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April 30, 2012

Social Video - Infographic

Did you know that social video is booming and it represents more than half of the internet traffic today? By 2015 social video is predicted to have 90% of the entire Internet traffic.

Want to know more about social video and why will CMOs embrace it?

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April 20, 2012

Win a ticket to mesh!

Logomesh, Canada's leading digital conference, is happening May 23 and 24 in Toronto. And we're giving away a free ticket

So, what is mesh? It's a two-day event that explores how the Web is changing how we live, work and play. It's a thinking person's conference that will explore a wide range of topics - education, health, politics, food, design, books, social media, startups, smart cities, robotics and big data.

The list of speakers include Rebecca MacKinnon, Clay Johnson, Alexandra Samuel, Dr. Mike Evans, Andy Carvin, David Weinberger, Dave Winer, D.J. Patil, Michael Geist, Jon Lax and Zane Caplansky.

mesh has a new format this year that gathers everyone together in a single room for the first. On day two, half the days is spent together, before an afternoon of engaging and interactive panels and workshops.

If you want to win a free ticket (worth $695), simply leave a comment below on why you'd like to come to mesh, and we'll pick a winner.


Please note: Today Friday May 11th - last day to enter!

April 19, 2012

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer - The Basics

People don't think about efficiency when the computer is first bought.  It's fast and over time once a fast moving computer turns out to be a slow moving turtle.  Bring the computer back to the way it once was by following some optimization guidelines.  Doing this will increase computer speed, safety and smooth operation. 

IStock_000003452096SmallIt starts with cleaning the computer from viruses.  Viruses, spyware and other threats slow the system down in addition to destroying it.  Even harmless ones like cookies affect computer performance because the risk of confidential information can fall into the wrong hands.  Get anti-virus and anti-spyware tools to scan and rid threats from your dell PC.  There are free and paid options available.  It is important that the computer is protected from outside threats.

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April 16, 2012

How to WOW Your Clients and Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary - (Part One)

We live in a time and age where the words Customer Service don't really mean anything anymore.

When every company proclaims "we value customer service" and "we have the highest quality customer service" you can safely bet that they are failing the true test of Customer Service. That is, being different and providing clients with a WOW experience.

To truly provide a Wow experience for your clients you must understand the following:

The normal. Once you understand what your clients are used to, you can ensure that you provide a different and more positive experience for them.

Their expectations. This is different from the normal. Expectations are what your clients really expect out of you and your company. Over time their expectations may change though you should always do your best to understand what type of service they are expecting to receive. Knowing this will help you with the next step.

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April 12, 2012

How to increase measurable value from your website, campaigns and communications

Search marketers - How to boost results & increase your skill set

April 06, 2012

Free download from Fotolia

Our friends at Fotolia's popular TEN Collection campaign is ready to reveal another PSD with 100+ layers. 

Tune in on April 10 at 10 am (EST) to download it for FREE for the first 24 hours! 

I just love this video - Here's a sneak peak: https://vimeo.com/39826623 

I will remind you near the 10th - follow us on Twitter!


April 02, 2012

5 Tips for putting your best professional self forward on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn you only have 1/10th of a second to make a good first impression!

Like it or not, neuroscience tells us that it takes just a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, and that longer exposures don't significantly alter those impressions.

GirlThis is an important fact to know, especially on social media sites. 

With over 150 members worldwide, LinkedIn has now become the social networking site for business professionals worldwide.  The only thing worse than not having a LinkedIn profile is one that does not appropriately reflect your professional self, skills and expertise.

Knowing that first impressions count, below are 5 tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile to help you present your best self online to make a positive and lasting impression.

 1.     Upload a Professional Photo

The must have element in your LinkedIn profile is your photo.  Why?  According to LinkedIn, adding a profile photo makes your profile 7 times more likely to be found in search.  Plus which, it is your photo that will draw a visitor into clicking on  your profile.   Ensure you upload a professional photo of yourself, preferably in colour and against a light or neutral background that includes only yourself – no pets or kids!  It’s better if you are smiling and you show only your head and shoulders.  Be sure you are wearing business attire, whether more formal or casual.  And ladies…don’t wear a strapless dress for obvious reasons!

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