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May 29, 2017

2,500! That's right, 2,500 posts!

By Peter Mosley

I'm Pete Mosley and I took over One Degree in 2010 and it has been, and continues to be, a great privilege! I also want to thank FreshGigs.ca for their support and their amazing Job Feeds here!

According to Google, these are the posts that “RANG DA BELL” as far as unique visits go over the lifetime of this blog. A sincere shout out to all the contributors!  

One Degree remains an abundant source of information whether you are researching a specific topic, a company or an individual. It also is the perfect spot to start if you are looking for a job, upgrading your career or need some inside information. We have tips, best practices, timely articles and lots of fun - just search on our front page or on Google - add your search string in front of "site:onedegree.ca"  

Here is an example: 5 Questions

I am listing the top ten posts in reverse order - from the lowest number of visits to the highest. There has been a steady, solid, monthly, traffic count here on OneDegree - but these spiked LIKE CRAZY!  

Here's the TOP TEN!

#10 http://www.onedegree.ca/2008/01/one-degree-is-b.html

# 9 http://www.onedegree.ca/2008/03/finished-the-16.html

# 8 http://www.onedegree.ca/2008/08/sept-11-12---in.html

# 7 http://www.onedegree.ca/2014/01/consumer-psychology-the-e-commerce-checkout.html

# 6 http://www.onedegree.ca/2012/04/win-a-ticket-to-mesh.html

# 5 http://www.onedegree.ca/2011/04/the-lifetime-value-of-a-like-on-facebook.html

# 4  http://www.onedegree.ca/2012/10/instagram.html

# 3  http://www.onedegree.ca/2006/11/web-20-game---n.html (This one STILL gets lots of traffic!)

# 2  http://www.onedegree.ca/2005/08/liberty-village.html  (This "number two post" was ranked "number one" since 2005 until the recent "number one" more than doubled <Tripled actually - and still counting!> the best unique visitor tally!)

And the NUMBER ONE post that received the most traffic:


I was really surprised by this! This post came about because I was in a mood and needed to rant about the commotion surrounding Trump and all the “Fake News.”

I think this post proves my point.

For the record, One Degree has never engaged in anything that even remotely resembles Click Bait, nor any other nefarious tactics that increase traffic or draw attention for attention sake. I am pretty damn proud of that!

And finally, to our wonderfully, loyal readers, thank you for your support since 2003!




PS: I was going to add the description of each article fully, but come on ... go have a peek at each one!  Show us some love! And if YOU REALLY LOVE US, how about a modest donation


PPS: Well, so much for not engaging in nefarious traffic tactics! LOL!!!  But hey, come on, it's once in 2500 posts?  Mea culpa.





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