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For more than a decade, Rob Cottingham, President of Social Signal, has helped organizations make the most of digital technologies to achieve their goals. From online strategies for national election campaigns to websites for small non-profit organizations, Rob works with clients to integrate new communications technologies with their traditional communication and organizing strategies.

Pioneering in the online arena comes naturally to Rob, whose digital history dates back to the days of BBSes and 300-baud modems and who launched his first web site in 1995. He built one of the earliest party leadership candidate websites in Canada, launched the country's first online political game, and oversaw the creation of an ambitious anti-tobacco website targeted to youth years before similar efforts became ubiquitous.

Rob believes strongly in sharing his skills and knowledge. Teaching everything from basic Internet skills to online advocacy, and from public relations fundamentals to speechwriting, Rob has provided training and facilitiation to government departments, senior labour communications specialists, political parties and conferences.

Rob maintains a long-running blog on technology and public affairs, has been a regular freelance contributor to CBC Radio and writes SpeechList, a free e-mail newsletter on speechwriting. You can e-mail him at rob[at]socialsignal[dot]com.


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