner Depot ow.ly/20xT (CF) #
  • Super clever short video about the relationship between advertiser & consumer: cli.gs/6daY03 (via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • I still can't believe that this got over 12,000,000 views...the best Viral Video of all time? YouTube - Star Wars Kid ow.ly/23Y9 #
  • Twitter co-founder Biz Stone interview on Colbert cli.gs/mhBj0V (via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • Why I suck at Twitter: confessions of a failure tinyurl.com/d54tl9 (via @problogger) (LH) #
  • Media Agency Looks to Use TV Ad-Buying Metric for Web Video - Advertising Age - MediaWorks ow.ly/2ddD (CF) #
  • That whining sound you hear is the death wheeze of newspapers: cli.gs/g0ghjq (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • FriendFeed is in danger of becoming the coolest app no one uses: cli.gs/6ParST (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #

By the way, the Tuesday Tweetfest is largely enabled by a little tool called LoudTwitter which lets you repost tweets in a daily summary blog post.  It's a sweet little app.

Results from Two Recent Social Media Surveys: 6S Marketing and CNW Group/Leger Marketing

Seems that social media surveys are all the rage these days. Two Canadian organizations have tried recently to find the current pulse of social media in Canada.

The first is 6S Marketing in Vancouver.  They wanted to investigate trends in Canadian social media usage. Their survey results reveal an overwhelming percentage of Canadians who have adopted social media for business and personal use and highlight the most popular forums and mediums for communication.

6S created and distributed the survey to a database of over 10,000 Canadians including members of the Vancouver Board of Trade, although 6S Marketing has not disclosed the specific numbers or demographics of who completed the surveys. The survey polled Canadians on the purpose of their social media use, as well as the popularity of the available sites and the effectiveness of using this medium.

Two weeks ago, they released the highlights from the 6S Marketing Social Media in Canada survey:

  • 70% of Canadians say they use social media.
  • Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 70% of people surveyed currently having an account.
  • 47% of Canadians use Twitter and the majority of users are 19 – 25 years of age.
  • Only 20% of people surveyed currently use MySpace.
  • YouTube & Flickr are the most popular social media sites with 38% & 29% (respectively) of people surveyed using the sites.
  • 42% of Canadians do not blog, while 58% do blog.
  • 74% of people who blog, do so for personal purposes, 57% blog for work and 35% blog for both.
  • 9% of people surveyed have hired an employee online and 22% have received a job offer online. 69% have done neither.
  • 61% of businesses said they track what people are saying about their brand online.

6S Marketing has also created a series of graphs based on the data that they are sharing under a Creative Commons license (so you'll have pretty pictures for your powerpoints).  For example, here's one that shows who manages social media accounts for the organization ...


The second social media survey was released just yesterday as a joint partnership between CNW Group and Leger Marketing.  Their "Social Media Reality Check" polled both Canadian consumers as well as Canadian PR practitioners looking for gaps and overlaps in PR practitioner perception and the consumer-reported reality.

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N2S on Penetrating Niche Markets


April 06, 2009

Part 2 - A Candid Chat with The Globe and Mail’s Social Media Evangelist Mathew Ingram

This post is the second in a two-part series [read the first part] of a discussion with Mathew Ingram, Communities Editor at The Globe and Mail, after his presentation, How the Globe and Mail is Using Social Media to Connect with its Readers at the Third Tuesday Toronto event last week.

What type of journalist should engage in social media?
One of the issues with traditional journalists is that they may have chosen journalism as a career because they don’t like people. They went into work, wrote their story and it got published. End of story. Whether the readers liked the story or not, or even read it at all, wasn't clearly known unless a reader managed to get a hold of the journalist’s phone number or wrote a letter to the editor. There was a huge buffer zone between journalists and their readers. This is no longer the case.

Modern journalists engaging in social media need to be transparent with their readers. And, develop a thick skin if you are the sensitive type, advised Mathew. He shared how upset one colleague became from all the negative comments posted on their articles online. Mathew adds that journalists who are very opinionated would be perfect for social media.

How do you measure success?
The Globe has no solid measurement of successful social media results to show as of yet. “The important thing right now is to engage,” said Mathew. “If we wait until a competitor shows results, it will be too late.” Now is when changes in advertising dollars have made the shift at the Globe. So now is when they need to do something different. Social media is free, so why not? The pay off will come later.

Globe journalists on Twitter
Mathew continues to persevere in getting more and more journalists to join Twitter. He welcomes them, letting his followers know that another Globe journalist has joined the twittersphere. Here are some of the Globe journalists on Twitter (my bit to help the social media evangelist):

@mathewi – Mathew Ingram (communities editor)
@mattfrehner – Matt Frehner (tech editor/web editor)
@hartleyglobe – Matt Hartley (tech reporter)
@misterjohndoyle – John Doyle (TV columnist)
@sashaglobe – Sasha Nagy (web editor)
@andrewgorham – Andrew Gorham (arts editor)
@snolen – Stephanie Nolen (Asian correspondent)
@dougsaunders – Doug Saunders (Europe bureau chief)
@brodiefenlon – Brodie Fenlon (reporter/web editor)
@activeverbs – Steve Ladurantaye (markets reporter)
@nestruck – Kelly Nestruck (theatre reviewer)
@ivortossell – Ivor Tossell (tech columnist)
@globebooks – Peter Scowen (web books editor)
@globecampus – Simon Beck (Globe Campus editor)

Mathew will be continuing to spread the word about the Globe’s social media story at mesh 2009.

As an added bonus, here is a snippet from Mathew's talk at Third Tuesday, captured by Matthew Burpee.

Torpedoes, Carrots, and Pythons: My Favourite Spam Subject Lines

Enlargements While I despise spam email, I must confess that I get a certain guilty pleasure from the copywriting 'skills' of the spammers.

A few years ago, I started collecting some of the more outlandish and (at least to me) amusing email subject lines from the many thousands of spam emails I received promoting various 'solutions' related to my private parts.

It takes a certain twisted creative genius to make your spam message stand out from the rest. And whoever wrote these gems certainly has mad talent, at least by spammer standards. Sometimes the writing is clever. Sometimes it is accidentally funny. And sometimes it's just plain bizarre.

Here are 10 of my all-time favourites:

1. "Small friend is for hiding, big friend is for showing off."
Even if the product they are pitching works as promised, I still don't think I would be walking around the neighbourhood showing off the results.

2. "The hard friend in your pants will look up into the sky."
Thanks, but I would prefer it if my friends stayed out of my pants.

3. "Men will see your power in every public shower."
If they did, wouldn't I be arrested?

4. "Who doesn't love a big gun in the pants."
Isn't that what holsters are for?

5. "Make your love torpedo drive all the way to her tanker."
Maybe I missed that SexEd class, but I'm not entirely clear on where I would find a woman's tanker.

6. "Transform from a grass snake to a python."
Have you ever seen a python? Ick!

7. "Make your man's carrot grow."
What the heck are they selling, fertilizer?

8. "To the stars your manhood flies when you are happy with your size."
This writer's a poet and they don't even know it.

9. "We can make your man's volcano erupt like a famous Etna!"
Lava. Fire. Smoke. Thanks, but I can do without those in the bedroom.

10. "Put your doughnut in her oven."
If my 'thing' looks like a doughnut, I should see a doctor.

I hope the days of the spammer are numbered. Until then, at least we have can enjoy a good laugh at their expense.

Photo Credit: Roo Reynolds

April 03, 2009

By Worm or By Wiki - April 3, 2009 Week in Review

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We are in full conference season swing!  Plus people ARE still hiring - see the SWEET gig below!

Updates on Us:

  • Some great new contributors!  Maria Koukopoulos debuted on OneDegree this week with her write-up of Mathew Ingram's recent Third Tuesday appearance.  Part 2 will be published next week.  And much to my chagrin, I missed welcoming Monique Trottier with her debut post on lessons from SxSW.  Welcome to both of you!
  • Welcome to all our new followers on Twitter!  You can follow us there at @onedegree
  • If you'd like to get involved with OneDegree, we're still looking for another Twitter editor or two - preferably someone from one of our coastal areas or la belle province!  Also, we have a few open curation slots coming up for these Week-in-Review posts - a low commitment way to show off your marketing and social media savvy! Just give us a shout!

This week's WIR curator is Kathryn Lagden. She tweets as @klagden.

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  • Steve Mast Interesting, nice to see Second Life in the news again ... RT @cnn: Can Second Life help doctors treat patients? http://tinyurl.com/dbedxb
  • Michael Assad RT @cmswire How to select a web content management system (#cms). Don't rely on a weighted features matrix. Commentary: http://bit.ly/jLSJN
  • Diaperdisco Facebook has just appointed its first head of sales in Canada. Louise Clements - formerly of the VP of digital properties at Rogers Media.

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