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August 31, 2010

Designing for the Web in 2010 & What to expect in 2011 (PART ONE)

(Guest Post from Brandon Gasner)

Bg Brandon Gasner

 Today we (designers) are faced with a reoccurring dilemma when designing websites, and that is “What resolution should we be designing for?” Before I answer this question with my personal opinion, and some data to back it up, I’d like to take a look back to 1996.

1996 was the year Photoshop 4.0 was released. It was also the year my father bought me my first PC equipped with a 15” CRT monitor. At the time most resolutions were set to 640x480, but mine was set to 800x600 because I wanted to use as much of my monitor as possible while designing. A few years later I purchased a 17” monitor and bumped my resolution up to 1280 x 1024 while most were catching up to the 800x600 setting.

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August 25, 2010

Communicating Social Values Improves Brand

Fortune 500 companies have recognized significant benefits by successfully promoting civic virtues such as Sustainability, Community, Sponsorship, Charity, and Environment. Although benefits like improved brand integrity are intangible, they can have a significant impact on a company’s long-term success. Increase brand value by developing a communication plan for the organization’s social values.

What is Social Value Messaging?

Social Value Messaging demonstrates alignment of corporate goals with those of the organizations key stakeholders such as customers, employees, and partners. Social Value Messaging programs are not sunk costs, but rather, should be viewed as investments in corporate health.
Following are categories of Social Value Programs:

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August 19, 2010

Developing the Creative Craft Part VI

Developing the Creative Craft Part V

Thinker Taking stock is a big part of the creative craft. A truly creative person must be in touch with who they REALLY are ...

Find the answers to these questions to find the answers to your true self.

Knowing oneself makes you open to creativity

What would would you like to get out of life? 
What are your goals, as yet unfilled?
What would you like to accomplish, to achieve? 
What would you like to have?
What would you like to do?
What would you like to do better?
What would you like to happen?
In what ways are you inefficient?
What would would you like to organise in a better way? 
What ideas would you like to get going? 
What relationship would you like to improve? 
What would you like to get others to do? 
What takes too long?
What is wasted?
What barriers or bottlenecks exist?
What do you wish you had more time for? 
What do you wish you had more money for?
What makes you angry, tense or anxious? 
What do you complain about?

I have asked myself these questions numerous times over my career as a gut check and to align my creative focus. They always help me get centered and are a springboard to insight. Try them yourself.

August 16, 2010

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Guest post from Sam Bakker ...

Many internet marketers get online in the hope of making money however a lot fail because they don’t take the time to first of all learn affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an essential step in a beginner’s development in the internet marketing industry and without the knowledge of how to become a successful affiliate marketer it is very difficult for a newcomer to sell their own products.

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August 09, 2010

The Empowered Consumer, the Free Internet and a Powerful Search Engine

Cindy_Crawford_01 When we say the consumer has changed the way they buy, it’s more than how they Google and educate themselves on a topic before they “enter the market” to buy - although that’s a major change in itself. Ask any store clerk who sells consumer electronics. They’ll tell you the average consumer knows as much about the technology they sell as they do! Or at least has educated themselves enough that they think they do. This alone would be a great reason to change the way we go to market but there are other levels of impact not even considered in this initial equation.

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August 05, 2010

Hot, hot, hot July - Moleskine Wrap-Up!!!

Wow, is it hot!

How hot is it? Well, it is so hot that we just had to sprinkle down this July installment of the Moleskine Art selection by Erica Glasier.

Probably the hottest summer we have ever witnessed and no relief in sight, but thanks to all our contribs and a wrap-up by Erica you can enjoy the review of July in style - hopefully indoors, A/C blasting, or on a cool patio!

Thanks again Ms Glasier! Summer style at its best! You can take a gander at this lovely piece of art in all its full-size glory here.


August 04, 2010

Should you play it safe with location-based social networks?

Location Last week Forrester released a report advising most marketers wait to use location-based social networks (LBSN) as only 4% of the US population is currently using platforms such as Foursquare (the current market leader), and that the networks skew heavily male. They advise that brands that target young males experiment with the services and other brands adopt a “wait and see” approach. I couldn’t disagree more.

Here are my 5 reasons why it’s smart to start experimenting now.

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New Spiffy Blog Post [humour]

I love Doc Searles. @dsearls And seeing it is a beautiful day and I am caught up with work ... why not a light-hearted post?

From a Tweet of his  - I assembled the following ...





(Wish I had a PowerPoint for this  - Hey! You could do one up and post it here if you like???

Here is my Bullshit Blog Post

The Social Media E-commerce Paradigm

Handshake We need to Maximise the customer experience, driving engagement and bringing the brand alive!

Through jointly backward-structural programatic service sector and a particularly dual-exclusive transferable choice leadership we see innovatively upwards-large emerging level guideline with backwardly I/O-selectable simulated developer level.

This exclusively time-intensive logical channel context and alternatively intra-central interoperable interface of upwards-global proactive resource processing provides the following ...

- e-enable compelling e-tailers
- strategize leading-edge eyeballs
- embrace world-class web-readiness
- envisioneer transparent portals
- productize web-enabled architectures

 Thus, we establish interchangably intra-dressable exclusive content connection.


August 03, 2010

Branding Online – How Big Brands Fail To Capitalize With SEO

The new marketing presents many opportunities and challenges for brands to get in front of customers, but many of them have yet to use the web to its full marketing potential.

While social media has been getting most of the attention recently, and online advertising is used to some extent, most brands have sidestepped one area that’s said to provide the best ROI either due to not understanding how it works or it’s enormous potential.

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