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February 25, 2012

Developing the Creative Craft Part XVII

Attribute Listing

Notes from "Creating Workforce Innovation" by Michael Morgan - published by Business and Professional Publishing

Attribute listing is a great technique for ensuring all possible aspects of a problem have been examined. Attribute listing is breaking the problem down into smaller and smaller bits and seeing what you discover when you do. 

Let's say you are in the business of making flashlights. You are under pressure from your competition and need to improve the quality of your product. By breaking the flashlight down into its component parts - casing, switch, battery, bulb and the weight - the attributes of each one - you can develop a list of ideas to improve each one. 

Attribute Listing - Improving a flashlight


Attribute listing is a very useful technique for quality improvement of complicated products, procedures for services. It is a good technique to use in conjunction with some other creative techniques, especially idea-generating ones like brainstorming. This allows you to focus on one specific part of a product or process before generating a whole lot of ideas. 



February 20, 2012

Business Consulting Buzz (Blogroll)

Name of Blog: Business Consulting Buzz

URL: http://www.consulting-business.com

One Line Description: The #1 consulting blog and resource on the internet covering all aspects of being a successful consultant in business and in life. 

Topics It Covers: Becoming a successful consultant, business consulting, marketing and consulting, growing a consulting business, small business consulting, setting up a consulting business. 

Language: English

Author(s): Michael Zipursky

Location: Where are you in the world - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Contact Deets: http://www.consulting-business.com/contact.html

Three Representative Posts: 
Marketing Mondays: Build Your Consulting Business by Writing Articles
10 Things Clients Hate and How to Avoid Them
The Blitz Model to Sales Consulting: Interview with Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:
Business Consulting Buzz has been mentioned on several websites, has a growing database of information packed articles (550+), gets over 30,000 visitors per month, and also offers the free download of the Consultants Toolkit  used by over 5000 consultants worldwide. 


February 18, 2012

What happens if relevance kills the web?

I have had an inkling this is happening.

Google's latest algorithms do quite a bit of personalizing your search results based on "your" past searches - and God-knows what else? Not good.

Thankfully I have a thing called Flipboard on my iPhone that feeds some news, technology, sports, science etc etc. Hopefully un-edited? As in, not personalized, based on what someone else thinks I should see? It is becoming painfully obvious that Google is editing (I was going to say censoring, but won't, yet.) the results. For example was reading an interesting article on the US elections. I wanted to tag it in a comment on FaceBook - I searched for several permutations of the headline - No results. I then went back to Flip Board and found it was from Al Jezeera - went to their page. Here is the article BTW. 


Here is a TED talk by Eli Pariser that further explains the Google, FaceBook, Yahoo personalization. At 6:25 ... it is very important to watch this.

Personalization works fine for serving up ads. But not for information. Information we need to know.

I want my web back! 

February 07, 2012

Is Your Company’s Social Media Marketing Plan on Life Support?

 Given the buzz that continues around social media these days, it only makes sense that your company’s marketing plan should involve this medium.

Unfortunately for many small businesses, however, their social media marketing tactics are clinging to life, pushed to the backside by those who are not seeing a clear enough return on investment (ROI) for such efforts.

If you find that your company’s social media marketing plan is in need of a shot of adrenaline in order to boost your brand and reputation, there are tactics you can employ to do just that.

Among them are:

  • Coming ready to play – Much like in a sporting event, the team that comes prepared to play oftentimes leaves with the victory. Stop and ask yourself if you’ve put together a winning strategy for successfully using social media marketing. Your company must have an attitude in place of wanting to be social, wanting to share information with the public. If you find the mindset at your small business is to be more closed off to such thinking, you’re already playing from behind;

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February 05, 2012

Superbowl XLVI - Half Time and All the Ads

Here are the links ...


This is an incredible show. Certainly lacked the surprises many expected, but the supporting cast was excellent and it was a spectacular. 

All the ads

From WTF, to tears of joy. Probably the best crop of SB ads in years. 

Your faves? Put them in the comments.


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