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May 31, 2011

Exclusive Stock Art Offer from Fotolia for One Degree Readers

I love great stock art libraries!

As a photographer I try and use original art, or hire one of my illustrator friends, but a lot of times the budget just isn't there for a blog post, an interoffice communication piece, or a PPT deck.

Well, here is a great site called Fotolio (www.fotolia.com). I really like their interface, the way they handle searches, and the search results are great.

One Degree has a special offer for you.

The first 50 folks to sign up for our news feed will get access to the Fotolio main site of images for a 14-day trial subscription with 3 image downloads per day.

To sign up, just send me an email -  mose [at] onedegree [dot] ca - I will send you the coupon code and log in address.




May 27, 2011

Sequentia Environics announces new digital ethnography offering at Mesh '11

Sequentia Environics announced a new service offering today that enables companies to better understand the all-important cultural dynamics of their online community members. This information can lead to increased adoption, greater value for members, greater cohesion and more loyalty.
Digital ethnography enables organizations to uncover the behavioral patterns of online audiences that are not always driven by a tangible need. These types of research findings fill the gaps left by traditional market research such as surveys and focus groups.
By conducting an analysis of the cultural differences between Reddit and Digg, two of the most prolific online communities, Sequentia identified the following as key characteristics of thriving communities:

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May 25, 2011

Golf as a metaphor for sales

Package_big_45_1 I have long enjoyed golf. As a kid I couldn't wait to get to the course. Nothing has changed as I enter my 60th year. Even though I play every day I am still excited about getting to the course.

Metaphor - follow your passion. Success requires a lot of hard work. If you love what you do you will stick with it.

I meet all sorts of folks on the course. Great players, hustlers, liars, beginners, old-timers, kids and wannabe Pros.

Metaphor - it takes all kinds. And never judge a book by the cover.

The other day a young fella joined my friend and I at the first tee - we had his life story by hole #2. He was a nice enough guy but man-oh-man he never shut up! Also his story to us was that he was always the best at everything he did and was frustrated that he could not master golf.

Metaphor - mastery is in doing it, not just talking about it. And for the sales-types, less is more. You have two ears and one mouth ... listen twice as much as you speak.

This same bloke was also regailing us on his once formidable driving distance - way-over 300 yards! And that he was changing his game to improve. He did not break 100 even though he claimed to have lofty ability.

Metaphor - it is about results. Don't just talk a good game. No one will buy that!

When I get to a course I am always amazed at the difference each day brings. The weather, the pin placements, the tee blocks and the course condition etc etc all add up to a very challenging set of obstacles.

Metaphor - in business we are all captains of ships on ever-changing seas. Be prepared. Nothing is as constant as change.

I am a stickler for a few things. First is etiquette. The second is playing the correct tee blocks. And of course rules.  If you are a high handicapper, no matter how far you hit the ball, do not play the pro tees. It slows up the game, it is not fun for your partners, who no doubt are struggling with the extra distance, and you miss out on the biggest part of the game - scoring. Scoring well within your ability range adds fun to the game.

Metaphor - scoring in golf is like making a sale in business. Know your limitations and go for the pin. Take dead aim.

We all make bad shots. But they are fleeting. We miss a shot, but the next hit is straight and true. 

Metaphor - in sales, you win some you loose some. Like golf it is a numbers game. If you persevere you will win.

I wrote a sales series a couple of years ago ... maybe time to dust it off.

Check out Sales a wake up call - three parts.




May 17, 2011

Professional Presentation Skills - Part Seven

By Peter Mosley

(Links to previous parts at bottom of the article)

You have to motivate your audience!

What can I say ... this is critical!

There is no question to that the old saying "You do not get a second chance to make that first impression" rings very true here. The very first moment you appear before your audience and begin your presentation. You have on the average between one and two minutes at the most to set the tone of your presentation, some say you have even less time to capture their attention and hold it.

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May 10, 2011

Developing the Creative Craft XII

By Peter Mosley

Number Twelve in series Number Eleven is here.

There are only six questions that one human can ask another:


You may want to draw a mind map of the problem with these six words as nodes on the map.



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May 02, 2011

Why Twitter is Considering Facebook-Style Pages

By Jon Cogan

Earlier this month, Marketing Magazine announced that Twitter is considering pages for brands, much like the kind that Facebook has been offering for years.

The non-committal "considering" by Twitter is an obvious attempt at crowd sourcing the reaction to taking such a measure, and gauging the support, or lack thereof in the Twittersphere.  Marketing Magazine reported that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is leading the charge alongside his right hand man, President of Revenue Adam Bain. So if you are looking for a  more concrete answer as to whether or not this is going to happen, you are best to ask either of these men. But the better question may be "why?"

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