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MiniBookExpo - Business Book EditionWelcome to MiniBookExpo: Business Edition (MBE:BE) for 2008! MBE:BE is an offshoot of Alexa Clark's MiniBookExpo - with the goal of getting books into the hands of bloggers to read and review.

For the Business Edition, we'll be featuring a daily selection of business, marketing & social media books, from Monday to Friday for the weeks of September 8-12th & September 15-19th.

To claim a book, first check out the process on our first post, Announcing MBE:BE. Then, check each of the posts on this page to see what books were released and if any are still available.

We're releasing over 80 books this time around from publishers such as McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Simon & Schuster and Penguin Portfolio and including such authors as Seth Godin, Bill Tancer, Tim Manners and Marilyn Carlson Nelson.

You can also subscribe to a feed of the book postings.


Vulcans, Earthlings and Marketing ROI - [Lally's Review]

Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! - [Multiple Reviews]

Relevance [Rachel Brethauer's Review]

The Way Ahead - [Chris' Review]

How We Lead Matters [Liv Hung's Review]

How Toyota Became #1 [Joanie's Review]

Grown Up Digital [Mark Leslie's Review]

Click [Jena Lorbach's Husband's Review]

Ikonica [Jena Lorbach's Review]

Closing the Innovation Gap [Kontra's Review]

Tribes - [Adam's Review]

The Customer Rules - [Miro's Review]

The Codfathers - [Dale's Review]

BizzWords [Multiple Reviews]

The Red Rubber Ball at Work [Kate and Sam's Reviews]

Manufacturing Success: A Book Review of “How Toyota Became #1”

Click [Multiple Reviews]

Search Engine Marketing [Miro's Review]

Buyology [Carmen T's Review]

Click [Miro's Review]

Last Chance for Books from the Mini Book Expo: Business Edition

Mini Book Expo: Business Edition Round-Up

The Customer Rules, Closing the Innovation Gap, and Ikonica (MBE:BE)

How We Lead Matters, Customer Obsession and Just Good Business (MBE:BE)

Grapevine, Disrupting Class and The Red Rubber Ball at Work (MBE:BE)

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