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September 30, 2010

Write like you talk--only better

Pen-to-paper I love to talk. I'll bet you do too.

Like me, you've probably talked ever since you were about two years old.

I enjoy writing as well, but often it's not as much fun. I have to think harder and remember lots of facts and rules. With many of my clients, I sometimes have to write corporate missives that sound like they're on life support.

Worse still, writing can be lonely, just me and my computer.

That all started to change, though, when I wrote speeches for politicians.

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September 27, 2010

Blended Search and Reputation Management Part III

By CT Moore

This is the third installment of our series on Blended Search and Reputation Management. In Part II we discussed how blended search can help with images and video. In this final part we look at Social Media and your Brand's reputation.

Social Media
Finally, you can capture added SERP real-esate by setting up branded profiles on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This part of your strategy, however, does come with a catch: these profiles cannot be left idle.

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September 23, 2010

Blended Search & Reputation Management - Part II


There are two sides to getting your branded image content to showing up in search results: onsite and offsite.

For starters, there are probably a number of images all over your site and blog. There are two things you can do to optimize them for targeted terms. First, you can rename all the image files to include the keywords you want to rank for — e.g. Brand _Name_at_Industry_Conference.jpeg. Secondly, you can add keyword rich alt attributes to the HTML you are using to embed on the pages. Both of these will help the search engines better understand that these images are relevant to your targeted terms.

Furthermore, you can also distribute its branded content on popular photo sharing services such as Flickr and Photobucket. While this won't direct users directly to your site, it will at least bring them to a branded image sharing profile and keep them away from the competition.

When it comes to sharing images, make sure to use appropriate keywords to (1) rename all your image files before uploading them, and (2) add write image descriptions and tags that feature your target keywords. If you are then embedding these hosted images in blog posts, you can give them some added relevancy by using title tags and alt attributes when you do so.

Also, it doesn't hurt to make sure that your image sharing profiles is "friends" with similar profiles. For instance, if your branded profiles are friends mostly with users who upload images of cars, the search engines are going to take this as a cue that your account and its images, are relevant to cars.


Optimizing video for blended search is very similar to optimizing images. Essentially, when you upload your videos to popular hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Blip.tv, describe and tag them with the keyword you're targeting.

Then, if you have the opportunity, embed them in company blog posts so that they can receive some link juice from a relevant authority – your brand itself. And again, find others in your industry on these video sharing sites and add them as contacts. This will reinforce the contextual relevancy of your content. That being said, you'll have to determine what kind of video content you can produce without breaking the bank on a video production studio. Well, there are actually 5 online video formats that offer business both simplicity and cost-effectiveness. These include:

  1. Product Demos
  2. User Generated Content (UGC) Videos
  3. Previously Aired TV Commercials
  4. Expert Interviews (with either staff or industry piers)
  5. and the Business Vlog (for team members that are both savvy and enthusiastic about social media)

Each of these, however, has its own format and guidelines, so before deciding which ones are right for you, you might want to click on that link read up a bit more on what each one entails.

September 18, 2010

Cooking for Geeks

From my old buddy and good friend (Ex of MAGIC - Macintosh Awareness Group in Canada)  Paul Schreiber

My friend Jeff Potter, author of Cooking for Geeks, will be in Toronto next week: http://www.cookingforgeeks.com/

This is a fantastic book--I had the opportunity to proofread it earlier this year, and learned a ton. But don't take my word for it:

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September 16, 2010

Blended Search & Reputation Management

You might have noticed that search results have evolved. Between Google (and Bing and the other guys) now feature a variety of results, such as news, tweets, images, and video all in the same results. These are known “blended” or “universal” search results. But did you know that you can leverage these search results to help manage your online reputation? Just think about it:

  • more than 60% of users click within the first page of search results
  • and about 70% of those don't got past the first 5 search results

So by optimizing your brand for all these different kinds of media, you can (1) capture more real-estate on the first page of search results, and (2) make your own results more appealing than those of your competitors.

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September 13, 2010

Catfish - the movie

Guest post by Leslie Hartsman

There is a great movie coming to Toronto after film fest.  It has already gotten a lot of underground attention, and today we launched a FREE SCREENING contest for TORONTO residents.
Catfish-movie-photo Please see the contest

Catfish is a film that has the Internet ablaze with chatter regarding the “realness” of its storyline and outcome.  While many are discussing whether or not the film is a trumped up story of an Internet romance allegedly gone wrong, others are staying away from such discourse as it has the potential to spoil the outcome.  Regardless of one’s stance, Catfish is generating quite the buzz as bloggers, reviewers and cinemaphiles converse about the film and the potential perils of social networking.  Such is life in the Internet age, where we are rarely disconnected to the global village and always looking for new ways to interact with friends, family and foes.

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September 10, 2010

Developing the Creative Craft Part VII

Developing the Creative Craft Part VI

In starting the creative process brainstorming is most commonly used. I have believed the best way to effectively achieve synergy is through a process that involves creative techniques. The next few installments will provide some very valuable and interesting creative tasks to get the juices flowing.

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Learn to Present like the Pros Workshop

MobileBiz BootCamp

September 06, 2010

Marketers – Go Online or Go Out of Business

Times they are a changin’ - yet again. I am involved in the communications for several friends who are running for Municipal office - Regional Councillors and Mayor. During the process of planning to get their message out, the obvious conversation about the affect of the Internet comes up. And despite the huge shifts that have happened in the past 4 years (since the last election) online, people (and candidates) still do not trust that they can reach the majority of their potential voters online. Despite knowing how effective the Internet is through programs like The Drum Platform™ and BFOUND™, my experience when having this conversation with many others in the past few years is never positive. Most people who have made up their mind that because their “Aunt Edna has never been on the Internet”, there must be a lot of Aunt Edna’s out there. So I looked up the facts. I went to Stats Canada and found THE number. In 2009 Stats Canada reports that 81% of Canadians have access to the Internet at home or at work.

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September 02, 2010

August Moleskine Wrap-Up

Hottest damn summer I can recall, I guess everyone is either away at the beach, yachting, camping or simply staying indoors in the A/C. I have been hard-pressed to focus with the heat and a bunch of client work heating up. But fall is around the corner! More to come!

The wonderful thing about original art is the interpretation. And, once again, we are blessed with Erica’s Moleskine Wrap-Up. Original art, original thinking and you can feel the sea breeze and the sand between your toes!

Of course it is clickable!

Thanks Erica!


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