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Update July 14, 2017:

One Degree is the central gathering place for Canadian Online Marketers. Founded by industry veteran Ken Schafer in 2003, One Degree was purchased by Kate Trgovac and a small group of investors in 2007. In 2010 Peter Mosley purchased One Degree and has been the proprietor ever since.

One Degree's contributors are some of Canada's best, most insightful and innovative internet marketers. One Degree serves up what you as a Canadian online marketer need to know. We cover all aspects of online marketing and offer in-depth analysis, commentary, best practices, real-life experiences, and general insights from digital and social media marketers across Canada. In addition, we read the feeds and filter the mailing lists to make sure that you get the links that matter. We will NEVER SPAM you and we have never, and will never, engage in any nefarious traffic activities.

We publish weekly - every Monday. We did extensive research and the majority of readers voted for that frequency. We are not a media site. Our articles are permanent and numbering over 2,500 they are a valuable repository of knowledge-capital.

Our long-term goal is to make this the definitive and central resource for all Canadian marketers looking to understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to online and social media marketing.

We hope that you will join us on a regular basis. To stay on top of things, you can sign up to get e-mail notification of recent posts or better yet, add our feed to your reader for instant updates.

If you feel strongly about anything email me. Love to hear from you!

Why "One Degree"?

Glad you asked:

  • One Degree is primarily about connectedness as in “with this site you are one degree away from every other Canadian online marketer” or “from this site you can reach every online marketer that matters.”
  • One Degree is all about Canada and it gets cold up here sometimes (maybe even 1°)
  • And finally we aim to have a narrow focus, dealing exclusively with online marketing and that “thin slice” approach is about 1° of arc.

Editorial & Commenting Policy

  • All contributors are editorially independent and their opinions are their own. Our opinions are exactly that – opinions.
  • Occasionally we will include paid job and event listings and other paid announcements we feel have merit and deserve your attention. All paid listings will clearly be marked as such.
  • Contributors may not promote services that they have a financial involvement in without full disclosure.
  • Submissions from readers are welcome. Check out our Contribute page for details.
  • Comments are open (except for Captcha's). We'd like to keep it that way. So .. please be constructive in your criticism. Play nice with others - there's a human at the end of every post. Own what you say - we will delete anonymous comments. And any others that we consider hateful, libelous, or just generally uncool.

One Degree is a pmm publication.

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  • OneDegree.ca is one of Canada's leading online publications about digital marketing, online communications and social media -- penned by some of Canada's most insightful and innovative internet marketers. Thank you for visiting!

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OneDegree has been serving Canadian online marketers since 2003. There are over 2500 archived posts and over 3500 comments by some of the top thought leaders in Canada.

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