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December 21, 2015

Reasons why your business should invest in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SeoGoogle search the term “best chocolates in my country”, “best hotels in London” or anything that you want and then see the results. On an average, a search query displays over a million most relevant to irrelevant search results for the same query. The ranking in which these search results are displayed along with the side and top advertisements is not a fluke, but a Google algorithm called search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Some traditionally driven people think with the likes of new social media platforms and digital avenues, search engine marketing has failed. Whereas they do not know that the search engine marketing and optimization itself has evolved so much that it can directly contribute to the revenue generation of a particular business.

Therefore, investing in search engine marketing is an absolutely crucial element of your business decision and it is the one you should really take. Search Engine Marketing provides you an opportunity to register yourselves in the minds of the consumer just when they are actively looking for the products and services. You are not charged a single dollar if they do not take any action against your advertisement and this is what makes this marketing so relevant, cost efficient and with high returns on investment. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about the reasons why your business should be investing in the search engine marketing today.

Tapping onto your target audience closely

Once you know the behavior of your target audience online, you can target them at a more intimidating and personal level. You can get your business the additional revenue and communicate messages to the consumer’s right at the moment when they are interested in knowing about what you have to offer. It allows you to register your name in their minds right when they are actively searching for you.

It is cost effective

For businesses who do not have large budgets flowing into their streams, search engine marketing provides an opportunity which is simply the best idea and solution for them. It is not only cost effective, but also provides guaranteed results. You are charged only when there is a certain action taken against your advertisement or a consumer sees through your add This helps you save wastage of cost which is very high on other mediums, like television where you cannot possibly measure or see for sure if people really remember or saw your communication messages and reacted to it.

Rise of mobile and digital advertising

Around the world, it has been noted and accepted that mobile and digital advertising is more and better consumed than traditional media. This is why such an avenue is very important for your business to operate with and get results.


Most of your competition will probably be already investing a good amount on search engine marketing. If you stay behind, you might lose out on potential consumers or an opportunity without even getting a chance to tap on to it. This is why having a strong presence with search engine marketing is important for your business.

Author Bio

Shelia Wilson is the author of this blog post. Shelia works as a consultant for businesses and she also blogs as a freelancer for the site online essay writing company for her clients and readers to get insights. You can also follow her at social networks like Twitter, Facebook and G+.

December 14, 2015

Marketing strategies for gambling sites

So you have a new gambling site and are looking for how to spread the word about it? In the past, you could simply start pay per click advertising with Google, but not anymore.

Search engines no longer allow gambling sites to advertise in the same way, so you need to find other ways to spread the word about your business. This piece takes a look at some of the things you can do to increase popularity.

  1. Engage in better search engine optimisation. There are many people searching for your services online. The search engines will only include your site in search results if you have used keywords correctly, in high value content.
  1. Create quality and sharable content that will add value to other sites. In exchange for the content, the sites will allow a text link to your site. This is a good way to increase link popularity. You need to carefully choose the texts and keywords used for each link though to ensure a balanced link profile. You can also increase your popularity by listing your site on business directories. Here are tips to get you started on business directory listings.
  1. Publish a blog on your site. There are lots of topics a gambling blog could cover. From general gambling news to specific sport related news, the possibilities are endless. A gambler that is searching for news on his favourite football team could run into news published on your blog in the search results. On clicking through, he will enjoy quality content and be introduced to your gambling services.
  1. Create a forum. A forum can be filled with keyword-rich user generated content which will bring in high value individuals from the search engines. People are constantly asking questions, from where to find PayPal bingo sites to which gambling site offers the best odds. During the early days of the forum, consider giving bonuses to encourage regular posting. An active forum is a gold mine for any business, and the gambling sector is no exception.
  1. Create a powerful social media presence. Social media is more dominant than ever. A social media page that is fun, valuable and useful to the public is a great way to market your business. It offers a platform to share links to your site content, promotions, special offers, etc. To create a gambling social media page that is fun and intriguing requires creativity. Your social media team must be able to come up with fresh and funny posts, videos, graphics and animations from time to time.
  1. Run affiliate programs. Many webmasters will gladly put up links and banners to your site if you offer decent paying affiliate programs. Google may not be accepting ads but there are many webmasters that are in total control of advertising on their pages. They will become affiliates if they see a good opportunity with your business. Take care to treat your affiliates exceptionally well to keep them motivated.
  1. Buy advertising space. This may be costly but you can buy advertising space on relevant websites that have the kind of visitors you are targeting. You need to research properly and analyse traffic to the site before paying to be sure you will get good value.

With these tips, you will be able to spread the word about your gambling site and improve your customer base over time.


December 10, 2015

Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Business

Growing your business takes many stages to complete and many more stages to constantly maintain. One of the biggest areas of growth for any business is the way that it is marketed, you see, a well marketed site can reach millions if not billions of potential new customers while a poorly marketed site will be hidden from view. Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Business

  1. Powerful Site Design

The sites design is key to success, and it is during this phase that first impressions really do make all the difference. A website that is built responsively (viewable and usable in both desktop and mobile screens) will allow the customer to complete transactions no matter where they are surfing. The next fundamental point to a sites design is that is generally has to look excellent to the eye, and this is where confidence levels play a central role because if the company looks like they can’t be bothered with their site then you instantly expect this with every other aspect of their business as well.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO as it is shorted down to is another key part to website marketing, and its using the concept and methods that come with SEO that allow your website to challenge for top search positions in the likes of Google, for given keywords. SEO is an offline and online principle and covers a range of marketing aspects from tags, headings, link building, content and much more. Getting your site optimised by professionals like Inbound Marketing Phoenix is the best way to grow your business.

  1. Promote Your Site and Content

You have built a great looking site and your content team have been busy churning out the best articles for your industry, so what next? Now is the step of promoting and syndicating out that content to wider audiences so you can build up exposure, shares and visitors. This is where using Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook work so well, and you don’t have to just syndicate it once either. Find different action points in the article and regularly push the content out making use of #hashtags and Twitter influencers.

  1. More Content, More Content, More Content is Key

Content has always been king and nowadays with the new Google algorithm changes on quality over quantity it really does mean more. The more quality guides, articles and posts that you can offer the increased chances you are giving your site to be found for long-tail keywords for your industry. However, the line here not to cross is to write content for content’s sake, you must have something that offers value to the user in some form.

  1. Measure and Monitor

Analytics packages such as Google’s should be a base part to your site and this will allow you to monitor your sites performance from a granular level. Whether it’s a certain page that’s not doing as well as you would have liked, or a certain keyword that could do with optimisations steps, this is your central hub to research, measure and monitor where you site grows.

  1. The Bottom Line

Some say getting a website built and hosted these days is the easy part, and with many site builders offering you just that with cheap hosting you can be a part of the Internet in minutes. The real challenges that separate you from the rest of the websites in your industry comes down to how well you market the site. Thinking creatively and outside of the box is fundamental to website success.

December 07, 2015

Popular Words as Coined and First Used by Authors [Infographic]

 Words are the building blocks of a language. To date, there are thousands of words that are used. Many of these words were created from scratch while there are words that were derived from old languages. Over the years, as words have developed, there arise new words that are coined and created by authors. Many of these words that originated from authors of different literary works are still used and part of the standard vocabulary today. Here are some of the widely used words coined by authors: - See more


Words invented  by famous authorssmall


Courtesy Aussiessay.

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