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If you have a job opening, upcoming event, product or service that would be of interest to Canadian marketers, One Degree is the perfect vehicle to reach them.

Facts About Us:

We have over 2600 active subscriptions to One Degree via both double-opt in email as well as RSS feeds. In addition, we reach via the site an average of 15,500 unique visitors per month. One Degree readers are primarily Canadian Internet marketing professionals and those in related fields like web design, PR, analytics, etc. We're one of the largest (if not the largest) Internet marketing blogs in Canada. One Degree has been labeled a "Must Read" blog by Marketing Magazine. And we have ranked in the top 50 on Advertising Age's "Power 150" - their global ranking of top Media and Marketing Blogs.

Previous Job Posting Advertisers have included: Cornerstone, Thindata, Uniserve, Tucows, Teehan+Lax, Home Depot, Yahoo!, MacLaren McCann, Suzy Shier, Sapient, GlaxoSmithKline, Sealy,, Telus, Bell, Grip, and Twist Image - all looking for the top people in Internet marketing.

Previous Event Listing Advertisers have included: CaseCamp, AIMS Canada, SOHO, Webcom, The Canadian Marketing Association, Canadian New Media Awards and the Digital Marketing Awards

Event Listings:

One Degree offers Event Listings as a service to our readers, employers, and event organizers looking to reach Internet marketers in Canada.

What You Get:
A One Degree post that goes out on the main page, in the feed and in the email. It is styled differently from regular posts. You will also get a link to your Listing in the "Recent Event Listings" modules on the home page. Finally, Listings are archived on the "Paid Event Listings" page.

What They Cost:
Event Listings are $100 CDN (+HST). Payment can be made via cheque or PayPal (note - even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card).

If you will have multiple events you can purchase a 6-pack (can be used for 6 job or event posts) for $500. 6-packs expire after 12 months from the date of the first listing.

Please note: if you're planning a "camp" (e.g. CaseCamp, PodCamp, BarCamp, etc.), these event listings are complimentary. Just get us the details!

How It Works:

  1. Create a Listing of 200 words or less. Include a closing "call to action" telling people what they should do or where they should go if they are interested (usually a "get details here", "to apply visit our site", "send an email to..." or something like that).
  2. If you want to, you can send us a corporate logo to be included with the Listing. We'll reformat and resize to make it work with the post - send what you have.
  3. Send those things to mose [AT] onedegree [DOT] ca.
  4. We will review your Listing and let you know if there are any issues.
  5. We will email you an invoice that can be paid by cheque or Paypal.
  6. Once payment is received, your listing will be posted within 24 hours. If you're paying by cheque, you'll just need to confirm with us first.

Site Sponsorship:

We currently have three types of sponsorship at One Degree: our Lead Sponsor monthly spot, four Mini-Sponsor weekly spots, and our new one-off "PromoPosts".

1. Lead Site Sponsorship (Monthly)

One Degree reaches a hard-to-reach niche: Canadian Internet Marketers. One Degree was geared exclusively to this audience in part so that endemic advertisers (advertisers that are also members of the community) would see the value as readers and understand the value of also participating as sponsors.

What It Costs
A monthly Lead Site Sponsorship is $2,750 CDN (+GST).

What You Get
Sponsors get a big box ad at the top right-hand column of all One Degree pages. Ads can be static or animated .gifs, or flash-based, following IAB standards. Ads can be updated weekly.

We also do "welcome" and "thank you" posts to draw attention to your sponsorship and to give you "eternal" link love from One Degree. We also mention you in our "Week in Review" posts. Finally, you can also run Paid Event Listings during your month at no charge.

How It Works
Contact us at mose [AT] onedegree [DOT] ca and let us know what month you are interested in sponsoring. We'll then work with you on timing and getting your message out.

2. Mini Sponsor (weekly)

Mini-sponsor spots are ideal for marketers with a short-term campaign or who just want to send a quick announcement to our readers.

What It Costs
A mini-sponsor spot is $175 (+GST) per week. You can also purchase a 4-pack of mini-sponsor weeks (does not have to be continuous weeks) for $500 (+GST).

What You Get
We have four mini spots that appear on the site. They are 125 x 125 banners that appear on every page, just below the lead sponsor site but above the fold. Mini-sponsors are also recognized in our weekly "Week in Review" post.

How It Works

  1. Create a 125x125 pixel banner (can be an animated gif).
  2. Send the image, the link to the landing page and a description of your campaign or event to mose [AT] onedegree [DOT] ca as well as preferences for the week(s) when it appears on One Degree.
  3. We'll review and get back to you with any changes/questions and the publishing schedule.
  4. We'll email you an invoice that you can pay via PayPal. Once payment is received, your mini-spot will be posted according to our agreed-upon schedule.

3. PromoPosts (One-Time)

PromoPosts offer you an opportunity to reach your audience with value-added content that is tied directly to your product or service. PromoPosts are One Degree posts that are authored by an advertiser and edited by us to ensure that they bring value to our audience. PromoPosts are labeled as "paid" posts. Advertisers are limited to one PromoPost a week. No more than two PromoPosts from different advertisers will be posted in a single week. We encourage advertisers who use PromoPosts to a) develop a unique offer for One Degree readers and b) create a unique landing page for the call to action in your PromoPost.

What It Costs
A PromoPost is $250 (+GST).

What You Get
A One Degree post that goes out on the main page, in the feed and in the email. It is styled differently from regular posts. You will also get a link to your PromoPost in our weekly "Week in Review" feature as well as a permanent archived link on the PromoPost page.

How It Works

  1. Write about 250 words promoting the product or service that you want to feature. The product or service MUST be relevant to our audience and must give them some initial value (i.e. if they never click through to your landing page there must still have been some nugget or piece of information in your PromoPost). You can also have an image no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels.
  2. Send the content and the image to mose [AT] onedegree [DOT] ca as well as preferences for when it appears on One Degree.
  3. We'll review and get back to you with any changes and the publishing schedule.
  4. We'll email you an invoice that you can pay via PayPal. Once payment is received, your PromoPost will be posted according to our agreed-upon schedule.

Any Questions?

If you need additional information, you can always contact us for specifics!

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