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August 21, 2011

Developing the Creative Craft XIV

Number fourteen in a series - number thirteen is here.

The Discontinuity Principle

The more you are used to something, the less stimulating it is for our thinking.

When you disrupt your thought patterns, those ideas that create the greatest stimulus to our thinking do so because they force us to make new connections in order to comprehend the situation. Roger van Oech calls this a "Whack on the Side of the Head", and Edward de Bono coined a new word, PO, which stands for "Provocative Operation".

Try programming interruptions into your day. Change working hours, get to work a different way, listen to a different radio station, read some magazines or books you wouldn't normally read, try a different recipe, watch a TV program or film you wouldn't normally watch.

Provocative ideas are often stepping stones that get us thinking about other ideas.

Abutting ideas next to each other, such that their friction creates new thought-paths a technique that flourishes in the east (haiku poetry and Zen koans) but causes discomfort in Western thinking.


Alex Osborn in his pioneering book Applied Imagination talks about "Questions as spurs to ideation", and outlines about 75 idea-spurring questions in his book.

The simplest set of questions comes from the six basic questions described in the Ask Questions section of the Creativity Web.

     1.Why is it necessary?
     2.Where should it be done?
     3.When should it be done?
     4.Who should do it?
     5.What should be done?
     6.How should it be done?

The What other uses? is a good question for by adding uses we can often add value. By piling up alternatives by way of other uses, a still better use is likely to come to light.

Osborn went on with the following questions:


August 15, 2011

Net Rent – How Does it All Work?

I have asked Holli Dawson to pen a few pieces around facilities, rent and office space. As SM matures I am seeing more and more folks making the move to their own office space. It can be daunting. Hope this and future articles help!

ServicesIn the world of real estate and housing rental, the term net rent or net lease is where the tenant has to pay alongside the standard rent either an amount of or all of the additional expenses that would in most cases be paid by the owner of the property, usually referred to as the official landlord. Some of the fees and expenses that make up these extras usually include examples such as insurance, utilities, repairs, taxes and countless other depending on the property and its location. 

Exactly which items are to be paid for by the tenant in question will be specified and clearly stated within the official lease agreement long before the tenant starts looking for moving quotes. In the case of properties and buildings that are to be leased to a number of tenants rather than just a single client, which may include shopping centers and entertainment buildings, the additional charges passed onto them for these and other charges will usually be dictated and specified according to their size in square feet.

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August 09, 2011

We Are The Future

I had not seen this before? Been around since February. Hmmmm ...

There is a response video on YouTube to this, as well as, an Ad Week post

You thoughts?


August 08, 2011

5 Valuable Skills of Online marketing

IStock_000011199295Small There are innumerable ways through which a business can market its products, services or opportunities on the net. One can choose to advertise through articles, videos, forums or press releases. One can post ads in classifieds, blog, advertise in article websites, or try his or hand at paid techniques. However, no success can be guaranteed without the use of these 5 valuable skills. For each online marketer, these skills are important to learn and to apply.

Let’s discuss these online marketing skills in detail:

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August 03, 2011

Times Up! What Do You Really Want?

If you are like most technology sales people, when it comes down to it, you are downright scared of being direct and to the point and telling people in no uncertain terms, “Here’s what I want!”
Think about it.  There’s a conspiracy that encourages people to bury their most important wants and desires. Marketing trainers use consultative selling to draw people out.  Social media consultants say “Selling directly is suicide!” People hem and the haw and they even are afraid to ask you what they want to ask you the most. They feel vulnerable about being honest and up-front. It petrifies even the best of us!
Yet when it comes to being successful in business, being frank, open and clearly asking people to give you what you want is what wins the day.

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