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September 29, 2011

Google Johnny Cash Project

If you are a Johnny Cash fan, this is remarkable.

What a lovely idea.

Kudos to Google.

September 14, 2011

Social Bookmarking

Fotolia_19046814_Subscription_XL I read that Delicious is being remade.

Just checked my Delicious account - there were a couple of bookmarks there from the last couple of years, but 2007 was the last time I was serious about populating my account. I also have not used Reddit or Digg for a while. I am however a regular Stumbleupon user.

Is social bookmarking a thing of the past? Has the social web with FB and Twitter caught the eye and fancy of the netizen? Or, has Google finally been able to algorithmically (That is my 50¢ word of the day!) serve up everything we need?

If you have been using a social bookmarking site and have continued to use it tell us about it.

Any of these? Others?







Here's Google's answer to the most popular social bookmarking sites!



September 08, 2011

Social Media - Only Build To Own

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are powerful marketing tools in the right hands. But make no mistake - their actions and policies serve their needs - not yours. And remember, they often change the rules of the game to suit themselves - even if it wipes out years of investment on your part.

Inbound Marketing Hub

I am by no means, anti-Facebook; I am simply asking you to think it through. What is their role in your marketing? For most of us they are traffic drivers. With 750 million users they have the ability to spread the word within specific communities quickly and cost effectively. Better yet they can drive significant traffic to your website, which I assert is where you want it. You own your website. You do not own your Facebook page. You own an opt-in email address. You do not own a LIKE on Facebook. So that rich content you are developing: put it on your website and use seductive headlines strategically placed on Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter to attract the right people back to your website. In this world, great writers have a new status in the organization.

But do not get too excited. Driving traffic to your website is a problem if you still have brochure-ware from the 1990s. During that period most of us had a website that was basically an online brochure to tell the world who we are and what we do. More recently, we realized they do not care - until we give them reason to do so and an easy link to get there. Many marketers are realizing that their website is the hub of their business.

Bottom line: if you are investing valuable marketing dollars in social media, please consider your overall strategy. You own your website so drive all your traffic there. Load your website with interesting, valuable information that would be of service to your visitor. If your site has really good stuff, they will bookmark you and come back occasionally. More important, when they are ready to buy the products or services you sell, they will likely think of you first because you are the expert. You gave them the information when they wanted it - not the sale pitch - the information. That requires a different context for your writers - and that is a whole other topic that requires a blog article of its own.

September 04, 2011

Email is Dead.

This article made me think. (Technology professionals say email's popularity will decline) Canada.com.

Funeral-procession I believe we lost the power and effectiveness of email - the (one time) Killer App on da Net, when the PDA hit a certain saturation point. We are tethered to our iPhones and Blackberries, we can't even go on a golf course without checking our mail! In fact, at the last three meetings I went to I thought half the participants were sitting very quiet, eyes down, silently in meditation.

And what happens when we do check mail when we are ooot and abooot?  Nothing. Nope, nothing, not really. Maybe you get a short burst of "OK!" or a really, really long reply ... "Yeah, OK!" I swear most emails do not get responded to. Hell, email from a Smart Phone makes Twitter seem like the length of a chapter out of War & Peace.

I officially pronounce email dead.

So, to celebrate, here is what I did this weekend ...

I unsubscribed form 30+ email newsletters I receive  and I also stopped forwarding 4 of my five email addresses on my iPhone. I also cancelled three email addresses completely. I just get my business email on my iPhone now. I may just use that little iDumpling as a phone now. Novel idea! Well, there are always Angry Birds!

My personal email and the One Degree addy are still active on my desktop. Also, there have been "zero" (Read: None, Zip, Nada, McNyet!) emails, in the last year or so, that I could not answer efficiently in a timely fashion after I get back in front of my computer. Ahhh ... Management of Time and Territory! I am definitely not that vital to the world around me. I am neither on call as a Surgeon at Sick Kids, nor the most popular girl in Grade 11.

I do not text on a regular basis - I sort of use it as a "homing beacon" if I am meeting someone ... "I am by the damn ferris wheel, where the hell are you!" Or, more importantly "Hey, Biff - Tee Off at 1:40 tomorrow ... you in?"

Like it says in the article "Texting is intrusive."  Well, if texting is intrusive, email is irrelevant.

Can't wait for the mobilization of the text marketing world by the marcom brainiacs. Rogers, my carrier, occasionally blasts something to me. Everytime they do that I lose a wee bit of respect for them. I think of it like customer service tourettes. Really tarnishes the brand. But they really can't help themselves. Can't wait till this is done in the same frequency and volume as my inbox was experiencing with e-mails boasting some new thing-a-ma-jig - hundreds of times a day!

The millions of e-marketing attempts by the "Herb Tarlek Sales & Marketing" hoard attempting to bond, relate, engage in conversations and "SHOW ME DA LUV", mostly failed. They were just not sincere.

I know you thought you were being sincere, but you weren't. I know you weren't sincere cause you never listened to me. 

The companies that have, or at one time, had me as a customer never went the next step. That next step being, choice & preference. My choice. My preference.

"When do you want to hear from us?"
"What products would you want more info on?"
"We know you bought this or that widget, here is some important special widget news!"
"How can we better help you, Mr Long-time Loyal Customer?"

These are simple questions ... but I cannot think of a single company that I have given scads of money to or currenly give scads of money to, on a regular basis, that personalize their messages to me other than sometimes using my name to address me.

And it is  easy. You have all my damn data. I happily give it all to you. In fact, I happily put my hand up and want to be served. In case I am being subtle - "Hey Marketing Ejit! I want to buy MORE stuff from you!" But you just don't want to sell it to me .. do ya.

Be curious to hear your thoughts.



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