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October 27, 2010

Win a ticket to Meshmarketing from One Degree

Meshmarketing_logo One Degree Contest

Win a ticket to Meshmarketing - November 17th in Toronto at the Allstream Centre, 105 Princes’ Blvd.

The prize: one ticket to Meshmarketing (value: $539)

Meshmarketing is a one-day event focused on providing attendees with insight, perspective and information to more effectively embrace and capitalize on the fast-growing digital market. A morning of thought-provoking keynote conversations will be followed by an afternoon of interactive and engaging panels and workshops.

Meshmarketing offers the opportunity for attendees to meet marketing and digital thought leaders, network with prospects, and get a better understanding of the impact that new trends and technologies will have on digital marketing strategy and tactics. meshmarketing will feature best practices, case studies and the successful use of social media, online marketing and location-based marketing, as well as sessions on privacy and story-telling.

To win simply post a comment here! Answer the following question ...

What do you see as the most promising or interesting digital marketing theme to emerge in 2011.

Or, if you are shy, you can simply send an email to mose[at]onedegree[dot]ca - subject line Meshmarketing.

We will draw the lucky winner November 12.


(Contest skill testing question - 155 plus 33 divided by 2 minus 12)


October 18, 2010

The Art of Management | Toronto - Malcolm Gladwell

International SEO Part I: Google’s Global Faces

Canadian companies are in a unique position in that they must often target multiple markets online. Either they target both Canada and the US, or both English and French Canada, or the US and English and French Canada. This can complicate a brand’s web strategy on a number of levels. After all, when brands target different national markets offline, they often have separate strategies for each market, including distinct branding, packaging, and messaging. Well, online markets are no exception. And when it comes to ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) in different languages and countries, it’s best to have an SEO strategy that reflects each country you’re targeting.

The Many Faces of Google Search

Google has built a reputation as the preeminent search engine because of its ability to deliver the most relevant search results. Well, when it comes to national or linguistic markets, Google geo-targets its search results at two levels. First, Google has its country specific portals, such as Google.ca and Google.co.uk. Each of these are the default engines for users from a specific country, and show search results that are more localized and tailored for the country in questions. So just as SERPs from Google.ca will differ from Google.com, SERPs from the French version of Gooogle.ca will differ dramatically from Google.fr. Then, there is Google.com within the US and Google.com abroad. Basically, if I go to Google.com from Canada, I’ll be forwarded to Google.ca; but I could then still click through to Google.com if I want to. But that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get “US” or “international” or “objective” search results. Rather, I’ll get results that blend results from the country I’m in with “international”. So if your brand targets multiple countries, it must monitor rankings in several places. First and foremost, it will need to rank on the versions of Google specific to the countries it’s targeting. But it will also have to monitor its standings on Google.com for searches done from those countries. In the next installment of this series, we’ll take a look at what factors Google uses to determine what to include in different localized SERPs.

To follow Part II (The Elements of Local Rankings)

October 13, 2010

Beware of the Man Who Has Read One Book.

Lost We see it often. The carpetbaggers who use real client dollars to gain their education. You can almost live with the ones who at least know that they don’t know. It’s the arrogant ones that baffle me. As long as they know just a little more than their client they can make a living. I just lived through a real life example.

On a recent political campaign I was saddled with a social media “guru” (in his own mind at least) and sat by while he completely baffled his campaign team and the candidate with “social-media speak” - otherwise known as good old BS, managing a website that genrated no traffic, was extreemly difficult to navigate and it seemed nothing was where you would look for it.

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October 12, 2010

Social Media for SEO: Social News Sites and the Long Tail (Part II)

Part I

Social News Promotion & SEO

Now, some social networks are more geared for interacting with other users, and some social networks are geared more toward sharing interesting, third-party content users find on the web. So if you want to attract a ton of these social media links, you should be looking at sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit, to name just a few.

Here’s why: When you submit a piece of content to one of these sites, users can vote it up or down. Every time a user votes for your content, you get a link on their profile. Score. If enough people vote for your content, it appears on the homepage of Digg or Reddit – both PageRank 8 pages. Super Score.

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October 05, 2010

Social Media for SEO: Social News Sites and the Long Tail (Part I)

Social media has a lot of applications for branding, customer service, PR, and retention. And while all of these supportt the bottom line, it can be hard to draw a direct correlation between your social media efforts in these areas and your profitability.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that social media (SM) should come as an afterthought in any online marketing strategy. After all, American spend 906 million hours a month using social networks.

But that doesn’t make it any easier for the ROI-conscious companies to justify investing in social media. Well, if you’re able to justify investing in SEO, then you can most certainly justify investing in a certain kind of social media marketing: social news promotion.

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