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monica hamburgMonica Hamburg is a Social Media Evangelist and a funny gal. She speaks about social media topicscreate/implement social media programs and runs workshops.

She writes the humor blog, Your Dose of Lunacy and co-hosts the comedy podcast "The S&M Rants". 

You can also find her - and read about the weird stuff she finds on the net - on Twitter @monicahamburg 


Avoiding the Supermarket Approach When Pitching Bloggers

Five Questions - Monica Hamburg

Psychology & Social Media (Part III)

Psychology & Social Media (Part II)

Psychology & Social Media

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Five Questions for Barry Libert - Co-author of “We are Smarter than Me"

Social Networking for Boomers - “Meh?” Well, Maybe “Yeh!”

How to Catch the Bug - A Crash Course on Viral Marketing

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