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Celebrated as Marketing 2.0, Tara Hunt has worked in a plethora of industries, from non-profit to consumer beverages to technology for over the past 7 years, winning awards (such as a CMA digital marketing award) and seeing many successes with her creative, community focused campaigns. She is a frequent speaker at technology conferences on the subject of marketing and community building, including Mesh, the Future of Web Apps, ETech and Web 2.0 Expo.

Tara also practices what she preaches and is a community-based movement evangelist, spending all of her free time on Pinko Marketing, Barcamp, Coworking and Winecamp. She is also a supporter of the Open Source movement, the EFF and the Creative Commons.

Tara is a proud Canadian living and working in San Francisco, and is a co-founder and Citizen Marketing Officer at Citizen Agency .


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