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July 28, 2014

In the news July 28, 2014

8 Ways Technology Makes You Stupid

The Huffington Post  | By Rebecca Hiscott

People assume that iPhones, laptops and Netflix are evidence of progress. In some ways, that's true. A moderate amount of Googling, for instance, can be good for your brain, and there are apps that can boost brain function and activity.

Yet tech advancements also come with some unintended consequences. Our brains being "massively rewired" by tech, says neuroscientist Michael Merzenich in The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains, a Pulitzer-nominated 2011 book by Nicholas Carr. Merzenich warns that the effect of technology on human intelligence could be “deadly.”

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Solid's vibrating handlebars navigate bike lanes on its 3D printed frame

Just like when you're driving a car, glancing down at your phone while biking the busy streets of your city can be quite dangerous. Thanks to a Portland-based design firm, there's a bike that allows you to keep your eyes on the road while getting those much-needed directions. The folks at Industry teamed up with local builders Ti Cycles for Solid: a Bluetooth-enabled two-wheeler that connects to a smartphone app monitoring bike maintenance and offers vibrating handlebars for head's up GPS navigation. A companion app, My Bike, keeps an eye on burned out lights and other potential upkeep headaches. My City, a second bit of software, serves as guide for blazing the bike lanes of your chosen locale.

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Apple To Buy Swell For $30 Million, Per Report

In what appears to be part of a summer shopping spree, Apple is reported to be buying Swell, a radio app much like Pandora but focused on talk radio. According toRe/Code, the deal is worth approximately $30 million.

Swell is a product out of Concept.io, a startup founded back in 2012 in Mountain View and led by CEO and co-founder G.D. “Ram” Ramkumar. Swell takes all the best parts of Pandora and applies them to talk radio, but even goes a step further to deliver an amazing talk radio experience inside the car, a transition that has been difficult for some music streaming startups.

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July 24, 2014

In the news ... July 24, 2014

Digital Canada 150


William Shatner Doesn't Like Facebook's New App Or George Takei

 The Huffington Post  | By Alexis Kleinman

William Shatner is not impressed.

Shatner, best known as Captain Kirk on the 1960's TV show "Star Trek," is less than enthused about Facebook's new app for celebrities, called Mentions. He made that more than clear on Tuesday, when he wrote a blog post detailing all the ways the app isn't living up to his standards.

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Facebook Share Price Hits All-Time High Of $75 After Hours Thanks To Strong Q2 Numbers

 Facebook’s stock infamously took a nosedive in the months following its public debut in 2012 after analysts wondered if the social network was too overhyped in its IPO and employee share lockups expired. But those days now seem a distant memory.

On the back of a strong Q2 report, Facebook stock is at an all-time high in after-hours trading. It’s been creeping up for the last hour and is currently at over $75/share. Its close today at $71.29 is $1.30 shy of Facebook’s 52-week high, and values the company at just under $183 billion.

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July 21, 2014

In the news ... July 21, 2014

The best social media campaigns of 2014 (so far)

37001Brands seem to (finally) be getting their social media marketing campaigns right. 2014 has already proven to be a good year for many brands to flex their savviness and bring innovative approaches to the social marketing table.

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Disney extends exclusive Netflix pact to Canada

Walt Disney Studios has signed another multi-year licensing agreement with Netflix, this time for the Canadian market, making the subscription service the exclusive pay TV home for its movies. The pact gives Netflix control of the window that traditionally went to television broadcasters.

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Financing for interactive digital media needed: CIAIC study

Canada’s interactive digital media sector continues to suffer from a lack of private financing despite efforts by governments to build a competitive national funding marketplace for these firms, according to a new study commissioned by the Canadian Interactive Alliance/l’Alliance Interactive Canadienne (CIAIC).

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July 17, 2014

In the news ... July 17. 2014

Supporting Ontario's Vulnerable Workers

July 16, 2014 11:10 a.m.Ministry of Labour
Following Ontario's June 1, 2014 minimum wage increase to $11, the province is introducing legislation today to provide more fairness for both employees and businesses, and ensure its minimum wage keeps pace with the cost of living.

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New NFB Ontario Centre Producers Bring Interactive Storytelling, Multi-media Production Skills


The art of the interactive documentary has received a boost with word that the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has named Justine Pimlott and David Oppenheim as producers.

Pimlott and Oppenheim, who assume their duties this fall, will join executive producer Anita Lee and producer Lea Marin at the NFB’s English Program production centre in Toronto.

BlackBerry Ltd tapping into ‘Internet of Things’ for more than just buzz

The technology industry has made the “Internet of Things” its latest buzzphrase, with a growing stream of connected cars, watches, and even fridges in the pipeline — and BlackBerry Ltd. has a unique edge, having embedded its QNX technology in automobiles and other devices for years before many people had even heard of the now popular term.

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July 11, 2014

In the news ... July 11, 2014

What Canada's national public broadcaster could learn from the BBC

3e6dc642-6fda-4daf-ba99-83d2b84a8a55-460x276The beleaguered CBC could do worse than look to the BBC's now-shelved plans for a publicly funded online archive of the nation's collective cultural memory.

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Postmedia trims losses as digital strategy expands


Postmedia Network Canada reported third quarter results Thursday and announced that it would next roll out its new platform-based digital strategy in Montreal and Calgary, after a successful launch at the Ottawa Citizen in May.

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Everyone hates the CBC’s new strategic plan

The future had never looked bleaker for the CBC than it did last month, after CEO Hubert Lacroix announced that he would be cutting as many 1,500 jobs over the next six years as part of a strategic effort to absorb the broadcaster’s many budget cuts. Lacroix tried to put the best possible face on the move, couching it in terms of an inevitable shift to cheaper, web-based production. “We’re going to lead now with mobility,” he said. “We’re going to lead with whatever widget you use.” But in the weeks since the news broke, the plan has been eviscerated from all sides. Here, three ways to complain about the decline of the Ceeb.

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July 07, 2014

In the news ... July 7. 2014

Building Ontario Up Through a Stronger Economy

Proposed Legislation Would Support Ontario Businesses and Grow Economy

July 7, 2014 12:15 p.m.

Ontario is introducing legislation today that, if passed, would strengthen the province's economy by reducing red tape for business, driving regional economic growth by developing clusters and supporting long-term infrastructure planning.

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CANADIAN TELECOM SUMMIT 2014: Canada’s digital strategy hinges on tech adoption and education


TORONTO – It quickly became clear during Wednesday morning’s panel discussion at the Canadian Telecom Summit that no one-size-fits-all solution exists when it comes to implementing a national digital strategy that positions Canada as a key player in the global digital marketplace.

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10 Things Every Marketer in Canada Needs to Know About the New Realities of Digital Marketing

Posted by Matt Dion on Jun 30, 2014

Canada’s new anti-spam e-mail legislation is almost here, and it’s a game changer for every digital marketing manager. The law imposes tough restrictions on what e-marketers can and can’t do with their e-mail campaigns. But for many digital marketers, the law actually comes at an opportune time.

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July 04, 2014

In the news ... July 4, 2014

Torontonians to loose a vital weekly newspaper

OTTAWA, July 3, 2014 /CNW/ - The Canadian Association of Journalists was saddened to hear Star Media Group announce the shuttering of The Grid on Wednesday.

An award-winning weekly newspaper renowned for high-quality journalism and innovative design during its three-year run, The Grid had 22 employees. All of them, including every journalist at the publication, are now looking for other work.

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Waterloo Region can grow the next generation of technology companies, new Accelerator Centre head says

By Rose Simone

WATERLOO — This is a region that has long been known for having smart, entrepreneurial people inventing great technology.

But what Paul Salvini realized when he came here from Toronto was that Waterloo Region also has a special kind of cohesiveness.

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 How companies can boost their digital innovation

It’s impossible to talk about any company in tech and avoid mentioning the word “digital.” But how does that concept play out for companies who may have made the jump to digital, and are still planning out their digital strategy?

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