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March 29, 2012

April 25 - 26 SMX Toronto 2012

March 27, 2012

One Degree - we need you!

What makes a great Blog? Well, you do!

We all see a lot of Blogs online, tough not to. To me, what makes a blog interesting, is its readers.

Yep, you make One Degree interesting.

I am always searching for new ideas, new contributors, new events, new interviews and special "stuff" that adds value to your experience. Whether it be contests, special discounts on conferences or special offers to try some of the newest online tools.

I do not run press releases here! All content is original and we do our best to stay relevant. Doing my best here, but like everything ... sure, could do better!

I do not do this is a vacuum, by the way. I have a fine group of people behind the scenes, who give me their assistance and constant feed back. They share their ideas and thoughts about One Degree. They yell at me sometimes and they have hopefully guided me in the right direction. I thank them for that!

But, you, the reader, are very impotant in this process too. From time to time I like to get your thoughts. Good, bad or indifferent.

You can either leave a comment below - tell us how we are doing, what you would like to see - or take the quick survey. (Won't take any time at all! I know you are busy!)

It will help a lot!

Many, many thanks!


March 26, 2012

My Top Ten Presentation Tips (Professional Presentation Skills - Part Nine)

By Peter Mosley

(Links to previous parts at bottom of the article)

I have collected hundreds and hundreds of Presentation Tips over the years. These are still my most used and most important!

1. The number one protection against nervousness is knowing your subject cold. Be over-prepared and you'll automatically feel better about your presentation.

2. Talk to one person at a time. Literally, look directly into the eyes of one listener at a time, just as you normally do in one-on-one conversation. This will be difficult at first if you're used to scanning or avoiding eye contact, but it's worth the effort to acquire this basic habit of effective speech.

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March 19, 2012

A Day in the Internet (Infographic)

The size of the internet today is staggering, but how much much activity is there in a period of 24 hours? To say the least, the shear amount of information shared within a day is staggering. In fact, they're almost unbelievable. MBAOnline.com created this infographic to show the amazing numbers in a typical day on the internet.

(Click to see full-size image.)


March 14, 2012

Special offer for One Degree readers from Lucid Meetings

I am not a fan of meetings and am a proponent of improved effective communications. It is too easy to spin your wheels in meetings and I cannot remember how many times I have heard people say, "I would be working, but am in meetings talking about all the stuff I should be doing, instead of talking about it in this meeting!"



So, when something comes along to save time, I am all ears. I had the opportunity to do a tour of Lucid Meetings with one of the founders the other day. I have played around with it and tested it - simply, it works!

If you are like me and you have need to meet with folks scattered all over the world, this is a great solution. I personally found the interface very intuitive, nicely laid out, very clean and worked like a charm. 

Some of the stuff you can do:

  • Set up a secure meeting room for each of your groups 
  • Use the online agenda and manage the speaker queue to keep the discussion on track 
  • Send email invitations & reminders 
  • Share your screen or PDF presentations, walking everyone through the document together 
  • Collaboratively create & publish agendas, including attached reports 
  • Flag action items and monitor them through completion     
  • Meeting minutes & records are created instantly and can be exported for offline storage Keep track of time spent during the meeting including how long each speaker is taking     
  • Integrated conference calling and call recording to capture the discussion 
  • Vote on motions & decisions in real time  

As someone who is very involved in a number of associations this would be an amazing tool to save time, keep everyone on track and make sure agenda items are taken care of - plus have instant minutes recorded!

As a bonus, the folks at Lucid have offered One Degree readers a special 30 day trial and a 10% off discount.

If you want to try it go to  -  


Use OneDegree code NY2012  


March 09, 2012

"Research proves, research works!"

Many years ago, a partner and I owned a magazine publishing company. It was the typical David and Goliath Canadian business story. We where David, taking on a conglomerate, Maclean Hunter, at that time, a big Goliath. We lost.


 MH is now part of Rogers which is where this story is leading.

Luckily for us, we had a decent side business doing contract publishing. We did, amongst others most notably, The Entertainer for Granada here in Canada, and "Food from Britain" for the British Government. Both were successful and had their run. At that time, there was an upstart company called Cantel and some of the Granada folks moved over there. We were called in to see if we could "Do that voodoo, that you do, so well!" for them. Vis a vis produce The Entertainer for this cell phone start-up-thing Cantel was running.

As we all know, Cantel is now Rogers.

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March 05, 2012

How Facebook Timeline Pages Will Affect Marketers

By Jon Cogan

Yesterday, Facebook announced that the Timeline is coming to brand pages. March 30th! Whether you're ready or not. Better said, whether you "like it or not."

I say better said, because "like it or not" serves as a useful double entendre, as it also describes one of the most fundamental changes for Facebook marketing. The default landing tab is gone! This means marketers can no longer have an introductory page that  invites visitors to like their page first and then show exclusive content just to the audience that Likes the page (also know as "like-gating").  So whether you "like it or not" the initial brand experience on Facebook  is virtually the same either way.  

Like-gating is still available and can be built the same way it is today. The exclusive content can be revealed upon liking the page, but the fact that this is only seen as a secondary page and not at the front door anymore presents some big challenges.

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