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January 20, 2016

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Enhance your SEO

Are you integrating Social Media into your marketing efforts? Well, you should, because it has the power to increase your search engine ranking.

Until recently, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media marketing were seen as Jan 18two separate fields. But, thanks to the many algorithm changes Google has gone through, nowadays SEO means more than just ranking well in Google. Of course, a good keyword strategy is still paramount, but search engine optimization isn’t just confined to Google or Bing. Social Media also plays a valuable role and, if done right, it can improve your search engine ranking.

Here’s how to improve your search engine ranking using Social Media.

  • SEO Means More Than Just On Page and Off Page Optimization

SEO means more than just ranking good in Google, and smart marketers know that. Due to the many algorithm changes, SEO has become more human-friendly. The number of keywords you shove into your website is not as relevant as it used to be, and Google cares more about connections and shares than it cares about keyword density.

SEO is a complex practice, integrating high-quality content from different platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and so on and so forth. According to recent data, Facebook has more than 1.44 billion monthly active users, Twitter has over 550 million accounts, and 72 hours of new video content are being added to YouTube every minute of the day. With numbers like these, it would be crazy to ignore Social Media’s power and influence on rankings.

  • Link-building Through Social Media

Building links used to be difficult and time-consuming – it involved contacting other webmasters and searching for links opportunities. Nowadays, social shares are the new link building method.

Here’s an example: imagine that you are a photographer, and you’ve started a new project. You share your new project on your Social Media platforms, maybe on Instagram and Twitter. Your post gets shared 30 times on Twitter, and it gets a couple of hundreds of Likes on Instagram. A big blogger comes across your post and decides to share it as well. Then, a major publication sees the blogger’s share and decides to write an article about your work, linking back to your website. The simple fact that you’ve shared your work on Social Media led to backlinks from authority sites.

But, here’s the twist – not every post you share will help you gain links from popular sites. To be able to build links, you will need to find and create valuable and informative content that people want to share.

  • A Growing Social Media Fan Base = More Search Query Volume

If you are looking for ways on how to improve your Google ranking, building a strong Social Media fan base can be a great start. With Social Media, you can reach potential customers, connect with them and build trust. It is a great way to increase brand awareness and to get more people interested in your brand.

When Google sees more and more people searching for your brand, it deduces that it is extremely popular and improves your search engine ranking.

  • You Can Boost Relevant Keywords Through Social Media

You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to improve your SEO. There are simpler, smarter things you can do. For example, here’s how to increase keyword ranking through Social Media.

You probably know already how important it is to have a killer keyword strategy to make a website rank higher. But, did you know that sharing these keywords throughout your Social Media platforms can improve your search ranking? Here’s how: when creating your Social Media profiles, make sure to add as much relevant information about your business as possible, such as the name, URL, bio, contact information and your primary keywords.

Using your keywords when you are posting content across Social Media is another great way to improve your keyword ranking.

  • Social Media Platforms Are Search Engines, Too

Nowadays, people don’t use just Google or Bing to look things up. Think about it, if you are looking for information about a brand, it is entirely possible you will be using Facebook’s search option and scroll through their posts to get an idea of how trustworthy the brand is. Furthermore, platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook use hashtags to monitor how many times a post is being shared, or a word is being looked up and so on.

As search engines become more and more human-friendly, and social media is becoming popular, a marketing strategy integrating the two of them is paramount. Both of them matter, and they can help you improve your search engine ranking.

Corey Jansen is from Executive SEO Inc a leader in search engine optimization corey@executiveseoinc

January 11, 2016

Internet Marketing in Everyday Life

For many people nowadays, Internet marketing has stopped to be just a kind of an abstract economic concept. To buy, to sell, to earn or to assist by means of the global net has become unavoidable. Practically, all business practices, and even businesses themselves are nothing without internet marketing, and qualified specialists who know how to utilize its means. Even if your company is very much a land-based establishment, online presence is a must if your want to at least survive.

Practically, all strategies, approaches, and notions of the usual marketing process are usable in the Internet business with the tools appropriate for the Internet marketing only. And boy, do online business has a number of tools at their disposal! Email marketing, SEO-promotion (using ranks determined by the search engines for providing more deals, better image of products or services or so), SMM, i.e. social media marketing (promotion with the help of social networking) are just some of them. It’s considered a great success if your brand is massively “liked”, “shared” or commented on social media. Do you remember a scene from a movie “Intern”, where employees of the company brought to everyone’s attention another awesome social media achievement? We do! A company founded by Anne Hathaway’s character Jules posted yet another photo on Instagram, and it got 2500 likes! Huge success in today’s Internet-driven world. Many people have redefined going to the mall, as the only reason why they still do that is to check out the product they saw in the online store, and see whether the product they’re interested in purchasing looks or functions just as good in reality as promised online. E-commerce has gotten everywhere, and some people even stopped visiting stores to see the goods with their own eyes, before buying them online. Buying something online is no longer an occasional thing people do; the stereotypes have been broken, shopping online is not so dangerous, and disappointing as it could have been just a few years ago. Nevertheless, one should still pay attention to viral advertising (i.e. when buyers share their opinions about a service/product with one another), and video promotions (i.e. videos on specific services like YouTube or Vimeo made specifically to describe the product or service).

Offers, capacities and relations of the commerce online

The Internet marketing has been transformed from an abstract economic notion into the fact of everyday life. Conversion rate (value determining the efficiency of website visitors) and ROI (return on investment) start attracting more attention of numerous Internet surfers. The functionality of the virtual market is brought into real economic relationships. These relationships can be characterized in the following ways:

  • Buyer ↔Seller. Person / organization intended to buy some products or order some services are in contact with person/organization selling some products or providing some services. This model of the market relations can be expressed by the pattern customer ↔ provider.
  • Employer ↔ Employee. Person/organization hiring someone with the aim of performing some tasks taking into consideration different types of employment. Nowadays these contacts can be sometimes expressed by the model customer ↔ provider. This phenomenon is conditioned by the development of factors like growing rates of self-employment and remote work, also freelance workers and different types of project jobs.

The most widespread agents of the commerce online are buyers and sellers. It is possible to characterize the relationships represented by both models as ones between buyers and sellers in the most general sense. The participants of both types of the Internet market contacts sell or buy the products or services. Various deals are possible to be made on the Internet. Clothes, shoes, devices, services of banking and software providing are available to anyone who have access to the Internet. Besides, it is enough easy to order the pieces of jewelry, furniture or instruments.

Booking, well, anything is at the Internet users wild disposal. The Internet capacities allow everyone to order the services of renovation, car tuning, content writing and so on. The global character of the internet helps people place various kinds of ads on other website sites, personal profiles and communities/groups on all possible social networks, forums etc. Using Internet access for watching videos or films, listening to music, communicating with people is no longer a phenomenon, it’s an undeniable part of everyone’s routine. Now, the only reason why a young person would buy a TV-set is to play X-Box, not watch television, duh!

Labor markets have lost any boundaries. Now, people can finally afford combining travelling with work, leaving in different countries for different periods of time because work no longer holds them down.

Internet Marketing Has Negative Aspects? Of course! FB L

What more can we say? Internet makes dreams happen. But where’s good, there’s definitely bad, and oh, there’s plenty of negativity that Internet has become an unintentional host of. Internet marketing, and its invasive tools did contribute to that as well, and greatly, because, people have yet another outlet for their garbage. Literally, and metaphorically. Thank God for Adblockers, and the fact that real stores still exist.

Stephany Sommers
My name is Stephany Sommers and I’m SEO-specialist and co-founder of Eduzaurus.com. I like to travel around the world and take part in volunteering programs.

January 03, 2016

Graphic Grades: How to Give Your Company Image an Update

Graphic Grades How to Give Your Company Image an Update
All brands need a facelift from time to time, and while some updates are minor, others can be more extensive. As a business looking to modernize and improve a look, paying attention to graphics is important. The most important thing to remember during transition is to highlight your mission clearly. 

Most companies have a logo of some kind, although some do not. For those that do not have an existing logo, this option might become a must. Moving forward with websites, social media platforms, and literature such as letterheads and business cards, your brand and company face should be visible and recognizable. Businesses with an existing logo should make changes to spruce it up. For example, integrating more color or changing shapes and fonts would add a zest to most any symbol. 

A spokesperson is a great way to connect with the consumer audience, as it puts a face to the brand. Ideally, a known local or national celebrity would be the first choice, because they already have name recognition. However, there is always the possibility to create a new personality or mascot. The former may come with a bigger expense than creating your own. 

Customized Work Uniforms
Uniforms are another opportunity to change the image of a brand. It could be something as simple as a t-shirt and slacks in the same color of black or khaki. This helps your employees look like part of a professional team. Consideration should be given for customized workwear as well, since they ensure color and fabric uniformity. This change has the added benefit of having a team building effect, and empowers employees as the brand’s front-line representative. 

Everyone loves a good jingle. The tune should be snappy, inspiring, and memorable. Get employees and customers in on the action by enlisting them to take part in its creation. A contest with a prize adds even more excitement that can infuse enthusiasm. Once the final jingle has been developed, it should be incorporated with all appropriate customer-facing interactions. 

Legacy Customer Incentive
Incentivize customers with a legacy discount such as free shipping or a specific discount on certain items. This has financial benefits to the company’s bottom line as well as the consumer’s wallet. In addition, businesses garner customer loyalty, brand awareness, and word of mouth referrals. Consumers receive instant savings along with encouragement to purchase and visit frequently to see the newest product or service. 

Gaining a market share and raising brand visibility are key components businesses need to focus on to say relevant. These tips can help position you to become industry leaders. As mentioned earlier some changes are minor, while others take more planning and investment. A caveat is to stay true to the core values of the brand.


Submitted by Brooke Chaplan 

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