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July 03, 2009

Influenced, Inspired, Incited - July 3, 2009 Week in Review

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  • For all you west coasters, Search Engine Strategies San Jose is on for August 10 - 14, 2009. Some great speakers lined up! We'll hopefully have interviews with a few of them next week.
  • eComXpo, the leading virtual show for e-commerce and affiliate marketers, is coming up July 8 & 9, 2009
  • eTail East 2009 is being held August 3-6, 2009 in Baltimore.

New Contributors This Week
We have a new contributor this week - Harmit Kamboe - who debuts with his write up about latent search marketing results.  Welcome, Harmit!

This week's WIR curator is Monica Hamburg. Monica struts her social media stuff at her blog, Me Like the Interweb and gets evil on her humor blog, Your Dose of Lunacy.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

Seen on Marketing Blogs

Church of the Consumer makes an excellent point about asking yourself who you want the face of your company to be - on social media. "The intern trap" addresses interns being put in charge of social media, but the concept is something to consider in general. I've had this conversation with a friend of mine who noted that some don't quite understand: a person who writes on your Twitter account or blog or other becomes the voice of your company or organization.  As such, one must be mindful of how passionate and loyal they are about the company or cause.

Mitch Joel suggests "6 Ways to Find Business Inspiration".  And while we're on the subject of creativity, I really enjoyed this slideshow from one of the Slideshare "Tell a Story" finalists.  

Marketing Pilgrim looks at the issue of trademarking "Tweet"'

And a challenge: just try to get this song, "Social Media Blues", out of your head once you hear it...

Heard on Twitter

Other Tidbits

Someone understands the value of humor - namely Pringles with their brilliant ad.  I went click crazy with this it - which says plenty.

In early June Canada Help's "My Charity Connects" conference ran as part of Net Change Week. Many of the presentations, which dealt with nonprofits and social media - are now on Vimeo.  (Self promotional note: 2 of my talks (keynote & re: Twitter) at the conference are there as well).  There's much goodness in the talks, and one of my favorites was Peter Deitz's inspiring keynote, "I Am Not An ATM Machine: Your Charity From The Donor Perspective".)

Hive mind, hive vengeance: AT&T becomes a trending topic on Twitter as the swarm focuses on Adam Savage's $11,000 phone bill.

Interesting list... MLRC: Legal Actions Against Bloggers "This list, maintained by the Media Law Resource Center, lists legal cases in the United States in which bloggers have been sued for libel, privacy and related claims, or been subject to criminal investigations or prosecutions."

Hey kids:You too could become a Social Media Douche Bag! Find out how!

This Week's Video Meme(s)

I'm not sure Annie will be OK after viewing this video...

(hat tip Raincoaster)

....or that any of this mob's "victims" will be.  But I, for one, can never resist a video containing dancing (animals or flashmobs are no exception).

(hat tip @met2art


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