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In his twenty-five years of successful marketing and communication management he has held senior management posts with a number of multi-national advertising agencies, Professional Internet Consulting organizations and is Past-President of the Direct Marketing Association of Canada. In addition, he has extensive client-side experience as President and CEO, Member of the Board of Directors of a Canadian public corporation in the electronics industry and most recently an executive with a global bio-tech firm

Peter has highly developed strategic marketing, general management, creative and writing expertise, focusing on Creative Development, the Internet, User Experience and Branding issues. As well, he possesses in-depth knowledge of a large number of vertical markets and a wealth of experience in creating compelling business cases for use in corporate decision making.

He is a dynamic speaker and for over 25 years has captivated audiences with his humorous style and memorable speeches covering topics relating to marketing, communications, creative development and presentation skills.

A Netizen since the mid-eighties, an Internet Pioneer and international speaker, Peter M. Mosley (a.k.a. "mose") was a founding member of MAGIC (Macintosh Awareness Group in Canada) BBS (Bulletin Board System) where he had the very first advertising web page (The 4000th web page ever built!) in 1992 with Magic Media's "Adrap".

He is very active in social media and is an active Blogger (has had Blogging sites since 1996). He was granted the rights to the material in The Cluetrain that he uses for his training and lectures.

Mose is the proprietor here of One Degree and can be reached at mose [at] onedegree [dot] ca


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